Antique Brunswick Pool Table: Identification and Value Guide

Are you a lover of antique items and enjoy playing and collecting vintage pool tables? Or would you like to incorporate them into your interior design? Perhaps you are interested in the value of antique pool tables.

If you already have an antique pool table collection and want to expand, the antique Brunswick pool tables are an excellent choice. They are renowned for their top-notch quality and intricate craftsmanship.

Brunswick pool tables are beautiful and desirable, but they are also quite expensive. So, you must ensure you get your money’s worth. Continue reading to learn more about them and how to tell an original Brunswick table from a modern version.

History of the Brunswick Pool Table

History of the Brunswick Pool Table
An antique Brunswick-Balke-Collender pool table with a green felt top and intricate details(Source: Antique Pool Tables

The Brunswick Company was founded in the nineteenth century by John Moses Brunswick, a Jewish immigrant from Switzerland who arrived in the United States in 1843. Initially, he worked as a builder in the carriage industry, where he learned how to build with wood.

By 1840, Brunswick had established the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company, known for its high-quality products and unique designs. His business turned around when he came across finely made pool tables at an event he was invited to in 1845.

He was captivated by the quality and complexity of the pool table and resolved to start producing them because he believed that as long as they were made of wood, he could make them and do it even better.

Brunswick aimed to make high-quality pool tables accessible to everyone, from the affluent to the middle class to the locals. His pool tables were well received, and by 1850, his company, J. M. Brunswick, had become the first and largest manufacturer of pool tables in the United States.

Antique Brunswick Pool Table Models

Brunswick pool table models have undergone numerous style changes over their more than 150-year history. The following are the Brunswick pool table models:

1. Brunswick Cabinet No. 1

Brunswick Cabinet No. 1
The Brunswick Cabinet No. 1 pool table, with the table bed supported by two cabinets for storage(Source: Antique Billiards Tables

Brunswick Cabinet No. 1 was produced in 1894, revolutionizing the design of tables. In this model, the table bed is supported by two cabinets, each with dividing doors and two drawers above.

Other space features are designed so that the pool table can hold everything a person needs while playing on it and can even be used to store other items. This pool table has a classy appeal and is made of mahogany and walnut wood.

2. The St. Bernard Mission

The St. Bernard Mission
The St. Bernard Mission table with intricate carvings and accentsSource: Billiard Restoration Service

The St. Bernard Mission pool table, also known as the Challenge, was manufactured between 1892 and 1905. It portrayed the Mission style, which was just starting at the time. It had simple designs and Mission furniture-style carvings.

It features extra-heavy cushion rails that are solidly attached to the slate bed. As a classic pool table, it was used by numerous professional players in North America and Europe.

3. The Monarch

The Monarch
The Monarch pool table with heavy carvings and cast iron legs shaped like lions(Source: Pinterest

The Monarch pool table was made in 1875. It is very ornamental, with heavy carvings and intricate designs. The sides are made of wood and inlaid with mosaics and different types of wood, including burl ash, French walnut, and tulipwood.

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The legs of this table are made of cast iron and are shaped like four lions, one for each leg of the table. The Monarch pool table is a one-of-a-kind Brunswick design that exudes elegance and grace. This is why it is widely sought after.

4. Amaranth Brunswick

Amaranth Brunswick
Amaranth Brunswick pool table with iron edges and disk-shaped legs(Source: Sequoia Billiard Supply

This pool table stands out for its simple but unique appearance. It only features carved ornaments on the legs and head blocks.

This pool table comes in three different styles: carom, pool, and both at the same time. The board is made from Amaranth and Fresno. It’s a luxurious piece crafted by skilled furniture artisans, perfect for complementing the decor of vintage living rooms.

5. The Elizabethan

The Elizabethan
The Elizabethan pool table with its intricate designs and legs bent outwards(Source: Florida Game Rooms

The Elizabethan Brunswick pool table was made between 1926 and 1927 during the Elizabethan era. It has fine mother-of-pearl details, including rosewood floor runners and rail caps. The legs are bent outward in the shape of a doe.

The style and pattern of this model captured the essence of the time; the design was medieval, with heavy details and deep carvings.

6. The Centennial

The Centennial
The Centennial pool table with aluminum aprons on the top and legs and a blue felt playing surface(Source: Pinterest

The Centennial Brunswick Pool Table was manufactured in 1945. It ushered in a new generation of pool table models while maintaining the traditional Brunswick style. It is constructed from rosewood and covered on the sides and legs with aluminum aprons.

This model features molded pocket pads, a bridge rack, and a ball storage rack. The exposed wood is finished to perfection.

Identifying Antique Brunswick Pool Tables

Identifying a Brunswick pool table is easy if you know what to look for. There are several elements on the table that must be inspected, some of which are hidden from view, but this isn’t a problem if you know what to look for. The following are ways to identify a genuine Brunswick pool table.

❖ The Manufacturer’s Mark

The Manufacturer's Mark
Brunswick pool table with a metal plate on it engraved with the manufacturer’s mark, “The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company USA.”(Source: eBay

This is a key feature of a Brunswick pool table. Brunswick’s name is either engraved on a metal plate attached to the wood or written on the table’s side. In some cases, it’s the full name, while in others, it’s a monogram with the letter “B” printed on the metal plate.

Keep in mind that the company wasn’t always known as Brunswick, so the name will change depending on the year it was made.

These are some of the company’s past names that will undoubtedly appear on authentic Brunswick: Brunswick -Balke-Collender Company, JM Brunswick Manufacturing Company, JM Brunswick and Brothers

In addition, a “Brunswick Certified” slate sticker may be present. It can be found on the slate, and it usually consists of a black print on a white background, along with the Brunswick logo.

❖ High-Performance Nut Plate

The high-performance nut plate is a metal plate that rests on the rails’ underside. It attaches the cushioned rail to the plate with metal bolts. This plate is a major element in Brunswick tables and features special washers used only in Brunswick pool tables.

❖ Dome-shaped Washers

Look for dome-shaped washers with sharp edges. They were exclusive to Brunswick pool tables and held high-performance nut plates. They usually click to the underside of the plate.

❖ Examine the Area Beneath the Cushions

Brunswick tables are made with a machine-recessed area on the underside of the cushions where the felt can be stapled down. This area allows the rail to be properly attached to the slate surface.

❖ Check the Slate Joints and Legs

An important feature of Brunswick tables is their strong joints, which are created by gluing two pieces of wood with alternating grains. If the table is authentic, it will have dovetail joints, which are joints that support the slate tabletop.

A true Brunswick pool table also has galvanized steel leg plates that attach the legs to the table. They rest on top of the legs, located in the corner of the table’s underside, and secured with nuts and bolts.

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❖ Solid Hardwood

Brunswick pool tables and rails were made from various hardwoods with different grain patterns, and the wood frame and legs were intricately designed.

They commonly used solid hardwoods like mahogany, maple, and rosewood. Note that if the rails are made from joined pieces of wood, it is not authentic Brunswick.

Pearl sights, ornamental blocks, a fancy metal plate, and creative coloring effects of inset decorations are other indicators of a genuine Brunswick model pool table.

Check for signs of aging, such as scratches, scuffs, discolored linen, and marks on the cushion rails, to be certain it is an antique.

Where to Find Vintage Brunswick Pool Tables

It may be challenging to find an antique Brunswick pool table. This is because they are widely known and are easily sold out in stores. They’re also quite large and would not normally be sold by physical stores, but they are readily available online.

One major drawback to purchasing them online is the high shipping cost. The following are the best places to purchase these Brunswick tables:


This is an auction house or marketplace where many antique Brunswick pool tables are sold at reasonable prices.

They have Brunswick pool tables from the 1870s, 1890s, 1900s, 1910s, and mid-century. You can find an antique 8- or 9-foot pool table with a ball return or simple leather baskets.

They come in different designs, including the mid-century style and the minimalistic look, while some are intricately detailed.

Some of their pool tables include pool accessories such as pool cues, ball racks, and so on, which is very convenient for the buyer. Antique Brunswick pool tables are available on eBay for between $700 and $24,500.

Antique Billiard Tables and Accessories

This website has an extensive collection of wonderful craftsmanship and exquisite woodwork, and they are a haven for antique billiard enthusiasts. They also work on restoring the tables and accessories.

Classic Billiards

This is another online market that offers a wide variety of antique pool table parts. They also help with pool table restoration. So, it’s also a good place to go if you want to restore or replace your old pool tables.

Aside from that, they also help to identify pool tables and appraise them. This is a great place to buy Brunswick pool tables.

Local Dealers

If you’re new to collecting antiques, the best place to start is with a local antique dealer. They’ll show you a variety of antique pool tables and their prices. You will also be able to ask as many questions as you like about any of the pool tables.

You can be given a list of the tables’ original prices and even if you don’t want to buy from a local dealer, having an idea of the price range is helpful.

Auction Houses/Sites

Antiques are bid on at auctions based on their desirability. Looking at antique Brunswick pool tables that have sold at auction demonstrates the value of the item you wish to buy or sell.

Invaluable and Liveauctioneers are two good online auction sites. Here are some examples of antique Brunswick pool tables sold at auctions:

  • Vintage Brunswick Pool Table:This “The Star Billiard Board” keeno pool table had a starting price of $400, estimated to cost between $500 and $1,000. It was sold for $700 at the Austin Auction Gallery auction on Invaluable.
  • Hugh Hefner Brunswick Pool Table: This antique Brunswick pool table from the Hugh Hefner collection was sold for $15,000 in 2018 by Julien’s auctions on Liveauctioneers. It was estimated to be sold for between $800 and $1200.
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How to Determine the Value of Brunswick Pool Table

Before buying or selling antiques, you should have a good understanding of the piece’s value and price. Quality Brunswick pool tables start around $2000, and this is because the fun table is a great investment.

So, if you’ve been wondering, “How much is a Brunswick pool table worth? ” these methods for determining the value of antiques and identifying valuable antiques will be of assistance. The key ways to determine the value of an antique pool table are:

Compare the Prices

This is done by comparing the price of your antique piece or the one you intend to purchase to the prices of previously sold pieces. Auctions are the best place to compare your antiques.

Confirm the Current Price

By looking through websites that sell antique Brunswick pool tables, you can learn about the piece’s current market value. We have provided an overview of the prices of antique Brunswick pool tables on online retailers within the article.

Check the Trends

The trends in antique furniture or pool table space also indicate how valuable a piece would be. Any trending model at the time will be deemed more valuable.

So, even if some pieces have the identifying characteristics of antiques, they may not be considered valuable right now because they are not in style.

The Most Valuable Brunswick Pool Tables

In the table below are five of the most valuable Brunswick pool tables. These pieces are available as examples against which you can compare your own.

Brunswick Pool Table

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Tell If My Pool Table Is Slate?

The color is the best indicator. Slate ranges in color from light gray to dark gray. You can also tell by weight, as a slate pool table is heavier than a wood pool table.

How Do I Store My Antique Pool Table?

Make sure to keep the table elevated and off the ground. This prevents moisture from penetrating the table and causing a rut. You should also wrap all of the table parts while they are in storage. You can wrap it in bubble wrap or plastic wrap. Then, to avoid mold, keep the humidity in the room you’re storing it in under control.

How Much Time Does It Take to Restore An Antique Brunswick Pool Table?

The restoration of an antique Brunswick pool table will take between 6-200 hours, depending on the required work.

Final Words

Pool has been around for a long time, so getting a good antique Brunswick pool table will not only bring a sense of fun to your space but also a sense of history.

If you have identified your antique pool table and it isn’t valuable right now, you might want to hold on to it as the market changes, and it is likely the price will rise again.

When purchasing this prized possession, use all the identification markers to pick one that will be worth your money and suit your taste.

If you’re looking to sell one, a professional appraiser will assist in determining the value of your Brunswick table. Please leave your comments below if you have any questions.

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