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Picture of Jacqueline Stallone, the foremost American rumpologist, who has revealed and revived the ancient art of Rumpology
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Jacqueline Stallone's
Rumpology - Sample Rumps!

Thanks to modern photographic techniques, the ancient art of Rumpology can take on new meaning and accuracy.

Rumpologists, such as world remowned Jacqueline Stallone, can now have a more accurate and detailed "butt picture" than the ancients ever dreamed of! These photogrpahs reveal secrets of the person's individual personality characteristics, much as do the lines in the palm or foot.

Below are some examples of actual rump and derriere photographs and the dominannt characteristics associated with their owners. Can you see the revelations of the pictures?



The rump of a Hollywood Gigolo sent for a rumpology report
A Hollywood Gigolo




The rump of a Jewish Princess sent for a rumpology report.
A Jewish Princess




A fortune 500 ceo rump sent for a rumpology report.
A Fortune 500 CEO




A female movie star's rump sent for a rumpology report.
A Female Movie Star




A male action hero movies star's derriere sent for a rumpology report.
A Male Action Hero Movie Star




A male gold digger's derrier sent for a rumpology report.
A Male Gold Digger




The derriere of an international female athlete sent for a rumpology report.
An International Female Athlete




The rump of a famous Hollywood madame sent for a rumpolo9gy report.
A Famous Hollywood Madame



As you can see, each rump has indicators of obvious and hidden personality. What does your derriere reveal about you? Order a chart NOW and let Jacqueline Stallione tell you what's hidden from view.

Clicik here to order and learn how to get your own UNIQUE Rumpology reading from the original and world famous rumpologist, Jacqueline Stallone.

Don't Sit On It -- Do It Now!







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