10 Most Valuable Vintage Mickey Mouse Dolls (Identification & Value Guide)

Mickey Mouse was definitely one of my favorite fictional characters as a child. I grew up with Mickey printed on my school bag, my bed sheet, my shower curtains, and basically everything. And because of my deep admiration for the character as a child, it is usually hard for me not to feel that nostalgic feeling whenever I spot Mickey Mouse’s face anywhere, which is how my story of collecting Mickey Mouse dolls began.

Being a collector and antique enthusiast, I always keep an eye out for rare and vintage cartoon dolls, miniature figurines, statues, and art pieces, especially when they are Mickey Mouse.

Lucky for me, collecting vintage Mickey Mouse dolls has been really worthwhile. I would randomly get struck upon a piece of rare- and old-looking figure and end up selling it for hundreds of bucks, sometimes even thousands.

Since there is a huge community of Mickey Mouse lovers and collectors out there, I have decided to craft this article to let you all know about the top 10 most valuable vintage Mickey Mouse dolls ever, their identification, what they are worth, and where you can find them, if you can at all.

Dolls: A Brief Overview

There is no denying that dolls have been a part of human civilization for hundreds of years. We know them as children’s toys or collectors’ items only because they have been playing a significant role since the very beginning of humanity. They wouldn’t be so antique today if they weren’t that old, right?

In fact, archeologists labeled dolls as the oldest toy known to humans when they were found in Egyptian tombs dating as early as 2100 BC. Supposedly, dolls with removable clothes and movable limbs are known to us as “modern” dolls now, but the truth is that these kinds of dolls have been a thing since 200 BC.

In the beginning, dolls were made of materials that were easily accessible by humans, such as wood, clay, bone, wax, leather, ivory, and stone. Over time, materials like corn husks and dried leaves were also used in the making of dolls.

The Industrial revolution, however, shifted the paradigm, and dolls, the most common and the most popular toy of the time, started being produced with a combination of different materials, including wood and fabric like leather, a mix of sawdust, and glue.

By the 20th century, plastic was invented, which majorly shifted the production of dolls to plastic. Rubber also became a common doll material. Nowadays, dolls are made of synthetic, industrial-grade material, as well as porcelain.

Some dolls today are entirely made of fabric. The outer fabric is made of plain cloth or plush and is filled with synthetic fiber, batting, cotton, wood wool, straw, plastic pellet, or beans.

These are usually known as stuffed toys and are not really regarded as dolls. But these stuffed toys date back to as far as the early 1900s, which makes them a collectible of a kind.

In fact, earlier this year, a rare Mickey Mouse stuffed doll was spotted in a landfill in Monmouthshire in south-east Wales. Reportedly, a resident threw it out, not realizing its antiquity. Experts dated it back to the 1930s and figured out that the toy was made at a local nearby factory that has now disappeared. The stuffed toy was cleaned and sent to the Abergavenny Museum.

Mickey Mouse doll
Image Source: BBC 

That should be enough for us to figure out that all kinds of dolls of all sizes, from miniature figurines to stuffed toys, can be the fortunate thing that someone is just sitting on.

Mickey Mouse Dolls: A Brief History

Mickey Mouse dolls and plushies started being manufactured in the early 20th century. Disney character Mickey Mouse’s debut film was released officially in 1928. The film was called Steamboat Willie. Needless to say, the cartoon movie was a great hit.

Due to the immense and newly-found popularity of the character, Disney didn’t wait long to give out contracts for the production of Mickey Mouse toys.

In 1930, Disney commissioned a woman named Charlotte Clark to create the first ever stuffed Mickey Mouse doll, and it became an instant must-have toy for young Mickey Mouse fans across the states.

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Disney eventually produced a huge variety of differently styled Mickey Mouse dolls and toys. People were buying them thoughtlessly at first. But years later, when they were found in landfills, flea markets, or sitting in an attic, their true value was realized.

In 2018, exactly 90 years after the debut Mickey Mouse film, a rare Mickey Mouse toy was found in a box in an attic of a house. It was a mint condition wind-up metal handcar and a railway track, one of the first Mickey Mouse toys.

The toy featured both Mickey and Minnie, two iconic characters of Disney. When the owner discovered the toy, they went around to get it valued as an antique. It is unknown what happened to the toy, but the appraiser who was handling the sale reported that the toy is nearly as old as Mickey Mouse himself and is probably the first toy Disney ever made.

These kinds of Mickey Mouse dolls and toys usually sell for at least a couple hundred bucks when they come under the hammer. Depending on the condition, rarity, and antiquity, some even go for thousands.

10 Most Valuable Vintage Mickey Mouse Dolls

Whether you have come across an old Mickey Mouse toy sitting in your attic or spotted one in the nearby yard sale, you never know what fortune that old little thing might possess. While it is true that some (actually, most) dolls are not worth the hassle, some might just be your lottery ticket.

Here is a list of the 10 most valuable vintage Mickey Mouse dolls. Make sure to keep an eye out for them.

1. Rare 1930 Minnie Doll Made by Charlotte Clark

Rare 1930 Minnie Doll Made by Charlotte Clark
Rare 1930 Antique Velvet Charlotte Clark Minnie Doll Image Source: Etsy

As stated above, Charlotte Clark was the woman Disney commissioned to make its first-ever Mickey Mouse stuffed doll. This commissioned job also included the doll of Minnie Mouse, Mickey’s little less famous sweetheart of Mickey Mouse.

This doll was made in 1930 with velvet patched with a cotton skirt, eyelashes, and velvet tail. She originally wore a hat with a flower, and the bottoms of her feet were of linen cloth. This doll is approximately 12 feet tall and is currently being sold on Etsy for $14,000.

2. Swarovski Limited Edition 2016 Mickey & Minnie Super Rare High-End Doll

Swarovski Limited Edition 2016 Mickey & Minnie Super Rare High-End Doll
Swarovski Myriad Numbered Limited Edition 2016 Mickey & Minnie Couple High-end Collection Super Rare Image Source: Etsy

Swarovski is known for making crystals that sell for thousands of dollars in second-hand markets. Most of their crystals and branded items are limited edition and get discontinued really quickly. This doll is not any different.

Made in 2016, this Mickey and Minnie couple doll is extremely high-end and super rare. It is made out of glass crystals and would look super awesome sitting on your shelf. If you acquire it, you can easily wait for a couple of years and sell it for a huge profit. Although it is technically not vintage, it has made its place in the antique market because of its rarity. This couple’s doll is being sold on Etsy for $9,990.

3. Custom Candy Chrome Mickey Mouse Pop Art Sculpture

Custom Candy Chrome Mickey Mouse Pop Art Sculpture
Custom Candy Chrome Mickey Mouse Pop Art Sculpture Image Source:  Etsy

Standing 5.5 feet tall, this Candy Chrome Mickey Mouse is completely handmade and shines like an absolute wonder. Technically, it’s not a doll, but it definitely falls in the same category because of its relevance.

This pop art Mickey Mouse sculpture is made of fiberglass from head to toe and is finished with chrome to give its proper shine. This beautiful custom work of art is highly sought after in the Mickey Mouse vintage market. It was custom-made by Height Art & Collectibles Studio.

It is being sold on Etsy for $8,950. Once acquired, you can easily wait for a couple of years and sell it for even more.

4. Custom Gangsta Mickey Mouse 6.10 ft Statue Doll

Custom Gangsta Mickey Mouse 6.10 ft Statue Doll
Custom Gangsta Mickey Mouse 6.10 ft Statue Doll Image Source: Etsy

One of the most beautiful works of art that I personally have ever seen is this one. The item of this rarity and artistry is hard to come by. Luckily, not a lot of people know about this, which makes it super rare.

Standing 6.10 feet tall, this custom Gangsta Mickey Mouse pop art sculpture stands with style holding an Uzi pistol in one hand. This was handmade by ArcticGallery Studio.

Made with fiberglass, this is coated in chrome, which makes it gloss. However, originally, it was also made in a matte coating. Overall, this glamorous sculpture weighs around 77 kg and is currently being sold on Etsy for $7,856.

5. 1930 Mickey Mouse Doll Figurine

1930 Mickey Mouse Doll Figurine
1930 Mickey Mouse Doll Figurine Image Source: eBay

This one is one of the oldest Mickey Mouse doll figures on this list. This Mickey Mouse doll was made in the 1930s by the Rosenthal household company contracted by Walt Disney. For many decades, this doll was out of the map, until it emerged on eBay a little while ago.

Made with porcelain, the doll’s shape, size, and make it very clear that this is an antique and rare piece, and one of the oldest custom figurines of Mickey Mouse.

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It still bears the German label that roughly translates to “Mickey Mouse brings happiness into the house,” which is the indication that this might have been made in Germany.

This porcelain-made Mickey Mouse figurine is 3.5 feet tall and is currently listed on eBay for $6,700.

6. 1930s Mickey Mouse Ceramic Glaze Rare Statue Figure

1930s Mickey Mouse Ceramic Glaze Rare Statue Figure
Image Source: eBay

This is another item on the list that dates as far back as 1930. This rare and scarce doll is made of ceramic and stands at around 6.5 inches. This vintage Mickey Mouse art figurine was made in Japan.

It shows Mickey Mouse smiling a bright smile and standing with his hands on his hips. The ceramic was possibly glazed with chrome, which gives the doll its lasting shine. At this moment, this doll, which is extremely rare, scarce, and hard to come by, is currently on eBay listing for $2,399.

7. 1930s Mickey Mouse Trio Soap Dolls

1930s Mickey Mouse Trio Soap Dolls
1930s Mickey Mouse Trio Soap Dolls Image Source: eBay

This piece is truly one of a kind and a must-have for antique collectors. Made in the early 1930s, this piece consists of three Mickey Mouse doll figurines made out of soap, each standing around 3 inches tall.

One Mickey is holding a guitar, the second is holding a drum, and the third and the last one is holding a saxophone. The most intriguing thing about these dolls is that they are made of soap, which makes them extremely unique and rare.

They were originally made as bath soaps and were never intended to last this long. Back when they were in production, they were sold in the US by Irving W. Rice & Co. NY, a company that was one of the primary importers of crystals, glass, and ceramics at that time. They also strongly focused on perfumes, baths, and beauty products.

Surprisingly, these Mickey Mouse bath soaps lasted this long and are now extremely desirable for any Disney or Mickey Mouse antique collector. Reportedly, the only last found piece is being sold on eBay currently for $1,895.

8. Antique Celluloid Hanna-Barbera Mickey Mouse Figure Doll

Antique Celluloid Hanna-Barbera Mickey Mouse Figure Doll
Antique Celluloid Hanna-Barbera Mickey Mouse Figure Doll Image Source: eBay

This doll is currently undated, but it is easy to figure out that it is one of the oldest ones — lying possibly somewhere 1930s to 1950s. This vintage doll was made by the Hanna-Barbera production company. The stamp of the company can be found on the back of the doll.

The reason why this Mickey Mouse doll is so rare and unique is that it is made of celluloid, a flammable thermoplastic. The antique market had no idea about this celluloid Mickey Mouse until it emerged recently on eBay.

Reportedly, it was made in Hong Kong. It is 2.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall. Since it is made of celluloid, it weighs very light around 1.05 oz. Currently, this doll is listed on the market for $1,500.

9. 1930s Mickey Mouse and Pluto Ceramic Figurine Dolls Japan

1930s Mickey Mouse and Pluto Ceramic Figurine Dolls Japan
Image Source: eBay

Made in the 1930s in Japan, this figurine is made of ceramic. This doll has two characters literally joined at the hip. One is Mickey Mouse and the other is Pluto the Dog, Mickey Mouse’s beloved pet.

This small vintage statue is 5.5 inches tall and is regarded for its rarity. The figurine shows Mickey Mouse with one arm around its dog Pluto. On the other hand, Mickey Mouse is holding a leash that is tied to Pluto’s collar. This vintage item is being sold currently for $1,398 on eBay.

10. Seated Mickey Mouse Figure Candle Holder from 1934

Seated Mickey Mouse Figure Candle Holder from 1934
Seated Mickey Mouse Figure Candle Holder from 1934 Image Source: eBay

Technically, this one is not a doll or a figurine, or even a sculpture. This one is a candle holder. Originally made in 1934 in the UK (supposedly), this Mickey Mouse candle holder is extremely rare. It is currently on the market with an original candle inside the holder, which makes it even more unique, rare, and antique.

The composition of this candle shows Mickey Mouse asleep in a chair with his book sitting by his side. The place for the candle is near his feet. Back in the 1930s, this pose was quite popular in the Mickey Mouse universe. It is a similar pose that was composed in an American-made Mickey Mouse lamp in 1934. Vintage Mickey Mouse fans should have no problem identifying that.

This Mickey Mouse candle holder is 4.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. Made out of molded chalk, this candle holder is currently in solid condition, except for minor wear and tear — 88 years can do that to anything.

The wax candle is wrapped with an illustrated cardstock featuring the images of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Pluto walking with a lit candle. This piece was originally contracted to be made by Disney. The mark on the candle shows By Permission Walt Disney-Mickey Mouse Ltd and Price’s Mickey Mouse Night Light, which indicated that this piece was originally made by Price’s Patent Candle Company Ltd. London.

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This rare, antique, and unique piece of Mickey Mouse memorabilia is supposedly more of a collectible than a doll. These household items hold more worth in the secondary market than dolls. Currently, this piece (the last of it, supposedly) is being sold on eBay for $895. I would call it a great bargain. Give it a couple of years and it can easily cross $1,500.

Vintage Mickey Mouse Dolls: Identification, Value, and Price Guide

Apart from the aforementioned vintage Mickey Mouse dolls that I listed above, there is a great variety of them out there that you can come across anytime during your search. Therefore, you should know how to identify them and value them.


Identification of the doll is necessary in order to value it. Now, identifying Mickey Mouse dolls is relatively much easier than identifying other kinds of dolls. Since Mickey Mouse is an intensely popular character, there is literally no chance of mistaking a Mickey Mouse doll when you see one. However, how would you identify its manufacturing date, its brand, and other things?

Well, if a Mickey Mouse is original, which means if it was made officially by a production company with a permit from Disney, it would have its marking on it. Most original Mickey Mouse dolls come with markings on them.

If we are talking about stuffed dolls made with fabrics, there would most likely be a tag attached to them. However, tags can be ripped or cut off, which can make it difficult to identify the doll’s brand and originality.

Once you figure out the brand, you can search about the period the particular company was producing Mickey Mouse dolls, which will give you an idea about the doll’s manufacturing date. Consequently, you can figure out whether or not it can be called an antique or vintage, how rare it is, and if it is still in production.


The list of ten most valuable vintage Mickey Mouse dolls above should be enough to let you know the value a vintage Mickey Mouse doll can potentially hold. That being said, it is not very easy to get the highest price possible for them.

It is crucial to know that you have the right item and you are selling it to the right audience. A layman would hardly give you 50 bucks for a doll that can easily go for $500 at an auction house.

Depending on the model, condition, rarity, and antiquity, some dolls can simply just be a waiting opportunity to hit a jackpot, while others are only good for show and play.

Factors that affect the value of Mickey Mouse dolls are:

  • Age: The older the model of the Mickey Mouse doll is, the higher its price is supposed to be.
  • Condition: If the condition is good, you can earn a top buck for the doll. A good condition means there is no significant wear and tear (minor can be tolerated) and there is no breakage. That being said, if the condition is extremely good, people usually find it hard to believe that the piece is vintage. Conditions work differently in every case.
  • Antiquity: Antiquity does not only refer to the age, it also refers to how significant the Mickey Mouse doll was when it was first made. Some antique dolls are only sold for $50 while other dolls of the same year are sold for thousands.
  • Rarity: Rarity boosts up a doll’s value like nothing else. The rarer and scarcer it is, the higher its price will be.
  • Audience: Audience affects the value of a doll significantly. A devoted Mickey Mouse memorabilia collector would pay top dollar for a vintage doll, while others might not even consider it worth the money. You need to know what kind of demand the doll would possibly attract by what kind of audience in order to determine its value.

Final Thoughts

There is a huge variety of valuable vintage Mickey Mouse dolls out there in the secondary market. You can come across them in antique shops, flea markets, yard sales, or even in the attic of your parent’s house.

The important thing to know is that these Mickey Mouse dolls can be a literal game changer for you. Some of them might just be great artifacts of your childhood with sentimental value, others can be your lottery ticket.

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