20 Rarest Squishmallows In The World

20 Rarest Squishmallows In The World: You know about the squishmallows; you have seen a few of them before — but want to find out the rarest ones. Then, you entered the right page.

As many know, the squishmallows were invented by Kelly Toys. They’re known for their soft texture — and in terms of size range between 3.5 & 24 inches. It’s a type of toy that appeared in the market when we least expected it.

In this article, we would go into detail to describe what squishmallows are, list up to 20 Rarest squishmallows in the world, and many other facts concerning them.

Let’s dive right into it.

The Top 20 Rarest Squishmallows

Squishmallow Lucille
Squishmallow Philippe
Squishmallow Avery
Mallard Duck-Animal
Squishmallow Mariah
Squishmallow Blossom
Squishmallow Santino
Squishmallow Jack the 500th
Squishmallow Chanel
Cinnamon Bun
Squishmallow Belana
Squishmallow Sheldon
Squishmallow Emily
Squishmallow Stacy
Squishmallow Celine
Squishmallow Peter
Squishmallow Dakota
Squishmallow Willy With Rare Error Tag
Squishmallow Ben: Rare Giant Edition
Squishmallow Fania: Target Exclusive
Squishmallow Detina
Squishmallow Harison

1. Squishmallow Lucille

Type: Seal-Animal

Price: $224.99

1. Squishmallow Lucille

On our number one spot, we have Lucille — one of the animals that make up the Sealife Squad. Simply put, it’s a seal squishmallow. We spied into the bio of Lucille and here’s a quote that describes what Lucille loves and whatnot: “Lucille loves living near the water! She always finds new creatures, hidden gems, and her favorite, rocks, whenever she goes on a dive. Ask her to see her amazing rock collection.”

Have you always wondered, “what is a white seal?” Lucille is one. You can identify it using the two flat flippers present on each of its sides. The facial features of Lucille are no other color but black — facial features including round eyes, mouth, short lashes, and the whiskers, too.

2. Squishmallow Philippe

Type: Frog-Animal

Price: $649.99

2. Squishmallow Philippe

On our second spot is Philippe the frog — a bonafide member of the Valentine squad, the gigantic Valentine squad. It’s a squishmallow that’s known to be full of love message carriers. A lot of these messengers were the exclusives of Valentine’s Day. Looking at Philippe the frog has a way of reminding you of Wendy the frog. What’s the difference? The difference is simply in his pink-cheek patches, showing the “love” shape.

3. Squishmallow Avery

Type: Mallard Duck-Animal

Price: $249.99

3. Squishmallow Avery

Avery is another kind of squishmallow, a duck squishmallow precisely. It has a super classic kiddie-color palette, alongside a bright-green mallard head. That’s not all; it also has a tan tummy, brown body, black eyes, and yellow beak.

4. Squishmallow Mariah

Type: Lamb-Animal

Price: $134.99

4. Squishmallow Mariah

Mariah is known to be part of the lamb squishmallows group. Also, Mariah is one of the squishmallows that make up the Squishmallows Baby Squad — amongst the other six plushies.

You can identify Mariah using its rainbow-colored outlook. The exception, based on color, is white and cream-colored ears and face.If you look at Mariah, or you’ve seen the picture before, you’ll see that it has black eyes and a mouth — including a love-shapes pink nose.

5. Squishmallow Blossom

Type: Lamb-Animal

Price: $200

5. Squishmallow Blossom

Just by looking at this Squishmallow, you’ll be able to tell that it’s a sheep Squishmallow. It comes with an all-white body color — with a few exceptions: gold fluffs and a cream-colored face. Both eyes are closed as she grips her hooves on a small rainbow with clouds, woolen clouds. If you’re concerned about what it’d yield at auction, here’s the figure: it can fetch $200- $800.

6. Squishmallow Santino

Type: Platypus-Animal

Price: $870.66

6. Squishmallow Santino

Santino the Platypus made it to our list — because it’s among the most expensive and rarest Squishmallows there is. He’s light brown in color and 12” in height. There are a few exceptions in his color: white belly, black eyes, and dark brown bill. On auction sites, this rare squishmallow — Santino the Platypus — sells for $870.66.

7. Squishmallow Jack the 500th

Type: Cat-Animal

Price: $649.99

7. Squishmallow Jack the 500th

This particular one happens to be the rarest Squishmallow. The Squishmallows’ Select Series include a few of the rarest plushies. If you look at this Squishmallow, you will see that his white eyes are closed — and has white whiskers. Is that all? No. There’s also a very small pink mouth.

8. Squishmallow Chanel

Type: Cinnamon Bun

Price: $68.07

8. Squishmallow Chanel

This is a Cinnamon Roll Squishmallow and it’s named Chanel for the perfume — the designer’s perfume precisely. Just as you might have guessed, she’s nothing short of being a Frenchie and a super fancy pastry who loves being sweet and “cooking.”

9. Squishmallow Belana

Type: Cow-Animal

Price: $149.84

9. Squishmallow Belana

Belana is one of those Squishmallows newly introduced to the collections. Immediately she got advertised, it didn’t take long before she got acquired by collectors — because of her interest in art, and creativity, too.

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10. Squishmallow Sheldon

Type: Seahorse-Animal

Price: $294.94

10. Squishmallow Sheldon

Have you ever gotten to a point where you start considering being another person? If that’s you, then you’d definitely find a friend in Sheldon The Blue Seahorse. It’ll surprise you to know that Sheldon wanted to be a Jellyfish — but he found himself a Seahorse. There’s a pink model of Sheldon that was released earlier — before the teal color version. The thing is, the pink model isn’t that rare or is it?

11. Squishmallow Emily

Type: Bat-Animal

Price: $128.95

11. Squishmallow Emily

Want to talk about something spooky? Maybe, you can start by talking about black bats and pumpkins.

Since Emily is a bat, it wasn’t a difficult task attaching her to a squad — the Halloween Squad. Emily is one of the rarest squishmallow to exist.

12. Squishmallow Stacy

Type: Squid-Animal

Price: $39.99

12. Squishmallow Stacy

Yes, Stacy is also one of the few rarest Squishmallows out there. She usually wears a smile (a shy smile) — because she’s known as a shy squid who loves her space. What does that mean? It means that she has only a few friends. She’s not a squishmallow that likes being amidst the crowd — so try to not collect Stacy alongside other ones.

13. Squishmallow Celine

Type: Chicken-Animal

Price: $150

13. Squishmallow Celine

If you have Celine around, you’ll barely feel alone. Want to know why? Well, she deeply loves giving everybody a helping hand. Her mum runs a non-profit organization to which she contributes as a volunteer. Although Celine is not the only Squishmallow in the Chicken Squishmallows group — it happens to be the only one with an all-light-brown color & a red crown.

14. Squishmallow Peter

Type: Pig-Animal

Price: $99.99

14. Squishmallow Peter

People who are most likely to love Peter the Pig are winter lovers. He has so much love for cuddling up in the covers during the winter period. You can go hiking with this Squishmallow and trust us when we say, “he never gets tired of adventures (just like rock climbing).” Peter has Petra as his female counterpart — and Petra would, mostly, confuse the collector. Especially the new ones. There’s a significant difference between them, and it’s the feminine curled lashes of Petra.

15. Squishmallow Dakota

Type: Dragon-Animal

Price: $141.25

15. Squishmallow Dakota

Have you heard anyone say that dragons can’t appear cute? Then, the person hasn’t set his eyes on Dakota The Dragon Squishmallow. She’s known as a pastry chef who devotes her time to making dragon pies — as that’s what she loves doing. If you stay around her more, she’s likely to invite you for a visitation at her pastry shop.

One thing you need to strictly note is that the 2021 model comes with a few core upgrades. The fabric has double-heart embroidery.

16. Squishmallow Willy With Rare Error Tag

Type: Wolf-Animal

Price: $750

16. Squishmallow Willy With Rare Error Tag

Among the squishmallows we have mentioned in this list, Willy the Wolf is one that isn’t scared of thunderstorms. You can have him as a buddy when you’re trying to hide from a thunderstorm. We also know Willy as a collector of bow ties. The Squishmallows family consists of three wolves — one of which is “Willy The Wolf.” Willy is classified as a purebred wolf, while its counterpart is a 2-toned brown werewolf. The name of its counterpart is Wade.

17. Squishmallow Ben: Rare Giant Edition

Type: Dinosaur-Animal

Price: $150

17. Squishmallow Ben Rare Giant Edition

If you’re a bookworm, there’s no way you will have to feel alone again with Ben The Teal Dino around. Maybe, we should call him the know-all — people describe him as the walking encyclopedia. He has vast knowledge on every topic you can think of.

Having Ben around is a huge plus whenever you’re faced with Trivia questions. Are you participating in memory games? Ben can give you understandable hints to help you get points. You can always find a study partner in Ben or even a business presentation tag team.

18. Squishmallow Fania: Target Exclusive

Type: Owl-Animal

Price: $2,999

18. Squishmallow Fania Target Exclusive

If you’ve been asking, “is there a squishmallow that loves bedtime stories as much as I do?” — Fania is that one. She loves stories, bedtime stories, about wicked witches, princes, princesses, and whatnot. You know how you’ll be telling a child a bedtime story and that child would suddenly fall asleep — that’s what Fania enjoys doing, falling asleep to fairytales.

Are you aware that Fania is the only owl in the squishmallow group that has closed eyes? The only squishmallow that looks like Fania is the pink owl Bri. There is a difference — and that is Bri’s plain cloth crown and opened eyes.

19. Squishmallow Detina

Type: Dog-Animal

Price: $20.98

19. Squishmallow Detina

Detina the dog, a pink, tie-dyed body with shades that range from cream to bright pink. They have white muzzles with a hot pink nose, and there is a hot pink patch on their right eye. Their ears− floppy, hot and pink− and their white bellies are very fluffy.

20. Squishmallow Harrison

Type: Dog-Animal

Price: $74.99

20. Squishmallow Harrison

Just take a look at its ears. The Harrison Dog has the classic teddy bear’s color. An amazing thing about this Squishmallow is that it’s super huggable. It’s a squishmallow that attracts boys more, although open to any gender. “Have a problem you can’t solve? Never fear, here comes helpful Harrison to the rescue! At first, his classmates thought he was being a teacher’s pet, but he really just loves to help solve problems.”

What Are Squishmallows?

What Are Squishmallows
Source: Squishmallows

Everybody seems to be raving about Squishmallows—you’ve probably noticed that too if you’re at all familiar with the stuffed animal market. If you have a young kid, you’ve most definitely heard of Squishmallows.

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Squishmallows are soft, squishy, cuddly animals that come in different sizes and colors. They’re perfect for playtime, bedtime, or just as companions when you need a hug.

They’re made of a super-soft marshmallow-like texture and polyester fibers. It feels like you’re hugging a cloud when you hold it!

While they can be used as pillows, they aren’t meant to replace traditional pillows. Their intended use is for comfort or decoration.

Squishmallows aren’t just another stuffed animal, they’re a lifestyle. The Squishmallows Squad is made up of over 350 different characters and you can find your favorites at various retailers near you.

Each character has their own special name and story, making them great for play and collecting.

They are durable and machine washable so they can be used as playtime pals, pillow buddies, and travel companions. With unique features, accessories, and clothing that coordinate with the cute animals, you’ll want to collect them all!

Who Invented Squishmallows?

Who Invented Squishmallows

The Squishmallows were brought into existence by Jonathan Kelly. Jonathan Kelly founded Kelly Toys Holdings in 1986, and its headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. Kelly, speaking with Yahoo! Finance in an interview session, disclosed that his journey to Japan birthed the idea behind squishmallows.

In a friendly tone: Squishmallows have their origins in one of the most unlikely places: Japan. Jonathan Kelly noticed that kids there enjoyed playing with squishy toys. He and his team spent days, weeks, and months developing a line of toys for their new company, Kelly Toys Holdings.

Jonathan made a trip to Japan to get more information on what they were doing at the time and was so impressed by the squishy toys he saw there that he decided to bring them home to America for his own children. He successfully launched his first squishy toy, called Squishies, back in 1998.

Why Are Squishmallows So Popular?

According to Cucco, who acquired up to 30 squishmallows for herself:

“I think these are so popular because of their collectability factor,”

The squishmallows craze became a thing during the days of the Pandemic. We would call the market domination of squishmallows a “ripple effect situation.” Following the coronavirus pandemic, people settled for deriving pleasure in what social media offers — for example, TikTok.

As many people had ample idle hours, a good number began a journey of consistently creating content on the app. It could be to document their days indoors, review products, create fun videos, and whatnot.

Fortunately for one of the content creators, his/her video that depicted the squishmallows went viral — and that made a very wide range of audience to become aware of it.

How Many Different Squishmallows Are There?

When Kelly Toys first introduced squishmallows to the market, they included only a few characters — but today, their collection of squishmallows includes over 800 characters. Knowing that there exists up to 800 characters, it’d be quite difficult to find a favorite one without being curious to check out others. This explains why people have adopted hunting rare ones as one of their pastimes.

Squishmallows In Alphabetical Order
● Ace the Unicorn

● Addie the Axolotl

● Aimee the Chick

● Alan the Fox

● Alejandra the Bunny

● Alicia the Llamacorn

● Alyssa the Chick

● Anna the Dinosaur

● Apple Ashley

● Aqua the Sloth

● Archie the Axolotl

● Aria the Unicorn

● Astrid the Unicorn

● Autumn the Black Cat

● Autumn the Fox

● Ava the Avocado

● Avery the Unicorn

● Avocado Austin

● Baron the Bear

● Bella the Spider

● Ben the Dinosaur

● Bernie the St. Bernard

● Blair the Cat

● Blake the Bear

● Blake the Bunny

● Blossom the Sheep

● Bo the Llamacorn

● Bobby the Bunny

● Bop the Bunny

● Brenda the Butterfly

● Brian the Puppy

● Brisby the Horse

● Brock the Bulldog

● Brody the Dinosaur

● Brooke the Polar Bear

● Bruce the Walrus

● Bubbles the Bunny

● Buttons the Bunny

● Camden the Chick

● Cameron “Cam” the Calico Cat

● Candy the Bunny

● Cannon the Candy Corn

● Carla the Caticorn

● Carson the Cat

● Catrina the Sugar Skull

● Cedric the Chick

● Charity the Chick

● Charlie the Dog

● Charlie the Pup

● Charlotte the Cat

● Chase the Cat

● Chauncey the Chihuahua

● Chip the Beaver

● Chloe the Pink Poodle

● Chuck E Cheese Mouse

● Chuck the Duck

● Cici the Red Panda

● Cindy the Cat

● Cleo the Black Cat

● Cody the Flamingo

● Connor the Cow

● Cookie the Flamingo

● Cora the Cat

● Courtneys the Caticorn

● Cris the Lamb

● Crystal the Snow Leopard

● Dakota the Dragon Pig

● Damien the Dinosaur

● Danny the Dinosaur

● Dawn the Fawn

● Denise the Mermaid

● Dexter the Dragon

● Diego the Elephant

● Dina the Dragon

● Doug the Dog

● Drake Dracula

● Drew the Dragon

● Duffy the Puppy

● Duma the Cheetah

● Edden the Unicorn

● Ella the Unicorn

● Ellie the Elephant

● Elliot the Elf

● Elton the Monkey

● Emily the Bat

● Emmi the Sloth

● Esmeralda the Unicorn

● Ethan the Elephant

● Felicia the Pandacorn

● Felix the Dog

● Felix the Pup

● Fern the Fox

● Fifi the Red Fox

● Fitz the Corgi

● Francesca the Owl

● Francis the Lion

● Frankie Frankenstein

● Franny the Flamingo

● Gabby the Yeti

● Gary the Giraffe

● Gertrude the Canadian Goose

● Gertrude the Goose

● Gilbert the Sheep

● Gina the Gingerbread

● Gordon the Shark

● Grace the Ghost

● Gray the Alpaca

● Hank the Hippo

● Hans the Hedgehog

● Harper the Bunny

● Harriet the Owl

● Henry the Turtle

● Holly the Owl

● Hoot the Owl

● Humphrey the Hamster

● Icicle the Bunny

● Ilene the Unicorn

● Iris the Husky

● Irving the Rhino

● Isabella the Bunny

● Ivy the Deer

● Jacob the Lamb

● James the Donkey

● James the Fox

● Jamie the Pegacorn

● Jarin the Jellyfish

● Jaxton the Owl

● Jayda the Jellyfish

● Jazzy the Giraffe

● Jeanne the Octopus

● Jen the Penguin

● Joanne the Otter

● Jolie the Zebra

● Jordon the Gingerbread

● Juliette the Corgi

● Kai the Orca

● Karina the Cat

● Kayce the Pandacorn

● Kayla the Elephant

● Keely the Kangaroo

● Kelsey the Cat

● Kenny the Dragon

● Kirk the Koala

● Kylie the Cheetah

● Layla the Lemur

● Leslie the Llama

● Levi the Lamb

● Lexie the Cheetah

● Liam the Lamb

● Lilah the Koala

● Lily the Lamb

● Linda the Bunny

● Liv the Leopard

● Lola the Unicorn

● Lorie the Cheetah

● Lucia the Lemur

● Lucille the Seal

● Lucille the White Seal

● Lucinda the Unicorn

● Lucy-May the Llamacorn

● Luke the Lamb

● Luna the Penguin

● Luna the Unicorn

● Madeline the Witch

● Mandy the Sloth

● Manny the Snowman

● Marco the Hedgehog

● Margo the German Shepherd

● Maribel the Butterfly

● Mark the Monkey

● Mateo the Rottweiler

● Matt the Manatee

● Maurice the Moose

● Mauve the Llama

● Maxwell the Monkey

● Mel the Racoon

● Mia the Unicorn

● Micah the Giraffe

● Mikah the Unicorn

● Mila the Elephant

● Miles the Dragon

● Milly the Monkey

● Milo the Mummy

● Misty the Grey Mouse

● Momo the Monkey

● Mooncake the Green Alien

● Morty the Monster

● Nathan the Cat

● Nellie the Narwhal

● Nic the Squirrel

● Nick the Santa

● Nini the Bear

● Nova the Bunny

● Nutcracker

● Nutcracker

● Nutcracker

● Olive the Owl

● Oliver the Cat

● Orange Orin

● Owen the Owl

● Paco the Parrot

● Paige the Pumpkin

● Pam the Pug

● Pandora the Pegasus

● Patty the Cow

● Paulita the Cat

● Penelope the Panda

● Penelope the Pandacorn

● Penny the Panda

● Perry the Dolphin

● Peter the Pig

● Peyton the Fox

● Philip the Horse

● Philippe the Frog

● Piper the Penguin

● PJ the Panda

● Prince the Pug

● Priscilla the Peacock

● Puff the Penguin

● Ramona the Red Panda

● Randy the Racoon

● Regan the Bunny

● Reginald the Corgi

● Reina the Butterfly

● Riah the Yeti

● Richard the Lion

● Ricky the Clown Fish

● Rocky the Racoon

● Roxy the Cat

● Ruby the Reindeer

● Rupert the Sloth

● Ruth the Unicorn

● Ryan the Husky

● Sabrina the Caticorn

● Sadie the Sloth

● Sam the Dog

● Samantha the Owl

● Sarah the Squirrel

● Sawyer the Squirrel

● Scarlet Strawberry

● Scout the Panda

● Sebastian the Bunny

● Selina the Shark

● Seraphina the Unicorn

● Seth the Red Panda

● Sharie the Sloth

● Sharon the Shark

● Shawn the Schnauzer

● Sheldon the Seahorse

● Silvia the Unicorn

● Simon the Sloth

● Skyler the Skunk

● Sofia the Unicorn

● Sophie the Lamb

● Stacy the Squid

● Stanley the Panda

● Starry the Unicorn

● Stefana the Pegasus

● Stella the Unicorn

● Sugar Loaf the Goat

● Summer the Pineapple

● Sunny the Honeybee

● Tabitha the Cat

● Tallulah the Unicorn

● Tally the Tabby Cat

● Tanner the Penguin

● Tatiana the Dragon

● Theo the Unicorn

● Thomas the Squirrel

● Tibby the Caticorn

● Tiffany the Cat

● Tilman the Husky

● Tim the Alpaca

● Tina the Tiger

● Todd the Chicken Rooster

● Tony the Zebra

● Tracy the Zebra

● Trey the Triceratops

● Trina the Chick

● Trinity the Triceratops

● Tristan the Dinosaur

● Tristan the Triceratops

● Trudy the Ladybug

● Uri the Penguin

● Ursula the Caticorn

● Vee the Ow

● Veronica the Octopus

● Violet the Octopus

● Walker the Goat

● Wally the Narwhal

● Walter the Bear Witch

● Wanda the Watermelon

● Wendy the Frog

● Willey the Great Wolf

● Willow the Deer

● Willow the Pegasus

● Winnie the Walrus

● Winston the Owl

● Zachary the Zombie

● Zeena the Unicorn

● Zeke the Zebra

● Zobey the Octopus

● Zoe the Unicorn

Are Squishmallows Actual Animals?

Squishmallows aren’t actual animals!

First and foremost, they’re not really living animals, but rather stuffed toys designed to look like various different creatures, including unicorns, elephants, pugs, and sloths. If you take a closer look at the tag on each one’s belly, you’ll notice that it says “Collectible Plush” on it. So yes, as the name implies, Squishmallows are squishy pillows that happen to look like animals.

The brand, Squishmallows, is one that — out of the idea of actual animals — creates squishy, soft, and cuddly animals. Are you looking for domestic pets? or ocean creatures? There are so many types of squishmallows from which you choose.

Where to Buy Squishmallows

For all the parents out there, it’s time to rejoice! You can finally buy your own Squishmallows. The official online store is open and ready for business, so you can get your son or daughter a new stuffed animal that will be the envy of the entire neighborhood.

Squishmallows come in everyday and seasonal styles and are distributed through major, online, and specialty retailers such as;


  • Amazon
  • Five Below
  • Costco
  • Learning Express
  • and more!

How To Wash Squishmallows (Care Guide)

These soft little guys make great companions for a wide range of ages. They’re perfect for cuddling on the couch, pillow fights, slumber parties, and make a great gift for any occasion.

Kids love to collect them and keep them close by. That means they can get pretty dirty (and sometimes stinky). After all, they do spend a lot of time getting squeezed and cuddled! So how do you wash squishmallows? Everything you need to know about washing and caring for your favorite soft friend can be found in the video tutorial.


Is there a point in your life when you feel excited, happy, anxious, or sad? It doesn’t matter the emotion, there’s a squishmallow to suit it. When you decide to pick up a squishmallow, ensure you carefully go through the official website.

You don’t want to experience what comes with that emotion alone. Why not welcome a squishmallow to join you? We hope we have satisfied your curiosity to know the rarest Squishmallows out there.

Thanks for reading.

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