19 Rarest and Most Valuable Beyblades Worth Money

Beyblades emerged as a complete break from the norm of children’s toys. Forget the buttons, batteries, and screen; these plastic and metal spinning tops are unique, high performing, flashy, and tastefully designed to make activities exciting for kids.

Takara Tomy WBBA Red Diablo Nemesis Dragen Version costs $599.99. It was made in 2012, making it one of the most expensive Beybaldes ever sold.

In this article, let’s show you all there’s to know about Beyblades, the rarest Beyblades, and the most expensive Beyblades.

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What Are Beyblades

Beyblades emerged from Japan in 1999 from the genius of toy maker Takara Tomy. They’re plastic and metal spinning toy tops that got their designs and names from indigenous Japanese toys popularly called Bei-Goma.

Beyblades are made from different materials, like the wheels made from polycarbonate, while the components for the bottoms of the wheels can vary. The majority of the parts are of plastic except for the Fushion Wheel.

As the company introduced the Metal Fusion series, flashy and catchy metallic wheels emerged on the scene to the joy of fans.

Fun Fact: The Beyblade title is a mash-up of Beigoma and Blade.

The creation of Beyblades is also partly influenced by the Battling Top board game which was famous among kids in 1968- they had launchable spinning tops in a space with 2 to 4 players.

The Journey of Beyblades So Far

Beyblades have been around for millennia- spinning tops are sold as humankind itself; in fact, people in Iraq discovered a 5,500 old clay top in Iraq. Chinese spinning tops made from bamboo found their way into Japan in the 10th century.

The Japanese now fully modernized spinning tops during the Edo period in the 17th century. They added a metal core and a metal tip at the top to improve balance. The tops were popularly referred to as Hakara Koma.

The Japanese further modified the Hakara Koma by introducing Beigoma. Beigoma emerged from wood and steel. Instead of spinning them by hand like the Hakara Koma, the players could tightly wrap a string around the top, giving them turbo speed when released.

Over the years, Beigoma became modified to spin faster and longer and make interesting wheezing sounds; these toys are an integral part of Japanese history.

Takara Tomy embarked on an intense market survey. In 1999, he responded with the first Beyblade, which he had long developed before taking the bold step and releasing them to the public.

The company launched these toys with three variants- Ultimate Dragoon, Saizo, and Frosty Dranzer; like many games before them, the company released these toys alongside video games.

Getting the perfect Beyblade didn’t come easy for the company. Takara finally created a spinning top with a unique feature that pushed a quad blade containing three to four pieces instead of just one edge.

Their innovation had impressive sales and gained massive responses from kids because they could throw it around in open spaces and have twice the fun. Hasbro legally sold Beyblade toys internationally with a full license from Takara.

Beyblades Now

Fast forward to its 3rd generation, Beyblades now have four separate parts that players can individually join, with loads of new features for future collectors and battlers. These new toys have lights and sounds that you can tailor to your taste.

They now have over 15,000 possible combos creating endless means for Beyblades fans and players to try out new skills.

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19 Rarest and Most Valuable Beyblades

The Beyblades on this list are the rarest and the most expensive worldwide. We want to reiterate that any similar list is a mere coincidence.

Release Date
Poseidon Ocean Wrath
Wolborg 4 Ice Blue
BD145DS Kerbecs, Red Hot
Takara Tomy WBBA Red Diablo Nemesis X:D Dragren Beyblade
Beyblade G-Revolution HMS Tyson Takara
Phantom Orion Skeleton Beyblade
WBBA Golden Diablo Nemesis
BB-76 Big Bang Pegasis DX Set
B-121 Metal Fight Ultimate DX Set
Takara Tomy B-173 01 Infinite Achilles Dimension 1b Burst Surge Beyblade
A-126 Dragoon MS
A-38 Bey Ultimate Stadium
Takara Tomy Mercury Anubius 85XF Metal Fury WBBA
Takara Tomy Hollow Deathscyther
A-131 Dranzer Ms
Takara Tomy Killer Befall/Beafowl
Takara Tomy Gold Ace Dragon Burst Rise GT
A-95 Metal Driger, Dark Green
Takara Tomy Orichalcum Outer Octa Burst
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19. Takara Tomy Orichalcum Outer Octa Burst

Release Date: 2017

Price: $69.99

Takara Tomy Orichalcum Outer Octa Burst
(Source: Beysandbricks)

The Orichalcum Outer Octa Burst is part of Takara Tomy’s Rare Bey Get Battle campaign. The players used the Beyblade app to get points and purchase one of the seven rarest Beyblades that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

It was released in 2017 with solid gold and white design on its frame and exterior, with two grooved claws close to its point to help with its burst resistance and is on sale for $69.99.

18. A-95 Metal Driger, Dark Green

Release Date: 1999-2005

Price: $78.99

A-95 Metal Driger, Dark Green
(Source: eBay)

The A-95 Metal Driger was produced by the Hasbro company in 1999 and extended to 2005 and came with different characters like Tyson, Ray, Max, and Kai with a raw and unassembled Beyblade with a launcher, sticker sheet, engine gear metal tip, manual and ripcord.

17. Takara Tomy Gold Ace Dragon Burst Rise GT

Release Date: 2019

Price: $129.99

Takara Tomy Gold Ace Dragon Burst Rise GT
(Source: Beysandbricks)

The Takara Tomy Gold Ace Dragon Burst Rise is very different in style, release, and circulation. The company gradually released parts of the Gold Ace Dragon during the Beyblade Burst Gold Turbo Get Campaign, which made it different from other tops with a full bey.

Finding and gathering the components can be very hard for the average collector due to their incredible rarity.

16. Takara Tomy Killer Befall/Beafowl

Release Date: 2010

Price: $119.99

Takara Tomy Killer Befall,Beafowl
(Source: Beysandbricks)

The Beafowl is a Beyblade released in December 2010. It comes in pink color with a peacock emblem on the face as a tribute to Pavo, a constellation that looks like a bird. The name ‘Beafowl’ is also a moniker for birds.

15. A-131 Dranzer Ms

Release Date: 2002-2009

Price: $149

A-131 Dranzer Ms
(Source: eBay)

The dranzer MS (short for Metal Spiral) Beyblade comes with model A-131. It is used by Kai Hiwatari, a significant character in the Beyblades manga comic. The Dranzer blade was Kai’s seventh Beyblade, and it has a manual switch that allows it to go between attack and stamina modes.

14. Takara Tomy Hollow Deathscyther

Release Date: 2020

Price: $169.99

Takara Tomy Hollow Deathscyther
(Source: eBay)

A very prized Beyblade from Takara Tomy’s random booster volume 23. The company produced the toy in December 2020, and customers are assured that they have one in eight chances of getting this Beyblade when they purchase a random booster pack.

The Takara tomy hollow deathscyther has an icy-colored exterior with a frame shaped like a burning flame, making it ironic and super cool.

13. Takara Tomy Mercury Anubius 85XF Metal Fury WBBA

Release Date: 2010

Price: $269.99

Takara Tomy Mercury Anubius 85XF Metal Fury WBBA
(Source: Beysandbricks)

If you played the Bey TA 1 Machine Arcade Game and won or were present at the World Beyblade Battle Association in Japan, then you’ll win the Mercury Anubius 85XF Metal Fury Beyblade.

It’s highly exclusive with a minimal release; the blade has a blue frame and body with a purple center sticker to depict the aesthetics of the Egyptian god Anubis.

12. A-38 Bey Ultimate Stadium

Release Date: 2001

Price: $299

A-38 Bey Ultimate Stadium
(Source: eBay)

One of the earliest Beyblades released by the company in 2001, the ultimate stadium set includes the Black Drazer. This toy belonged to the character Kai Hiwatari. It emerged from the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade series and is worth killing if it’s in good condition.

11. A-126 Dragoon MS

Release Date: 2003

Price: $319.99

A-126 Dragoon MS
(Source: eBay)

The A-126 Dragoon MS Beyblade was one of the merchandise licensed to Hasbro- a company that distributed it for western markets. Dragoon represents the Spirit of the wind in the manga comics.

The dragoon is the partner of the character Tyson, who uses wind power to attack his enemies by spinning his Beyblade so fast that it causes a small typhoon.

10. Takara Tomy B-173 01 Infinite Achilles Dimension 1b Burst Surge Beyblade

Release Date: 2020

Price: $369.99

Takara Tomy B-173 01 Infinite Achilles Dimension 1b Burst Surge Beyblade
(Source: Beysandbricks)

One of the only two valuable Beyblades from the random Booster Vol. 22 set, which has an attractive, dual-colored frame design modeled after the Greek warrior Achilles. This Beyblade has multiple moves, which include the Infinite Guard, Infinite Buster, Infinite Attack, and the Infinite Sword.

Takara Tomy regularly releases the random booster sets and offers each Beyblade within each set separately. In each set, you’ll find a more limited edition and rare Beyblade like the one we’re writing about.

The Beyblade has an extra feature that makes playing fun and engaging – an infinite blue sword.

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9. B-121 Metal Fight Ultimate DX SET

Release Date: 2006

Price: $499.99

B-121 Metal Fight Ultimate DX SET
(Source: eBay)

Takara Tomy made this Beyblade after the companies merged in 2006, including a Duo Uranus 230WD, an L Drago, Guardian S130MB, and a Wing Pegasis 90WF, with the BeyLauncher LR making a cameo appearance.

8. BB-76 Big Bang Pegasis DX Set

Release Date: 2010

Price: $499.99

BB-76 Big Bang Pegasis DX Set
(Source: Beysandbricks)

The set includes various parts, a silver Beylauncher and a silver three-segment launcher grip. The Beyblade is one of the Metal Series produced in 2010 because of the union between Takara and Tomy brought to life in 2006.

7. WBBA Golden Diablo Nemesis

Release Date: 2011

Price: $499.99

WBBA Golden Diablo Nemesis
(Source: eBay)

The Golden Diablo Nemesis Beyblade is a scarce type. The company only made about a hundred of them, which were prizes to winners of the Strongest Dragonis 4D lottery run. The Dragonis 4D was a magazine and strategy guide made by CoroCoro.

A scratch card came with the magazine and to claim the Beyblade, you have to find a scratch card. The Beyblade had a gold 4D metal wheel, a 4D clear ring in red, a black X:D, and a sticker with a black face.

6. Phantom Orion Skeleton Beyblade

Release Date: 2004

Price: $599.99

Phantom Orion Skeleton Beyblade
(Source: Beysandbricks)

This Beyblade is a WBBA limited edition and is very collectible. It’s currently the third most expensive Beyblade edition in the market. Only 100 of them were made for distribution.

The Phanton Orion Skeleton Beyblade comes with a clear plastic center, a black rim, and an Orion face bolt that pictures Orion’s constellation. It comes with an Orion energy ring, a Phantom 4D Wheel, a B:D 4D bottom, a sticker set, and an assembly tool.

It has incredible stamina, and you can arrange the stickers to make the center logo look like a grinning character in a novel move. It’s in the Metal Saga Series.

Hasbro gave it the Phantom Orion name. It does not come with a launcher, but a Metal Series Launcher is sold separately.

5. Beyblade G-Revolution HMS Tyson Takara

Release Date: 2003

Price: $690.99

Beyblade G-Revolution HMS Tyson Takara
(Source: eBay)

Perhaps the most expensive Beyblade yet, according to Picclick, this MSUV Version features a character Tyson Granger from the Beyblade movie. The toy was made of plastic and had the animation theme shown in the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G-Revolution series.

Takara produced the spinning top in 2003 from the Beyblade Franchise. However, you can find other versions of the Beyblade at a lower price but don’t confuse it with the MSUV version.

4. Takara Tomy WBBA Red Diablo Nemesis X:D Dragren Beyblade

Release Date: 2012

Price: $999.99

Takara Tomy WBBA Red Diablo Nemesis X
(Source: Beysandbricks)

One exciting feature of this Beyblade is the bold red color, it’s a rare and highly collectible Beyblade, and only 100 were released for sale by the company. The Red Diablo Nemesis X:D Dragren Beyblade was culled from the Beyblade & B-Dama Dragon campaign in 2012.

Inside the packaged box, you’ll find the Nemesis Face Bolt, Diablo Fusion Wheel, 4D Bottom X:D, Sticker set, Energy Ring, sticker set, and an assembly tool. The price of this wheel goes up as the years go by, making it one of the most valuable in the world.

3. BD145DS Kerbecs, Red Hot

Release Date: 2003

Price: $1,235

BD145DS Kerbecs, Red Hot
(Source: eBay)

Only 3000 of this fiery Beyblade were produced, making it rare and hot on the list of collectors. The Beyblade comes in a deep red, and black color popularly referred to as inferno or Hellfire by the fans.

It was manufactured as a lottery prize for players by the CoroCoro. It included scratch cards inside the magazine so people could play and win.

2. Wolborg 4 Ice Blue

Release Date: 2003

Price: $1,490

Wolborg 4 Ice Blue
(Source: Fabtintoys)

Wolborg 4 came as part of the G-Revolution series of Beyblade, called the stamina model. The blade is designed to continue spinning for more extended and uses an engine gear system to maintain the spin.

It belonged to the Tala character and is a rare variant of the Wolborg version making it highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

1. Poseidon Ocean Wrath

Release Date: 2003

Price: $2490

Poseidon Ocean Wrath
Poseidon Ocean Wrath(Source: Fabtintoys)

The Poseidon Ocean Wrath is the Hasbro version of the Random Booster 12 Beyblades and was made in three primary colors- Gold, Tide Blue, and Beauty Pink. This Tide Blue colorway is rare and highly desirable for $2,490.

Fun Fact: Beyblades are designed for kids ages eight and above; we implore you to take extra caution with these toys as they have small parts that may choke them if mistakenly swallowed.

How to Determine the Value of Beyblades

Factors like provenance, rarity, popularity, and features affect the value of Beyblades and we’ll check how below.


If your Beyblade had previously belonged to a famous person, it directly affects the perceived financial value of your item. Hence, we encourage you to take the necessary background check to ascertain the true origin of your Beyblade.


If you own a Beyblade, you must always ensure that you keep the small parts well assembled, safe and complete at all times to get optimum value for your item. Condition is a very important factor that every collector must consider before buying or selling any product.

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The rarer your Beyblade, the more value it attracts from buyers and interested individuals. The company produced some select models to commemorate significant events. These types are now hard to come by as they were made in limited quantities and are now highly sought after by collectors.


Beyblades were popular earlier in the day as people fancied items that allowed them to customize, mix and match different parts of their toys to make them feel more personal. You can mix them with bright lights and sound features and make them spin at top speed for long minutes.

Famous Beyblades attract great value among buyers and collectors. They used to run the show back in the day, hot on every collector list, and now they’ve become a staple among collectors and sworn lovers of the game.

If you come across a Beyblade that was popular in the past, best believe you’re dropping a killing to acquire them.


You can identify valuable Beyblade by studying their extra features. The company added these features to make the experience extra fun for the players, but they also come at a considerable price. In some Beyblades, you can dismantle and reassemble the parts to customize them to your taste.

What is the Rarest Beyblade in the World

The Red Diablo Nemesis Dragren is one of the rarest Beyblades in the world, and only 100 of these models were ever made. It was a significant part of the Beyblade and B-Daman Dragon campaigns in 2012.

This spectacular model features a red exterior and frame detailed with catch gold stickers with images of a dragon.

Another model, the Zero-G Random Booster Vol. 4 Set, is also in the run for the rarest Beyblade ever made. It was meant to be released in 2013, but the company canceled it for unknown reasons. As of now, the fans don’t know if the company produced it, and this has made it possibly the rarest Beyblade of all time.

Other examples of Beyblades include

  • Wolborg
  • Beat Lynx
  • Galaxy Pegasus
  • Thermal Lacerta
  • Burn Phoenix

Fun Fact: The company launched a comic series that portrayed the world of Beyblades and fighting bladers to children worldwide. After, a video game and television series were founded, which increased the toy’s popularity across Japan.

The decision to license Hasbro as a distributor of toys to countries around the world in 2002 also changed the brand’s trajectory and gave it major international success.

Here’s a video showcasing how battling with Beyblades works.

Where to Get Beyblades

Curious about where to get your Beyblades? Well. We’ve made that easy for you; just check out the list below.


So many auctions take place during the year or at specific periods where lovers of Beyblades come together to sell their collection of toys over the years. You can find lovely models that were hot back In the day and even ask questions about your new purchase.


Beyblade is available on eBay for purchase, whether new or used. They’re sold by independent vendors who got them either from their collection or that of relatives. We advise that you read reviews about these vendors to prevent buying fake Beyblades.

Thrift Stores

You can get  Beyblades from thrift stores around you. Before we proceed, we’d like to remind you that thrift stores sell mainly pre owned items, and chances are high that your Beyblade has some signs of use and wear through the ages due to previous ownership.

Fun Fact: The debut episode of the recognized and official Beyblade anime series dropped in Japan on the 8th of January 2001, titled ‘The Blade Raider.’ The plot of the show centers around two characters- protagonist Takao Kinomiya and his rival Hiruta (Called Carlos in the English version).

Parting Word

With over 30 million pieces sold in the United States, Beyblades has gathered a loyal fandom including many collectors with love built on nostalgia, devotion, and commitment to the rudiments of the game.

  • When you’re in the dark about your precious Beyblade, ensure to ask questions and seek help from the appropriate quarters.
  • Condition is essential in determining your Beybladesvalue; always keep them safe.
  • There are some Beyblades that were produced in limited quantities and they have become very rare to collect or buy.
  • Some Beyblades can be dismantled and reassembled which helps you customize your toy just how you want it.

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