30 Vintage Kitchen Tools: Identification and Value Guide

Do you want to give your kitchen a vintage feel?

Vintage kitchen gadgets are a beautiful thing. They instantly add character to the space and not only serve as an eye-catching decorative touch but help you prepare all sorts of delicious dishes.

But if you’re a decorating novice, the sheer number of options available can be overwhelming. We’ll help you narrow the field with our top 30 vintage kitchen gadgets for your kitchen space.

So let’s have a look at 30 vintage kitchen tools.

1. Old Antique Wooden Handled Kitchen Tools

Old Antique Wooden Handled Kitchen Tools
Value: $14.03                                     Source: eBay

Save your hands from challenging work with this old, wooden-handled kitchen tool.

Durable, old-fashioned wooden handled kitchen tool. Remove corks with ease using this handy opener!

The bottle opener tool is available in various shapes and sizes, but many are made of stainless steel that can rust if left alone.

2. Vintage Antique Tin Sugar Shaker

Vintage Antique Tin Sugar Shaker
Value: $20.00                                        Source: eBay

Sugar shakers are equally helpful in the kitchen and daily life. This set is a popular kitchen item with many applications, especially for those who love decorating vintage antique tins.

Sugar shakers have been around for centuries and have always been a widely liked design element in kitchens across America.

Sugar shakers are popular today because they were made with extra attention to detail. Many people believe that they may have originated in Europe.

However, this is not the case. They’ve been around for centuries in America and were first made in bulk by various factories across the country.

3. Nice Antique Butcher Knives Kitchen Tools

Nice Antique Butcher Knives Kitchen Tools
Value: $15.50                                     Source: eBay

A butcher knife is a large knife typically used to cut animal carcasses or meat portions into smaller segments during processing.

You can also use this knife to make your meal preparation easier by cutting up fresh vegetables or slicing thin cuts of meat into smaller pieces that are easier to prepare without overcooking them.

4. Lot of 4 Vintage Kitchen Tools

Lot of 4 Vintage Kitchen Tools
Value: $24.99                                Source: eBay

This set is a unique set of vintage kitchen tools from the 1940s. It includes an old grater, mincer, and vegetable chopper!

These vintage kitchen tools are too cute to leave on the shelf. They are in working order and make for must-haves for your kitchens.

They can be used as decor or utensils in the kitchen. Ideal for those who enjoy cooking or have a more traditional aesthetic sense than modern design.

5. Antique Vintage Nutmeg Grater & Devault Peeler

Antique Vintage Nutmeg Grater & Devault Peeler
Value: $21.50                                      Source: eBay

A Nutmeg grater is an old-fashioned kitchen utensil with a curved metal blade and sharp teeth intended to grate nutmeg, cinnamon, or other spices quickly and finely.

These two utensils are indispensable for any kitchen. The greater is made of an early 1900s metal blade combined with a hand-cast zinc frame that is finished with a hand-rubbed dark patina to create our aged look.

The primitive rusty tin blade is powerful, and the nutmeg grater can quickly strip a fine layer of nut meat from a whole nutmeg.

6. Vintage 1950s Skyline Kitchen Utensils

Vintage 1950s Skyline Kitchen Utensils
Value: $54.35                        Source: eBay

A world-renowned designer has redesigned the vintage kitchen utensils still being used in kitchens today. This piece is a set of original and authentic vintage 1950s.

It includes nine to ten utensils which consist of a wood-handled spoon, jade-handled spoon, slotted wooden fork, three wooden spoons with long thin blades and short rounded points, and two rolling pins. It is in excellent condition with some rust on the spoons but is still safe and useful.

There is no other damage or wear. It has some tarnish that can easily be removed with a towel and rubbing alcohol. It will come in a vintage storage box with writing on the lid.

This set would be an excellent addition to your home decor and look great in any kitchen!

7. Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers
Value: $12.00                                      Source: eBay

Casual and elegant in design, these salt & pepper shakers are made of chrome glass with transparent colors, making them a unique conversation piece.

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They have different stamps and styles that vary on each one while still keeping their prints and designs. The small size makes them easy enough to keep on hand or place in a decorative dish for display or formal occasions.

Not only are these shakers fun to use, but they’re also functional.

8. Vintage Kitchen Tools

Vintage Kitchen Tools
Value: $9.95                               Source: eBay

Bake up some of your favorite dough and whip up some sauce with these vintage kitchen tools.

Pie crimpers look like giant, colorful clamps designed for pressing your pie crust into standard-size baking pans.

They are also handy for sealing seams on ravioli, helping you to avoid the mess that can sometimes occur from using just your fingers or a fork.

9. Lot 3 Vintage Wooden Kitchen Tools

Lot 3 Vintage Wooden Kitchen Tools
Value: $15.99                                  Source: eBay

Nothing’s better than a beautiful vintage item to spruce up your kitchen. These pieces come in various sizes, shapes, and styles – the only thing they have in common is their longevity.

They’re easy to use and just as easy to clean up after. They’re also adjustable for various densities of potatoes.

10. Lot 10 Vintage Kitchen Utensils Tools

Lot 10 Vintage Kitchen Utensils Tools
Value: $24.00                                Source: eBay

If you love cooking and kitchen utensils, this is the perfect auction!

Lot 10 offers a variety of items, from vintage wooden rolling pins to old-fashioned forks to mashers, perfect for any cook and collector.

The rollers and mashers, in particular, are a great way to add texture and style without the expense of buying new rolling pins and mashers. They would also make for an excellent addition to a themed dinner party.

11. Vintage Red Wood Handle Kitchen Tools

Vintage Red Wood Handle Kitchen Tools
Value: $41.9                                    Source: eBay

These are large steel cooking utensils with wood handles. The set includes a turner, grater, slotted spoon, spatula, and ladle – everything you need!

They display so well on the countertop while not used in your favorite recipes or craft project. The handles have a lovely patina from years of use. This set will make a striking addition to your kitchen or primitive display.

12. Lot Vintage Aluminum Kitchen Tools Mirro Shaker

Lot Vintage Aluminum Kitchen Tools Mirro Shaker
Value: $12.99                                    Source: eBay

This set is Mirro Shaker 1 cup & 2 cups, measure cup set Aluminium Retro-style Kitchen Tool Set. Now you can cook like the pros with this practical and retro-looking kitchenware!

The set includes a one-cup, two-cup shaker, and a measuring cup. The Mirro Shakers are the perfect mixers for your dish because they distribute the ingredients uniformly and efficiently.

Removable and washable white lid. Perfect for mixing up fresh liquids, such as cocktails or shakes!

13. Lot Of 38 Vintage Collectible Kitchen Utensils

Lot Of 38 Vintage Collectible Kitchen Utensils
Source: eBay

Value: $22.00

If you are the type of cook that likes to get stuck into some serious cooking, then check this collection of vintage collectible kitchen utensils.

They provide a vast range of tools for any professional or hobbyist looking to get creative in the kitchen.

From half spoons and slotted spoons to small ladles and small whisks, this set contains everything you need for decorating your food with sweet treats like cinnamon rolls, cookies, and more.

From the cake tin, two silver forks, and two serving spoons to the small ladles, mini nutmeg graters, walnut choppers, and a chocolate transfer set, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

This piece won’t just look great in your kitchen. It will be helpful again and again too!

14. Lot Of 5 Vintage Kitchen Utensils

Lot Of 5 Vintage Kitchen Utensils
Source: eBay

Value: $24.00

These are 5-piece baking utensils set with black Bakelite handles. Extremely heavy, very durable, and “cool looking” to boot.

The only downside is that these pieces are not dishwasher safe, so hand washing will require you to keep them looking good for a long time, making you work up a nice sweat.

15. Big Lot Vintage Kitchen Hand Tools

Big Lot Vintage Kitchen Hand Tools
Value: $29.95                        Source: eBay

This lot is full of hand tools and kitchen utensils. It contains all the tools a professional cook would need, such as pliers, tongs, whisks, and more!

There are also egg beaters, saws, and recipe cards. The cookware included in this lot has been well cared for, but it’s not new. Each item needs a little TLC to restore its old-school charm!

It would make an excellent kitchen addition or hostess gift!

16. Vintage Red Handle Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Vintage Red Handle Wooden Kitchen Utensils
Value: $55.00                            Source: eBay

This set is ten vintage red-handled wooden kitchen gadget utensils with a red, white stripe design. Kitchen gadgets include spoon, tongs, spatula, knife sharpener, and whisk/spoon turner combo.

This auction is for a considerable lot of circa 1900-1950 vintage kitchenware with a red, white, and black pattern on the handles. These items are in good to fair condition but have cracks and chips.

17. 2 Vintage Antique Kitchen Tools

2 Vintage Antique Kitchen Tools
Value: $4.99                                Source: eBay

The kitchen tool is a wooden Androck pastry chopper. It’s old and has lovely wooden grips. You can use it for chopping bread or vegetables with its simple design.

It has an excellent design, and it’s unique. The blade measures about 5 inches long by 1 1/4 inches wide.

This Androck pastry chopper deserves a place in any scrapbook, kitchen, or baker’s cabinet. The handles are handcrafted from beautiful hardwood, giving this vintage production its rustic charm.

And not only is the handle of this Androck pastry chopper interesting to look at, but it is also very versatile. The hardwood gives the Androck pastry chopper a slightly rough, sturdy feel.

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Overall this is a lovely vintage antique kitchen tool that would be perfect for those who love cooking or baking.

18. 2 Vintage Mini Kitchen Tools

2 Vintage Mini Kitchen Tools
Value: $7.99                                           Source: eBay

A butter knife and a potato masher are two small kitchen tools that can help make your cooking experience much more enjoyable.

While they function differently, they both allow you to prepare food easily with your hands.

The potato masher, popularized by hand-mashing the flesh of potatoes into a smooth paste or “grits,” also comes in handy when mashing cauliflower, peas, carrots, and other root vegetables.

The butter knife helps spread cold butter on bread or toast and gives you easier access to the spread without having to use utensils that might ruin it by getting soggy from melted butter.

Both are in good condition with no chips or cracks apparent; some surface scratches from use are visible, along with minor scuffs from age and storage wear.

19. Lot of Vintage Tupperware Kitchen Utensils

Lot of Vintage Tupperware Kitchen Utensils
Value: $6.00                              Source: eBay

This set contains a lot of vintage Tupperware kitchen utensils, gadgets Measuring spoons.

This set is a massive pack of colorful tools.

Enjoy this ideal set of measuring spoons—an ideal gift for anyone who loves cooking or baking.

20. Job Lot of Collectable Vintage Kitchen Tools

Job Lot of Collectable Vintage Kitchen Tools
Value: $103.28                      Source: eBay

This collection of old-fashioned culinary tools and utensils will surely be a hit amongst those with discerning tastes.

All pieces have been fully restored by hand with love, making them original pieces and valuable heirlooms.

This set includes knives, scissors, whisks, potato mashers, spoons, ladles, and more!

The handles are typically made from brass or wood. The knives are often blade-shaped with rolled edges to ease cutting through tough leaves or fruit without damaging the integrity of the cuticle.

21. Vintage Ceramic Sunflowers Spoon Rest

Vintage Ceramic Sunflowers Spoon Rest
Value: $15.00                                 Source: eBay 

The handcrafted spoon rest is made of high-quality material. A vintage-inspired piece to bring warmth and character to your decor. The sunflower has a beautiful glossy finish for a fresh look every time you use it.

Additionally, it is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze!

This piece is perfect for those looking for dishes that are not only functional but have personality too!

22. Vintage 1940s Cream and Green Kitchen Utensils

Vintage 1940s Cream and Green Kitchen Utensils
Value: $36.23                          Source: eBay

This piece of four vintage 1940s cream and green kitchen utensils comes in a unique set of four with a sharpener, peeler, tin opener, and kitchen knife.

The utensils are sturdy and will serve their owners well– no matter how long they have been used!

Any woman who enjoys food or cooking would welcome this excellent gift idea. The set is neatly packed in a vintage white paper box with a drawstring closure.

23. 5 Pc Mixed Lot Vintage Kitchen Utensils

5 Pc Mixed Lot Vintage Kitchen Utensils
Value: $22.00                        Source: eBay

It includes a masher, spoon, roller, ricer, and grater. These are good pieces for your kitchen or as a lovely gift!

Each piece is in working condition.

The best part is that these are easy to use and made from quality stainless steel metal and wood that will last a lifetime, so you don’t have to worry about using them every day and getting tired of them as quickly.

Whether you’re a professional chef or just someone who loves cooking, this set will surely come in handy on your next meal prep day!

24. Wooden Masher Muddle Pestle Crusher

Wooden Masher Muddle Pestle Crusher
Value: $18.00                      Source: eBay

This set features two pieces of high-quality wood explicitly designed for your kitchen.

After the initial purchases, you’ll have everything you need to make your mashed potato flakes and other delicious concoctions.

Both pieces of this set are crafted out of felled hardwood which is ideal for food preparation as it doesn’t transmit undesirable odors or oils into the food.

The mashing tool also includes a sturdy wooden handle so that you don’t have to worry about your hands slipping off when you’re mashing potatoes with it.

25. Lot of 7 Vintage Primitive Kitchen Utensils

Lot of 7 Vintage Primitive Kitchen Utensils
Value: $14.00                            Source: eBay

This lot of 7 vintage primitive kitchen utensils is a must-have for your kitchen!

From a wooden spoon to a griddle scraper, your cooking needs will never go unmet again. These tools are perfect for rustic decor and add an old country touch to your kitchen.

It’s also a great way to add some nostalgia to your decor. This set is perfect if you’re looking for unique, rustic pieces to make your home stand out!

26. Vintage Aluminum Kitchen Grater Tools

Vintage Aluminum Kitchen Grater Tools
Value: $5.59                              Source: eBay

This great lot of 3 graters is perfect for any home chef. This auction features three vintage aluminum grater tools that are in good condition. Perfect for shredding cheese, ginger, fruits, and vegetables.

The vintage aluminum kitchen tool is designed to sit on your kitchen counter or work surface, so it’s convenient and easy to use.

It also has a non-slip silicone handle, so it stays safe while being used! These make a great gift idea!

27. One Piece Solid Wood Vintage Kitchen Tool

One Piece Solid Wood Vintage Kitchen Tool
Value: $29.00                       Source: eBay

The One Piece Vintage Kitchen Tools Rolling Pin is a solid wood-handcrafted rolling pin from the early 1900s. This rolling pin was created by hand.

This equipment allows you to prepare everything from dough for pie crusts and cinnamon rolls to pastry dough for tartlets and pastries with precision. If you want to spice up your cooking routine, a solid wood rolling pin can come in handy.

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While many people are drawn towards more durable materials like metal and plastic, this wooden rolling pin helps make food preparation easy on the wrist and the body.

It’s ideal for any activity, including bakes, bread, pastry, and anything else that needs to be rolled or flattened out with a sturdy wooden roller.

28. Handy Things Salad Tongs Vintage Kitchen Tools

Handy Things Salad Tongs Vintage Kitchen Tools
Value: $14.00                              Source: eBay

These tongs will make grabbing a serving of salad easier and be perfect for holding ice cubes from a cocktail. This set includes two tongs made of metal in the style of vintage kitchen tools,

The material is metal, which means it’s durable and sturdy. It’s easy to clean and won’t rust!

The serrated edges make these utensils helpful in picking up everything from apples to cherries in the kitchen.

This utensil would be perfect for adding flair to your next cooking session!

29. Vintage Antique Kitchen Utensils

Vintage Antique Kitchen Utensils
Value: $19.99                             Source: eBay

The selection includes utensils for chopping, mixing, frying, kneading dough and cookie dough, peeling fruits and vegetables, and more.

Such handy items as a potato masher or spatula will be at your disposal with all the necessary cleaning necessities so you can use them repeatedly while they remain rust-free!

These tools have been lovingly restored by their owners and make an excellent addition to any kitchen.

30. Vintage Lot Of 5 Collectible Kitchen Utensils / Vintage Cooking Hand Tools

Vintage Lot Of 5 Collectible Kitchen Utensils Vintage Cooking Hand Tools
Value: $18.95                          Source: eBay

This lot of 5 vintage kitchen utensils, tins, and wooden spoons are all made from tin, glass, and wood.

A collection of vintage kitchen tools that date back to the early 1900s and 1940s! The set includes:

  • A vintage food chopper.
  • An old-style biscuit cutter.
  • A potato masher.
  • An old-fashioned nutcracker.

The five pieces are all in excellent condition and come with the original packaging.

Each piece is fully functional, all with rough edges from prior use and usage marks that attest to their age.

How To Identify Vintage Kitchen Tools

Do you have a kitchen tool from your heirloom? And want to know whether the kitchen tool you have is vintage or not?

Then there are a few steps that can help you to learn that. Get the kitchen tool out and follow these simple instructions for identification and value.

1. Material

Have a look at the material used in vintage kitchen utensils. The material used in vintage kitchen tools helps you to know its age.

There are some prominent materials manufacturers primarily use in vintage kitchen utensils. So identify your kitchen tools by having a look at the material.

The materials used are;


 Some kitchen tools may have wooden handles, and most wooden utensils are plain in shape and painted. In fact, during the 19th century, many molds were designed of wood due to their durability and heat resistance.


Kitchen tools such as measuring cups, citrus juicers, and shakers were made of glass. During the early and mid-20th centuries, kitchen utensils made of glass were relatively famous.


This material was commonly used for kitchen tools at the end of the twentieth century. So if your kitchen piece shows rust or dark spots, it is made of iron.


This material was trendy for kitchen utensils in the early 20th century. And its popularity remained for several decades.


Plastic material popularity arose in the early 20th century and remained until mid. Hence, it’s common to find plastic handles and components on vintage kitchen tools from this period.


Copper kitchen tools were standard in the late 1800s. They tarnish easily and can appear dull brown or greenish.

2. Compare With Other Kitchen Tools

If you still have trouble identifying your kitchen tools, compare them to other vintage kitchen utensils.

It is possible to accomplish this by browsing online photos, searching antique shop listings, and visiting local antique shops.

3. Important Characteristics

Look at the appearance of the kitchen utensils and their essential characteristics, like their sharpness, handles made of plastic or wood and size(it is relatively big or small), etc.

It will help you know whether your kitchen utensils are vintage.


There is a wide variety of vintage kitchen tools available today. These kitchen utensils are very affordable and are incredible collectibles for antique enthusiasts.  

These kitchen utensils are also ideal for collectors who want to add these vintage items to their collection or someone who wants to restore them to their original condition!

So decorate your kitchen and give it an old-fashioned yet charming look with these vintage kitchen utensils because it is always fun and exciting to use these vintage kitchen tools while cooking!

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