25 Most Valuable Swatch Watches of the 1980s and 1990s

Swatch watch

The Swiss watch industry stalled as quartz watches gained popularity and lost its “glamor.” Swatch has been renowned for its uncomplicated yet instantly recognizable designs from the debut of the first model.

The earliest Swatch watches, which came in hundreds of variations, were made in the 1980s. They were initially designed to be inexpensive and even disposable. Second Watch is incorporated into the name.

Swatch watches are becoming highly collectible, though. Additionally, they can demand significant prices. We will find out the answer to it! The 25 most valuable Swatch watches from the 1980s and 1990s are listed in this article.

What is a Swatch Watch?

The early Swatch watches stood out thanks to their distinctive designs. These patterns had sharp edges and vibrant colors. Swatch is one of the most well-known and admired watch companies in history.

The word “Swatch” is frequently used to refer to a wide range of fashionable timepieces that are reasonably priced. Since entering the watch industry in 1983, Swatch has created more than 1500 unique watch models.

The Swatch watch has a very straightforward but cutting-edge design. Plastic straps with buckles are included with the Swatch watch to cinch it to your wrist.

Why Swatch Watches are incredibly Valuable?

Even now, Swatch watches are incredibly popular. Given how well-known Swatch is for its fashionable timepieces, it is not surprising that the company has worked with celebrities like Grace Jones, Madonna, and Michael Jackson.

They were worn by both high school pupils and professional athletes. Only a small number of authentic Swatch watches from the 1980s are still in existence. Given that they never experienced any significant advertising initiatives, the majority of them are really challenging to discover.

Additionally, finding an original is more difficult than purchasing a replica because the majority of originals are sold through private dealerships. However, despite the fact that they are still very difficult to discover.

How Can I Find the Value of My Swatch Watch?

You should consider about these two factors in order to decide whether your vintage Swatch watch is a valuable, rare item:

  • Is my Swatch watch a limited edition?

Swatch models that are limited edition will only be made in a certain quantity. You might have noticed that this is true for several of the watches we discussed above. For instance, Kiki Picasso and Oigol Oro.

Why are Swatch watches that are limited edition so expensive? It’s easy. Only a limited quantity of these watch models are obtainable worldwide. These will get more difficult to locate as time goes on, and Swatch collectors will start looking for them more frequently. You can be certain that certain watch models won’t be made again once the brand declares a limited edition release. Thus, all you get is this.

  • Is your Swatch Watch a Prototype?

You may be curious. Swatch has been around since 1983, after all. By developing a reasonably priced quartz wristwatch that would be exclusively manufactured in Switzerland, they hope to transform the Swiss watch industry. As a result, the initial Swatch designs were only rough drafts of the vibrant Swatch watches that would eventually be sold in stores.

The Most Valuable Swatch Watches of the 1980s and 1990s

One of the most profitable investments today is in vintage watches. Here is the list of 25 most valuable swatch watches from 1980s and 1990s that worth a lot of money:

1. Kiki Picasso value $22,600

Kiki Picasso

The Swatch Kiki Picasso is a masterwork from the 1980s that elevated the art of telling time. One of Swatch’s most costly timepieces in company history, the Kiki Picasso has received praise. It was created by French artist Christian Chapiron.

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The Kiki Picasso from the Spring/Summer collection is a Limited Edition timepiece. There were 120 distributed Kiki Picassos out of the 140 that were manufactured.

The market price of Kiki Picasso is $22,600. This product is intended for those who desire a highly sought-after collectible item.

2. 1985 Andrew Logan’s Jelly Fish sold $10,000

1985 Andrew Logan’s Jelly Fish

The transparent plastic face on Andrew Logan’s Jelly Fish Swatch Watch bears homage to the brand’s classic Jelly Fish series while more closely resembling a brooch.

The watch’s vibrant cloth band, which can be adjusted to fit a range of wrist sizes, is what really makes it stand out from other clocks thanks to an inventive but straightforward clasp.

To match your formal or informal attire, you may simply take off the watchband and replace it. The $10,000 price tag on this limited-edition timepiece reflects its tremendous popularity. The Jelly Fish watch is universally flattering and may be worn with any attire.

3. Oigol Oro value $8,500.00

Oigol Oro

This Swatch watch features a 12-hour dial with an estimated Oigol Oro value of $8,500. An Italian artist and prize-winning model named Mimmo Paladin created it in 1989.

It is very rare because this model is no longer being produced. The stylish Vintage Swatch Watch Oigol Oro is a modern interpretation of the famous Mephistopheles character that exudes luxury and a carefree attitude.

The Oigol Oro is a manly watch that is delicate and graceful. It is a remarkable timepiece with a subtle elegance. 33 millimeters are how big the Swiss watch is. This watch complements both suits and jeans as well as t-shirts and jeans. You will seem the most casual, with a timeless, exquisite design aspect.

4. Swatch 100 years of Cinema 1895 Limited Edition value $699

Swatch 100 years of Cinema 1895 Limited Edition

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of film, this collector’s set was published in 1995. Three different watches are included, each created in partnership with a renowned director.

Model GZ141, “Eiga-Shi,” was created in association with Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. On the dial, there is a fascinating illustration of an eye.

Model GZ142, “Despiste,” was produced in collaboration with Pedro Almodovar. It has a beaded bracelet and a dial with his signature in vibrant colors.

Model GZ 143, “Time to Reflect,” was created in association with Robert Altman. The words “time to” and “reflect” were formed by one hand on the mirrored dial. The bracelet was imprinted with Altman’s signature.

All three timepieces are included in this set, each in its original presentation tin.

5. Keith Haring Special Edition sold $3000

Keith Haring Special Edition

Keith Haring, an American pop artist, and Swatch worked together to create four limited-edition timepieces in 1986. These days, they are all very collectible.

Swatch and Haring are still collaborating. In 2021, the designer’s Mickey Mouse-themed watch collection was made available.

But this collection marks the beginning of our partnership with the artist. You’ll have to fork over a lot of money if you want a 1986 model.

The model with the black face and strap on the far right of the image sold online in 2016 for $3000. It was in fine operating order, although the rubber bracelet has some little wear.

6. Breakdance sold $2000


Keith Haring appeared on the Swatch Breakdance watch. Marlyse Schmid and Bernard Mueller created this design. 

Its dial is black and green with a pink and yellow backdrop and has a flexible black rubber band. The face of the watch is made of glass. It has an orange case, giving it a hip-hop watch appearance.

Only offered in the USA, this rare 1985 limited edition collectible contains the Keith Haring Breakdance poster. Only 9999 pieces could be made.

7. Vintage Pago Pago GL400 Swatch Watch from 1987 sold $ 127.90

Vintage Pago Pago GL400 Swatch Watch from 1987

The Vintage Swatch Watch looks and fits well, plus it smells minty fresh. Stretchy, jelly-like material with an aqua turquoise color makes up the band.

Date and time are shown on the watch’s blue face. Nightlights shine on the hour and minute hands. The Pago Pago GL400 is a vintage collectible timepiece from the Spring Summer Collection of 1987 that will enhance any watch collection.

8. Vintage Swatch Watch Osiris 1986

Vintage Swatch Watch Osiris 1986

It has a rich and fascinating past. The Egyptians believed that the underworld God served as a protector of the deceased, a judge of souls, and a guide for the dead as they entered the afterlife. This watch captures the charm of antiquity while combining it with a uniquely modern style. It can withstand water. Collectors of old watches will be impressed by this outstanding design.

The watch is a component of the first Swatch line, which was introduced in 1986. Very nice pre-owned condition is still available for this watch. The initial stainless steel, silver-tone watch is plastic, while seeming like it is constructed of the stainless steel material. It makes a fantastic collector’s item.

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9. 1992 Rare Signed Sam Francis value $425.00

1992 Rare Signed Sam Francis

This limited-edition timepiece is just another instance of Swatch working with an artist. This watch was produced in the 1990s and the artist is Sam Francis. Production was restricted to 49,999 watches, so it wasn’t actually all that limited.

This is one of 6,733. But what makes it particularly unique is that the artist has signed the strap.

The text has somewhat smudged on the plastic surface. Additionally, it is not advised to wear the strap because it has deteriorated with time. This item is solely for collectors to admire while it is still in its original box.

It is delivered with all of the original documentation and a sales stamp for Geneva in 1992. Additionally, it is on sale for $425.00 at the Swatch store in Amsterdam.

10. The Veggie Line Swatch Watch sold $695.00

The Veggie Line Swatch Watch

The “Veggie Line” from Swatch featured three distinct timepieces created by Austrian artist Alfred Hofkunst. They acted like cucumbers, chili peppers, and lemons.

They were a fantastic illustration of Swatch’s creative marketing strategy. They were made available at fruit and vegetable markets, highlighting the appeal of their low price.

But you’ll have to fork up much more money if you want to acquire the collection right now. The cost of the timepieces will be at least $695.00, depending on their state.

11. Swatch ‘Sir Limelight’ II 1987 sold $950

Swatch ‘Sir Limelight’ II 1987

The 1987 Christmas Special men’s model prototype, the Swatch “Sir Limelight,” just sold for about $950 at auction. The black dial of this stylish designer watch has numbers in contrasting colored crystals at the 1, 3, and 12 positions. It also has gold hands.

12. Chrono Tech GB403 sold $138.00

Chrono Tech GB403

We are sure that you are looking for fine antique watches online, and the GB403 is the ideal timepiece for you. Its hues are black and red, and it has a red hour hand and a black date. Wrists up to 7 inches in diameter can fit inside the 33mm casing.

This vintage Swatch watches quartz mechanism and plastic construction. It is both stylish and practical. The color combination of black and red is perfect for individuals looking for a contemporary vintage wristwatch.

The timepiece is a part of the striking and edgy 1984 Fall-Winter Collection of timepieces. Wearing this watch is easy and lightweight. Plastic was used to make the watchband, which is ideally suited to any wrist. You should dress it down because it isn’t adorned.

13. 1984 Rare Vintage Swatch Watch Don’t Be Too Late! value $400

1984 Rare Vintage Swatch Watch Don’t Be Too Late

The year after Swatch introduced its first watches, in 1984, this unisex watch was created. GA100 was the model number. On the black dial, the words “Don’t be too late!” are displayed in the 12, 3, and 9 places. White hands are used.

This watch was released early, making it rather difficult to locate, especially in immaculate condition.

This particular copy is in fine operating condition with only minor wear. It was created on the Monday of the 39th week of 1984, according to the manufacture code 4391P on its surface. Additionally, it comes in a gray anthracite plastic casing with slight signs of use.

14. 1988 Le Temps Punctue by Pol Bury GZ110 value $499.00

1988 Le Temps Punctue by Pol Bury GZ110

The French name for the 1988 model GZ110 was “Le Temps Punctue,” which translates to “punctual time.” A play on words referencing Marcel Proust’s seven-volume classic “A La Recherche de la Temps Perdu” may have been included. The term “La Temps Perdu” means “Lost Time,” which is not the ideal for a watch!

The odd dial has just one hand, according to the Belgian Designer Pol Bury. Another expensive, limited edition was available. It once cost between $800 and $960 to purchase.

The current price of this piece, which comes without a box and has three scratches on the dial, is $499.00.

15. 1991 Swatch Raro value $58

1991 Swatch Raro

In 1991, this Raro model was created. It commemorated the Mantua-based Italian jewelry company Gioiellerie Azzali’s centennial year. It also had friezes made of 750 purity gold and a leather strap with a crocodile appearance, giving it an appropriately upscale appearance.

It was yet another limited-edition model, but this time the restrictions were far harsher than with prior designs. There were only 133 timepieces produced.

16. 1983 Original Swatch First Series value $1,125.00

1983 Original Swatch First Series

There were no distinctive patterns or trinkets in the first Swatches; they were frank and straightforward. But with a projected value of $1,125.00, collectors would compete to buy these vintage icons.

This watch, which is made by the Swatch Group, comes in several different hues. For a generation that is also practical, it’s a practical watch.

17. 1987 NINE TO SIX GB117 SWATCH sold $69.99


A renowned timepiece of the 1980s, this eclectic, multicolored vintage Swatch watch is a fantastic fusion of minimalism and vibrant retro design elements. This amazing antique Swatch watch, which is Swiss-made and meticulously restored, will undoubtedly be in the spotlight.

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18. Rare Swatch Velvet Underground 1985 sold for $300

Rare Swatch Velvet Underground 1985

The 1985 Swatch Collection is considered to be the costly collection. Swatch produced the limited-edition Velvet Underground watch in 1985. It included two swatches.

It is selling online for more than $300. A 1985 Velvet Underground Swatch is difficult to find. It was published in 1985, at the height of the synth-pop era, as an homage to The Velvet Underground.

The band’s music is best characterized as psychedelic, punk, and experimental. This expensive watch fits these kinds of descriptions as well.

19. Keith Haring Swatches sold for $1,750

Keith Haring Swatches

The Keith Haring Swatches are one way that Keith Haring’s lasting legacy is still present today. One of the four Swatch watches created by Keth Harings bears an artist’s signature.

Keith Haring created some Swatch watches that are now sought-after collectibles. The Keith Haring Swatch is extremely rare and difficult to find. The watch face is adorned with Keith Haring’s emblem. The most sought-after Swatch is the Modele Avec Personnages, which sells for $1750.

If you have more money available for an investment, the Modele Avec Personnages is a fantastic choice. For any admirer of Keith Haring’s artwork, the watch is a superb collectors’ Swatch because it is in pristine condition.

20. Damien Hirst 90 Years of Mickey Mouse sold for $1,200

Damien Hirst 90 Years of Mickey Mouse

Swatch and the artist Damien Hirst worked together on a men’s watch in 2018. It was created to commemorate Mickey Mouse, a Disney character, turning 90. It was only printed in 19,999 pieces.

Collectors of Swatch watches and Disney memorabilia both found it appealing.

The version seen here was delivered in its original box with its unique edition number, 5,905, and protective cardboard sleeve. It was put up for sale in 2022 for $1,200 and was in good functioning order.

21. 1983 Swatch No. 11 The Originals GN700

1983 Swatch No. 11 The Originals GN700

The first year that Swatch produced this particular model was 1983. It was Swatch’s eleventh design and had the model number GN700.

It is a men’s watch with a white dial, a dark blue strap, and hands. There are only little lines on the face that represent the hours and minutes; there are no digits. At three o’clock is a day date window.

This sample lacks its packaging and exhibits indications of aging. But the Plexiglass lens is in good shape, and the strap is intact. It costs $1,940 to purchase this unique piece of Swatch history.

22. Swatch ‘The American’ value $316.53

Swatch ‘The American’

One of the most sought-after collector’s products from the watchmaker is the $316.53 ‘The American’ by Swatch. This watch is entirely plastic and has an English calendar. Additionally, it has Swiss quartz movement and is 3 bar water resistant.

23. 2007 Diaphane One Turning Gold sold for $4,950.00

2007 Diaphane One Turning Gold

Swatch made a risky entry into the market for high-end watches in 2007. The Diaphane One, which had a diamond in it already, served as inspiration for the design. The Diaphane One Turning Gold was a skeleton watch with a 25 ruby movement with an 18-carat rose gold flange, bezel, and crown in this variation. Leather was used to make the strap.

Even yet, the ruby movement was housed in translucent plastic, keeping with Swatch’s heritage. It was visible from both the watch’s front and rear. Additionally, it was distinctive, neither a carousel nor a tourbillon, having a central cage that rotated twice each hour.

Only 100 of the watches were produced, and only a few markets could purchase them. Each piece featured a distinctive number.

24. RARE Vintage Swatch Pop Swatch Swiss Quartz Watch Lot Retro Skeleton 1980s-1990s sold for $225.16

RARE Vintage Swatch Pop Swatch Swiss Quartz Watch Lot Retro Skeleton 1980s-1990s

It is a unisex watch. Although there could be some cosmetic wear, the device is entirely functional and does what it is supposed to. It’s possible that this product is a used floor model or store return.  It sold at ebay for $225.16.

25. Swatch x omega bioceramic moonswatch mission to the moon sold for $560.00

Swatch x omega bioceramic moonswatch mission to the moon

This swatch watch is completely new, unused, and unworn in the original packing such as the box or bag from which it was packaged originally, and with the tags still on the product. On eBay, it sold in $560.00.

Bottom Line

This concludes our analysis of the 25 most valuable Swatch watches ever. The prices obtained by the best examples now are shocking for a brand that originally offered inexpensive “second watches.”

We hope that learning more about these watches has been interesting for you. It might be time to get it properly valued if you have one hidden away in a drawer.

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