10 Most Valuable Basketball Cards 1990s: Complete Value Guide

If you have old basketball cards lying around in some dusty box, then they’re probably worth something. The following list of the 10 most valuable basketball cards 1990s is exactly what every kid who collected basketball cards dreamed of, to show their friends that their 15 cents investment was worth a fortune.

Today’s article features some intriguing facts about Basketball Cards from the 1990s, Collectors, particularly in Sports, would be very much interested in this because all you need to know about Basketball cards, how much they are worth, their value, how you can collect them, where to sell them, how you can get your already collected cards graded and also the top ten most valuable basketball cards from the 1990s, but first let’s talk about the top 10 most valuable Basketball cards from the 1990s.

10 Most Valuable Basketball Cards 1990s

A basketball card is a kind of trading card connected with basketball, it is mostly printed on cardboard, silk, or plastic. A trading card is also known as a collectible card, it is a small-sized card also made from cardboard, very thick paper which often contains an image of a particular person, place, or thing. It could be fictitious or true. It carries texts and descriptions of the image on it.

In the 1990s these cards became prominent and that is why they hold so much value and are worth a good amount of money.  If you are a Collector, these cards are a must-have in your collection of collectibles.

Here are the top 10 Basketball Cards from the 1990s ever sold, if you have any of these lying around you should know that they have some value.

Price Sold
USA-NBA Rare Huge album Diff. Basketball Cards
Michael Jordan basketball card collection
Yugoslav Old Basketball Sticker Card Kosarka Drazen Petrovic
NIKE/POSTER ADD Card of Super Jordan
Yugoslav Old Basketball Sticker Card Kosarka Scottie Pippen
Yugoslav Old Basketball Sticker Card Kosarka Dennis Rodman
Penny Hardaway 1995 Ring Binder – More Than 600 Basketball Cards
Basketball Card Rookies Binder Lot (Over 1000 Cards) HOFers/All-Stars
Tim Duncan 1997 Skybox Metal Universe Future Champions Die-Cut Rookie Card
Larry Bird NBA Hall Of Fame Celtics Legend 3 Vintage Card

1. USA-NBA Rare Huge album Diff. Basketball Cards

Year: 1990s

Price: $3,000

1. USA-NBA Rare Huge album Diff. Basketball Cards

One of the collectibles topping our chart today is this United States of America, National Basketball Association (NBA)’s Collector Album with more than 1000 cards available in the album.

This 1990s classic features most of the biggest players in the National Basketball Association, Micheal Jordan, Derrick Mickey, Antonio Davis, Mark Jackson, Gary Payton, Nate McMillan, Kemp, and Barkley, Hornacek, Rice, Mark West, Pippen, Stockton, Rodman, Bogues. This Collectible holds the history of Basketball in its pages.

2. Michael Jordan Basketball Card Collection

Year: 1990s

Price: $2,199.99

2. Michael Jordan Basketball Card Collection

You can’t talk about Basketball without mentioning the likes of Micheal Jeffery Jordan, He is a Legend. According to the National Basketball Association, he has been acclaimed “the greatest basketball player of all times” He became a global sensation in the 1990s.

For Sports Collectors, this collection is a great addition to your collection because it features this great NBA star. 250+ of The Michael Jordans, principal owner, and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets, His Basketball cards are worth the purchase and compilation.

3. Yugoslav Old Basketball Sticker Card Kosarka DRAZEN PETROVIC

Year: 1990s

Price: $999.99

3. Yugoslav Old Basketball Sticker Card Kosarka DRAZEN PETROVIC

This is a memorable Basketball card, in commemoration of Drazen Petrovic, one of our Basketball Legends. It’s important to note that when collecting a basketball card, the image on the card, whether it’s a person, a thing, or a place, should have value.

This $999.99 card of the late Drazen Petrovic is worthy to be in any collector’s collection not only because it features the National Basketball Association star, but he is also a prolific member of the New Jersey Net. Petrovic had at least three Greek Clubs ready to offer him US$ 7.5million before his untimely death. The Basketball card is in fantastic condition and meets the requirements given that it dates to the 1990s.

4. NIKE/POSTER Card of Super Jordan

Year: 1990s

Price: $865.00

4. NIKE POSTER Card of Super Jordan

This Basketball Card is beyond rare, not only does it feature the NBA’s star Jordan it is also a Nike Poster Card. Nike Card Posters are made of 100% paper and it enriches the execution of any wall or ceiling interior décor. This is certainly worthy to be in your compilation if you are a sports collector, it can be used as wall décor, and a collectible. You can kill two birds with one stone with this Nikes classic card.

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5. Yugoslav Old Basketball Sticker Card Kosarka Scottie Pippen

Year: 1990s

Price: $499.99

5. Yugoslav Old Basketball Sticker Card Kosarka Scottie Pippen

Trading cards are only beneficial depending on the person or image it features and holds. This Basketball trading card headlines one of our Basketball finest Scottie Pippen. Pippen is a former professional basketball player who played over 15 seasons in the National Basketball Association and won six championships with the Chicago Bulls.

Pippen was named to the All-Defensive First team by the National Basketball Association, eight times in a row, he is also one of the top 50 greatest basketball players in the National Basketball Association History within the (1996- 1997) season. Being the greatest defender of all times Pippen left a legacy in the heart of basketball lovers which makes this card worth even more.

6. Yugoslav Old Basketball Sticker Card Kosarka Dennis Rodman

Year: 1990s

Price: $499.99

6. Yugoslav Old Basketball Sticker Card Kosarka Dennis Rodman

Sports lovers would respect this Collectible because it’s most undoubtedly an extraordinary one to come by Dennis Keith Rodman born May of 1961 is an American former professional basketball player and the unauthorized US Peace Ambassador to North Korea.

He is known for having an intense or ferocious aggressiveness while playing. He also has defensive and rebounding abilities. Rodman’s record on the authorized National Basketball Association report states that he is “arguably the best rebounding forward in NBA history”. Which earned him the Nickname “the Worm”, This 6ft7 American Legend won the National Basketball Association greatest Defender of the Year Award twice.

7. Penny Hardaway 1995 Ring Binder – 600 Basketball Cards

Year: 1995

Price: $249.95

7. Penny Hardaway 1995 Ring Binder - 600 Basketball Cards

Here’s another item worth having as a Basketball antique collector. Having one rare card is cool, however, imagine having over 600 old Basketball cards at your disposal! This listing is a compilation of different basketball cards from the 1990s in a book. It features some of the big names from way back.

8. Basketball Card Rookies Binder Lot (Over 1000 Cards) HOFers/All-Stars

Year: 1990s

Price: $175.00

8. Basketball Card Rookies Binder Lot (Over 1000 Cards) HOFers All-Stars

An Original Authentic Compilation of most of the National Basketball Association’s All-Stars in one Album, now this is a collectible worthy to be acquired by any significant sports collector. For only US$175.00 this could be worth a fortune in a couple of years. All the Cards are in outstanding condition. In addition, it features the Hall of Famers and Stars of the 1990s in all manners of unique pairs and cards.

9. Tim Duncan 1997 Skybox Metal Universe Future Champions Die Cut Rookie Card

Year: 1997

Price: $477.40

9. Tim Duncan 1997 Skybox Metal Universe Future Champions Die Cut Rookie Card

This is an incredibly intact Basketball Card from the 1990s particularly 1997 of the NBA’s Star Tim Duncan. Tim is an American former professional Basketball player and coach. He was nicknamed “The Big Fundamental” he was regarded as the greatest power forward player of all time.

He also made the National Basketball Associations’ history of the greatest basketball of all time. In all his 19-years’ experience in basketball, he spent all of it playing for the San Antonio Spurs. Tim was enlisted in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2020 and was appointed to the NBA’s 75th-anniversary team in 2021. This basketball card is worthy to be in any collectibles collection.

10. Larry Bird NBA Hall Of Fame Celtics Legend 3 Vintage Card

Year: (1991-1992)

Price: $171.50

10. Larry Bird NBA Hall Of Fame Celtics Legend 3 Vintage Card

Another Basketball Trading Card on our list today, this vintage Basketball card is in Near Mint or Better with a fantastic picture of Larry Bird, a former star basketball player, coach, and an executive in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He earned the Nickname “the Hick from French Lick” and “Larry Legend,” He was also one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Larry Bird infiltrated the NBA for the 1979 -1980 season, where he gave rise to an unexpected influence, beginning at power forward and heading the Celtics to a 32-win advancement over the season before being dismissed from the playoffs in the Conference Finals.  This card features Larry Bird in the 1991 NBA Hoops 1st ed. Milestones Points Rebounds Assists, 1992 Skybox USA DREAM TEAM, 1991 NBA Hoops 1st Ed.

What Makes Basketball Cards Valuable?

If you are a Sports fan or a basketball lover, chances are you are a collector or you have any of these cards in your possession. Basketball cards are trading cards as earlier said they are mostly made from cardboard or 100% thick paper.

They feature most of the legends in the sporting world but in this case Basketball. They feature players from the National Basketball Association, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the Olympic Basketball League, and some Basketball associated themes.

What Makes Basketball Cards Valuable

The very first Basketball cards were made or produced in 1910, in a progression cataloged as “College Athlete Felts B-33”. This series encompassed ten diverse men in sports, with only 30 cards associated with Basketball. Basketball cards can be worth a considerably large amount of money depending on their rarity, condition, and other characteristics.

Factors That May Affect A Basketball Cards Value Include

Factors That May Affect A Basketball Cards Value Include

  • The Basketball Player, Coach,or Specific Individual Featured on the Card: The value of a basketball card largely depends on the person it features, the history of the persona, and the legacy he/she left. If the person didn’t accomplish much the value of the card would be low and might be worth very little.
  • The Manufacturing Date of the Basketball Card:The manufacturing date of a basketball card also greatly affects its value because the older the card the greater or the higher the price.
  • What Part of collection the card is from and what other relevant factors?
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What Part of collection the card is from and what other relevant factors

Generally, basketball cards designed in the last decade could sell for over $500. The older the card gets, the greater the prices go, periodically for as much as over $15,000 per card. Rookie cards are commonly priced the highest because they are the first and limited edition of former NBA star players.

How To Tell If Your Basketball Card Worth Any Money

As a collector, it is important to note that you have adequate knowledge about what you are collecting whether for sale or use. For trading cards or your collectibles, you should have the basics information, especially about the market you are trying to sell to, that way you are always one step ahead.

How To Tell If Your Basketball Card Worth Any Money
There is a good amount of sports lovers that are ready to buy your basketball trading card but how can you tell if your trade cards are worth much? These are a few guides on how to know if your basketball cards are worth any money.

Know The Name of The Card You Own: The very first step in knowing the worth or value of your basketball card is to start by first marking out the name of the card, in most cases, the names are already written on them.

So, you can already just check for it on the card. Most trade cards come with inscriptions from the manufacturer. If your trade card doesn’t come with any name or written description attached to it, it is possible that it isn’t real or it’s a fake.

You Must Know The History Behind Your Basketball Card: The very following step to take after discovering the name of the card you own is to know its history (The Year of production, The Individual or person it features, and their history). Knowledge about what you are collecting is so crucial that you don’t put up your trade card that is presumed to be worth over US$1,000 for US$200. So yes, get all the necessary information.

Check For Authentication or Certificates to Prove That It Is Real: Most Authentic Trade cards come with proof of certification, you can check your cards for proof or contact the manufacturer for one.

Check For Authentication or Certificates to Prove That It Is Real

Is the Basketball Card in Mint condition? The condition of your basketball card would greatly influence its value, make sure to keep your cards dust free and in mint condition.

Is the Basketball Card in Mint condition

Use Online Price Guides: Lastly, after following diligently the first four steps you can check online for the price guide of the exact card you own.

Have in mind that you have competitors as collecting trading cards is vastly becoming a hubby and a side hustle for some people. All the steps that are mentioned above. Would determine if your Basketball Trading card has any value. Happy collecting!

How To Get Your Basketball Card Graded

If you are reading this sub-header, chances are that you own a basketball card, and you want to get It graded. Card grading is the process of submitting your trading cards to a 3rd party for inspection, authentication, and rank usually on the 10 points scale. After the process is completed, the card is then given an all-around grade by the organization, it will be fixed in a tamper-proof package for preservation, after which it is then assigned a cataloged serial number.

As a collector, this gives your card the upper hand when compared to an upgraded card in similar circumstances as your card would have an irrefutable provenance of authenticity, and accountability structure through an online database and nonobjective condition inspection.

All these factors put together will most definitely increase the value of your trading card. However, before submitting your trading cards for the grading process to a company, there are a few things to note.

Know What Cards to Grade: Choosing what card to grade is very important so that you can increase the value of your cards. Not all cards should be graded, first, you should know the worth of the card before submitting it to be graded. Submitting a vintage trading card makes for a solid investment because Sports collectors and team collectors trade these cards.

What Service You Should Use: There are several trusted card grading services all around the world, where you can submit your cards. These are some of the best Grading Services you can get. PSA also known as (Professional Sports Authenticators) are the number in the world, Beckett Grading Services (BGS) and Sportscard Guaranty (SGC). Each card grading company values the diversity of cards.


The grading fee for these companies varies so it is advisable to check the grading card service price guidelines before selection is made, and also decide on shipping and insurance on the cards.

How To Collect Basketball Cards

NBA fans are becoming Interested in card collecting these days, and it’s for a good motive. What used to be bypassed by collectors has now erupted into a field of investment.

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The trading card industry and collectors are navigating this hobby into a fantastic career and side hustle. It brings nostalgia to Sports fans and in addition, it’s a great business investment.

Not diverting from the topic in question, collecting NBA cards isn’t a game (just like every business investment, one needs to be aware), if you don’t get the proper understanding of what it is about, you will be at a loss. It’s important to study the sophistication of card collecting before eventually becoming one.

Tips For Basketball Cards Collecting

How To Collect Basketball Cards

Talking about knowing your cards, there is only one name that comes to mind when it comes to collecting basketball cards and it is none-other than “Panini”, in the 1990s there was a fleet, upper deck, and Topps that produced cards for the National Basketball Association.

An executive and exclusive right was granted to Panini in 2009 to manufacture and produce cards. Panni outperformed himself by manufacturing tons of these cards and there are so many varieties manufactured for over a decade now.


  1. Base Cards

Base cards are common whenever you purchase a pack or box of basketball cards. They headline most players from the 30 teams around the basketball league. They are not worth so much because they don’t feature the popular players in the NBA. The only peculiarity here is that the base cards of NBA are sought after by collectors.

1. Base Cards

  1. Rookie Card:

Rookies are the most sought after by collectors, this card features players who were drafted into the league during the cards manufacturing years which is why its value is higher than a regular base card.

2. Rookie Card

  1. Inserts Cards

These are special cards that are willy-nilly inserted into stacks of cards. While base cards continually spotlight the player within a standard diagram, inserts often combine fun limited crinkles into their card composition. They usually feature the more prominent players within the league in a design that’s different from their base cards.

3. Inserts Cards

  1. Parallel Cards:Parallel cards feature the exact design and format as ordinary base cards, except for a striking feature.

Parallel Cards

  1. Patch Cards

These are cards that are developed with a portion of clothing worn or used by basketball players inside them, the fabric in the cards makes it thicker than most of these cards in the NBA market. It features a single color of a player’s jersey, the ones that have more than one color are in more demand in the market, particularly if they belonged to verified star players or upcoming stars.

5. Patch Cards

  1. Autographs

Just as its name implies, these cards are signed by players that emerge on them. Some of these NBA’s finest signs are on some materials or stickers and are now attached to the cards directly. On rare occasions, the player signs the card itself and certainly drives more value to it. These cards are much harder and rare to come by because Panini inserts them per box.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of the different cards mentioned above, you can then move on to the next step – selecting which player you’d like to collect. The reputation of these players should be your focus when collecting. LeBron James is a safe selection to consider. This is because of his prestige as the best player of this time. There’s a guarantee that you’ll get value from his cards.

Lastly, you can also base your collection on common veterans, players from your dearest team of young stars that are going to amount to something in the long run. However, you can opt to collect stars from the 1990s, the ones you’ve always known growing up. Whoever you decide to go for it’s best to stick to not more than one or at most two players. In that way, you can have more clarity and focus in building your collection of these cards.

Where Can I Sell Basketball Cards?

Now that you are a collector and you’ve built your collection of basketball cards it’s time to make sales. There are a ton of places to sell your basketball cards depending on the condition it is in and the type of card in your custody. From online vendors to Online Stores, to Auction stores and Events with potential buyers, these are places you can sell your collection of basketball trading cards.

Online Onsite
Dean Cards Yard Sales
eBay Atomic Mall
eBid Pawn Shops
Just collect Events
COMC Local Card Shops
DA Card World
Sports CardPro
Kruk Cards

Final Words

There you have it, basic information about Basketball Cards and their worth, how to get your cards graded and very vital tips and guides for collectors or sports fans like you. Now we can both agree that being a sports collector as a hobby or a side hustle would fetch you a good amount of money if done rightly. Also, having a set of cards would be way more valuable than selling just one card.

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