19 Most Valuable Perfume Bottles Worth Money

Many individuals collect perfume bottles because they are beautiful and distinctive in appearance. Others gather them for their market value and occasionally mix the two.

Incredible specimens of collectibles are available on the market, usually through auctions that focus on the more expensive and unusual items.

Numerous manufacturers of rare and distinctive perfume bottles have made their mark throughout history and the present. Some of the more valuable artifacts come from old cultures with a long history, such as the Egyptian and Roman ages of antiquity.

Despite the fact that people have been blending and manufacturing perfumes for over a thousand years, it wasn’t until the late 19th century that the container in which they were sold began to take on equal importance to the aromas themselves.

However, if you’re unsure which perfume bottles are worth collecting, continue reading to find out about the old perfume bottles worth money!

19 Most Valuable Antique Perfume Bottles Value

1. Rene Lalique Sulphide Molded Perfume Bottle

Rene Lalique is arguably the most well-known glass artist and contributor to the perfume industry. Lalique, born in 1860 in a tiny French village and spent most of his upbringing there, learned the trade of hand craftsmanship through an apprenticeship in the neighborhood jewelry industry.

His reputation as a notable Art Nouveau jewelry designer allowed him to migrate into the glassware business quickly. In 1908, he introduced his first perfume bottle design on Francois Coty’s label.

But during the early 20th century, his outstanding glass sculptures, which combined strong lines and dimensions without losing their feeling of tenderness, made him one of the most sought-after perfume container designers on the planet.

Rene Lalique created this glazed and clear sculpted “Sulphide” fragrance bottle with a woman holding a butterfly’s wings. On the front is inscribed, “Lalique France AN 2000 285.” It measures 5″H x 5.25″L x 1.75″W in size. It was sold for $240 a while ago.

Rene Lalique Sulphide Molded Perfume Bottle
Source:Rene Lalique Sulphide Molded Perfume Bottle – $240

2. Antique Thomas Webb Perfume Bottle – Circa 1898 (Value: $382.54)

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Thomas Webb & Sons, a group of gifted glass painters and engravers under his direction, controlled the scented glass market. The firm also produced other types of glassware, but its perfume bottles stood out as a symbol of the time.

The long fragrance containers, many of which have animal-inspired designs, and the overt use of vivid colors are distinguishing features of their perfume bottles.

Their large perfume bottles frequently had stoppers, were circular, and came in a variety of hues, from reds to blues to yellows and every color in between.

The body of this round, spherical Thomas Webb crystal art glass fragrance bottle is covered with enameled flowering branches of feral (dog) roses with golden highlights, and it has a polished finish. The interwoven raw opal glass neck is capped with a shiny silver donut and base.

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Antique Thomas Webb Perfume Bottle – Circa 1898
Source:Antique Thomas Webb Perfume Bottle – sold for $382.54

3. Large Crystal Hoffman Antique Perfume Bottle – Circa 1800 (Value: $999)

Early in the 20th century, Heinrich Hoffman, a Bohemian glass artist, became famous for his efforts at vanity glassware. Hoffman adopted the principles of Art Deco design and focused on producing pieces meant to be displayed in one’s boudoir.

He produced sturdy perfume bottles with intriguing geometric designs. Hoffman’s perfume bottles typically had stoppers and weren’t as vibrantly colored as those of his Bohemian peers. This large crystal perfume bottle is no exception.

It is a crystal-clear bottle with a nude female stopper. Considering it is quite large, around 5 inches tall, it can even be used for liquor or spirits. The bottle is in excellent shape with little to no signs of wear and tear.

Large Crystal Hoffman Antique Perfume Bottle – Circa 1800
Source:Large Crystal Hoffman Antique Perfume Bottle – sold for $999

4. Galle French Cameo Perfume Bottle – Circa 1900 (Value: $485)

This exquisite French cameo glass bottle is inscribed with “Galle.” This serves as a clue for antique perfume bottles identification since it indicates that Emile Galle, possibly the most accomplished French glassmaker of the 19th century, created this particular piece.

The lovely glass atomizer features serene hues. It has intricately carved black leaves and flowers on a blue and light green background. The cameo styling effectively highlights the intricacies.

The vase-shaped bottle has a round body, a narrow cylindrical neck, and a metal stopper that matches the bottle. It is possible to date the Galle glass bottle to 1900. Interestingly, it’s in fantastic shape. Thus, it has excellent value.

Galle French Cameo Perfume Bottle – Circa 1900
Source:Galle French Cameo Perfume Bottle – Sold for $485 on eBay

5. Thomas Web Ruby Cameo Glass Perfume – Circa 1885 (Value: $1,200)

Thomas Webb designed this famous flask-shaped container. The red flask bottle has two butterflies on the rear and two white leafy motifs on the front. Thomas Webb’s signature elaborate workmanship may be seen on the flask bottle. It was created in 1885.

Despite being well over a century old, the condition of this vintage perfume bottle is exceptional. There is absolutely no harm, and it has not been fixed.

Theodore B. Starr Sterling is placed on the 2 3/4-inch flask-shaped perfume bottle, and “Mary” is etched on the top. It has great value because of all of these factors.

Thomas Web Ruby Cameo Glass Perfume – Circa 1885
Source:Thomas Web Ruby Cameo Glass Perfume – $1,200 on Etsy

6. Thomas Webb & Sons Cameo Glass Perfume Bottle – Circa 1900 (Value: $799)

Thomas Webb and Sons, a renowned British glass manufacturer, made this glass bottle. White cameo-styled flowers and leaves are engraved on the blue bottle.

The elevated, finely detailed reliefs stand out strikingly against the bottle’s crystal blue background. The bottle includes its original glass stopper in addition to a screw-top silver cover.

It was created in 1900. The bottle is quite small. It is approximately 2 inches broad and 4 inches tall. However, due to its age and rarity, it is highly expensive.

It is likewise in excellent shape, showing very minor signs of use. This Thomas Webb vintage glass bottle bought $799 at an auction that ended on Thursday, August 25, 2022.

Thomas Webb & Sons Cameo Glass Perfume Bottle – Circa 1900
Source:Thomas Webb & Sons Cameo Glass Perfume Bottle Flask – Sold for $799 on eBay

7. 1914 Osiris by Vinolia – Circa 1900 (Value: $85,000)

This is a perfume bottle and cap made of Baccarat crystal with an elaborate frieze that incorporates Egyptian symbols in high relief. The lotus flower symbolizes “creation” since it closes up at night, sinks beneath the water to rest, and then reopens in the morning.

The “sun, rebirth, and life itself” are connected to it. Triangles are symbols for “to give.” A pair of cobras represents “high rank.” The sun disc is said to stand for “divinity, majesty, and power.”

Here, the disk is actually the printed gold paper label. Rich gold enamel and a brown patina highlight every molded feature. A gold cord holds the bottle’s stopper in place, and the base has the Baccarat trademark.

The 1970s saw the purchase of this antique object from a Vinolia business senior employee’s descendent in Paris. It was recently sold at an auction for a whopping $85,000.

1914 Osiris by Vinolia – Circa 1900
Source:1914 Osiris by Vinolia – Sold for $85,000 on Liveauctioneers

8. Czech Hoffman Rare Art Deco Perfume Bottle

This is a magnificent black glass perfume bottle with a pink incising dauber stopper by Heinrich Hoffmann, Czechoslovakia, in the 1920s.

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The bottle is studded with a giant Rose Quartz crystal Buddha and a pair of deep pink faceted jewels and is set on a golden metal base; it may be by Turret & Bardach.

The metal base is inscribed “Made in Austria,” and the stopper bears the sculpted Hoffmann butterfly mark.  

This bottle is frequently referred to as the “Buddha bottle,” and among collectors of Czech bottles, it is regarded as the “holy grail.” It was recently sold at an auction for $32,500.

Czech Hoffman Rare Art Deco Perfume Bottle
Source:Czech Hoffman Rare Art Deco Perfume Bottle – $32,500

9. Curt Schlevogt Ingrid Pompeii Perfume Bottle – Circa 1930 (Value: $4,500)

This is a rare 1930s Czechoslovakian glass perfume vial with a dauber-stopper from the Curt Schlevogt “Ingrid” collection. On all four sides of the container, red Art Deco figures strike out in high focus against various colors of burgundy.

The neck is also ornately adorned with gilded. On the bottom, there is an acid-stamped “Ingrid” mark. The Curt Schlevogt firm listed this opaque, variegated crystal under the names “Pompej” in Czech, “Pompei” in French, and “Pompeii” in English.

The company’s chosen name references the bottle’s color scheme, which is suggestive of the frescoes in Pompeii.

Curt Schlevogt Ingrid Pompeii Perfume Bottle – Circa 1930
Source:Curt Schlevogt Ingrid Pompeii Perfume Bottle – $4,500

10. Lalique Les Elfes Perfume Bottle – Circa 2000 (Value: $411.95)

The Lalique France Limited Edition “Les Elfes” Collection Perfume Bottle is a rare find with some distinctive qualities that contribute to its present value of between $300 and $500. Following an eBay auction, its final bid was $411.94.

The fact that this bottle is in “good condition,” which denotes that there is minimal wear visible on the item itself, renders it so expensive.

A hand-painted autograph appears next to the issue date on the container, indicating its uniqueness as a part of a very small edition and the preservation of its place in manufacturing. The limited edition Lalique France bottles should all be valued.

Lalique Les Elfes Perfume Bottle – Circa 2000
Source:Lalique Les Elfes Perfume Bottle – $411.94

11. Antique Charles May Perfume Fragrance Bottle – Circa 1800 (Value: $199.49)

This exquisite Charles May perfume bottle, characterized in London in 1884, is in superb condition. In Shoreditch and Hackney, London, Charles May was a well-known manufacturer of gold and silver thimbles and perfume bottles.

This bottle is capped with a sterling silver movable cap that opens up to reveal the etched glass cork and has a star design outlined on the bottom. The lid’s underside is covered with gilded gold. There are no breaks or chips in the bottle.

It has a diameter of 1 3/4 inches and a height of 2 7/8 inches.

Antique Charles May Perfume Fragrance Bottle – Circa 1800
Source:Antique Charles May Perfume Fragrance Bottle – Sold for $199.49

12. 14K Gold Dutch Crystal Perfume Bottle – Circa 1900 (Value: $475)

Who wouldn’t want a fragrance bottle with a gold cap in their possession? Your list of collections will gain significantly with the addition of this bottle. Beautiful crystal serves as the source of the bottle’s body. The edges of its exterior are beveled.

The collar of the lid is decorated with oak leaves. It is an image of the Dutch control mark. Remember that the mark was used throughout the country from 1852 to 1906. The stunning lid also closes and opens quickly.

This bottle was recently bought on eBay for $475. It was in pristine condition with minimum wear and tear. And it came with its original box!

14K Gold Dutch Crystal Perfume Bottle – Circa 1900
Source:14K Gold Dutch Crystal Perfume Bottle – $475

13. Guilloche Dance Compact Perfume Well – Circa 1930 (Value: $425)

The Guilloche Dance Compact fragrance bottle is an exceptional work of art. It has a metallic silver body. As a result, anticipate a high sale price. This object has the appearance of an engine turning on the outside. A hand-painted Guilloche floral emblem will be visible.

Four spaces make up this little well. You can anticipate seeing the powder section, the perfume region, the rouge section, and the half-moon glass mirror.

The perfume well, the fourth compartment, is located behind the powder room. Additionally, a cap on the exterior can be used to assist you in opening the tiny dauber within.

Guilloche Dance Compact Perfume Well – Circa 1930
Source:Guilloche Dance Compact Perfume Well – $425

14. Thomas Webb Cameo Rare Swan Glass Perfume – Circa 1880 (Value: $1,000)

Even those who dislike the swan bird are captivated by the elegance of this vintage perfume bottle featuring a swan. The beak/bill makes up more than half of the bottle’s length, giving the bottle the appearance of a swan’s head.

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Great feathery embellishments in raised cameo design can be seen on the container’s portion representing the swan’s head. The antique swan bottle has its original stopper and a silver hinged cover. The lid bears a mark.

Thomas Webb Cameo Rare Swan Glass Perfume – Circa 1880
Source:Thomas Webb Cameo Rare Swan Glass Perfume – $1,000

15. Bottle Eau De Cologne Imperiale Guerlain – Circa 1970 (Value: $269)

One of the initial and most exclusive scents in France is Imperiale Guerlain. Only members of the royal family utilized the gem in the 18th century.

Because of this, assume that the perfume bottle will be highly valued. It is currently one of the rare and distinctive antique Avon perfume bottles.

Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain created this container and perfume. It was intended for Eugenie, Napoleon III of France’s wife.

“The Perfumer to His Majesty” is how collectors refer to it. The company’s sign, an image of 69 bees, should be present.

Bottle Eau De Cologne Imperiale Guerlain – Circa 1970
Source:Bottle Eau De Cologne Imperiale Guerlain – $269

16. Thomas Webb Cameo Fish Glass Perfume Bottle – Circa 1880 (Value: $1,500)

In the 1880s, Thomas Webb and his sons produced high-quality glass perfume bottles. The bottle has pale eyes and a fish body. Expect a little bit of redness around the nose as well. Each and every fish element on the bottle is a cameo. A blackish hue marks its tail.

Thomas Webb Cameo Fish Glass Perfume Bottle – Circa 1880
Source:Thomas Webb Cameo Fish Glass Perfume Bottle – $1,500

17. English Cut Glass Victorian Perfume Bottle – Circa 1900 (Value: $505)

The Victorian perfume bottle with an English cut is made of thick glass. The bottle is in excellent condition, it has a lovely and intricate design. Therefore, this item will fit you best if you enjoy drinking from bottles that have cut glasses and cherub faces.

It’s difficult to find it today in the glass and perfume markets. The silver lid of this bottle has several inscriptions on it. Additionally, the glass cut bottle is among the best produced by the Vatican company.

English Cut Glass Victorian Perfume Bottle – Circa 1900
Source:English Cut Glass Victorian Perfume Bottle – $505

18. Thomas Webb Cameo Falcon Head Perfume Bottle – Circa 1880 (Value: $9,500)

Thomas Webb and his sons also created a perfume glass with a falcon head. The majority of collectors would like to own this unique item. It belongs to the elite and pricey perfume bottles as well. Ronald Max Erlacher crafted this glass perfume bottle in the shape of a swan.

It’s in excellent condition, and the falcon’s head has amazing details. You can perceive this characteristic from the bird’s wide eyes to its head feathers. This Webb bottle has a cameo design, the same as the others.

Thomas Webb Cameo Falcon Head Perfume Bottle – Circa 1880
Source:Thomas Webb Cameo Falcon Head Perfume Bottle – $9,500

19. Steuben Paperweight Perfume Bottle – Circa 1920 (Value: $6,500)

Vintage perfume bottles that are works of art are popular among collectors and fashionistas. One of Steuben’s most difficult-to-find products is this one. The huge paperweight bottle is decorated with a Cintra core in black and white.

Green drips will also be visible on the outside. These drops are kept in a bulky, clear crystal box that is full of bubbles. Its exterior form is sliced into a hexagon. It is identical to the one on the top of the stopper.

Steuben Paperweight Perfume Bottle – Circa 1920
Source:Steuben Paperweight Perfume Bottle – $6,500


Pick from this list if you want to collect some of the most valuable perfume bottles. These antique perfume bottles’ worth money varies depending on the item’s age, condition, location of purchase, and design. You’d love to see these bottles because they have one of the nicest aesthetics.

In your opinion, which of these antique perfume bottles is the finest, and why? We’d love to hear your two scents on it, so let us know in the comments section below!

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