15 Valuable Vintage Longines Watches: Identifying & Valuing

Boasting roots that go back to 1832 Saint-Imier in Switzerland, Longines is loved for its impressive vintage watches. Its iconic timepieces from the 1930s to the 1960s are highly praised and prized among watch collectors.

If you are wondering are old Longines watches valuable, the vintage Longines watches introduced in 1936 and boasting the 13ZN chronograph movement are among the most beloved. In the market, these tend to command premium prices. Moreover, because Longines watches boast Swiss manufacturing, they tend to have a higher value.

On average, the lowest value of high-quality vintage Longines watches is about $500. However, if you are willing to spend more for a better vintage timepiece, you can go as high as $38,000+.

One of the best vintage watches price guides; this detailed article will answer the question of “how much is my Longines watch worth?” We will show you how to identify genuine Longines watches and accurately estimate their price. Read on to learn more.

Identifying Vintage Longines Watches: 3 Tips to Use

1. Determine the Longines Watch Series

Longines boasts a very long history—the company has been producing watches for nearly 200 years. For this reason, it might be challenging to be well-acquainted with the company’s entire watch catalog.

However, below, we will look at the most notable vintage Longines watches that have stood out for collectors over the years:

Longines Weems

Longines Weems
Source: Jensenmuseum.org

One of the company’s most loved aviation timepieces, Longines Weems, was once worn by a well-known aviator, Charles Lindbergh. Wearing this watch in 1927 during his transoceanic flight, Charles analyzed its performance and partnered with Longines to improve it.

Lindbergh Hours-Angle watch
Source: Vwcweb.com

Using Charles’ reports, Longines developed the Lindbergh Hours-Angle watch that combined a nautical almanac and sextant to help pilots calculate their altitude while in the air.

Longines Flagship

Longines Flagship
Source: Vintage-portfolio.com

The Longines Flagship series came out for the first time in 1957 and marked the company’s direction after the second world war. The more traditional timepiece featured a white, simple dial featuring elegant steel, silver, or gold case.

Vintage Longines Flagship watches boast easy-to-read dials and a sleek design. However, these vintage pieces tend to come at a price sitting on the expensive side.

Longines Mystery

Longines Mystery
Source: ebay

The Mystery watches boast free-floating hands that appear to be suspended on top of the dial. These pieces have been around for centuries. However, the company’s re-interpretation of the watches in the 1950s seemed to have attracted the attention of a global audience.

For example, the company’s Longines Comet moved away from the traditionally styled Mystery watches to include a huge pointer arrow indicating time.

Longines Diver Series

Longines Diver Series
Source: Vintage-portfolio.com

While Longines was primarily known for dress watches, the company decided to make changes in the 1950s by introducing diver watches.

The first dive watch from Longines was named Longines Diver Reference 7042. The timepiece came in a stainless steel case and had the potential to go down to 300 feet underwater.

2. Get a Longines Watch Certificate

Longines notes that it has recorded the serial number of all its watches since 1867. For this reason, the company boasts the ability to offer collectors a service that helps them with watch identification.

The company can provide information about all its vintage Longines watches via email. All you will have to do to get information about your watch is provide:

  • The watch’s serial number.This is a 5 to 8 digits figure. It is usually engraved on the inside of your back case, the movement itself, or the watch’s back.
  • High-quality pictures of the watch. The images should include the case back, the dial, and, if possible, the movement and the inside of the back case.

The company notes that if the watch owner needs a physical Longines document carrying the watch’s archive information, this is also possible. First, Longines will verify the watch and pull out its information from the archives. Its team will then put the document together and get it signed by the company’s president.

In addition to providing archive information, the company can also provide a signed certificate. The company, however, notes that this service will cost $115.

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The timing for providing information via email is 1 to 2 weeks. The extract from the company’s archives will take 2 to 3 weeks + shipping time, while the certificate of authenticity takes 3 months + shipping time.

To get your certificate of authenticity, fill out the company’s contact form here:


3. Use An Online Serial Number Tool

Another way to identify your vintage Longines watch is to use an online serial number decoder. A good example, in this case, is Serial-Number-Decorder.co.uk. All you have to do on this online platform is enter your watch’s serial number and then hit the Decode Serial button.

Vintage Longines Watches Value: Factors Affecting the Value of Old Longines Watches

If you own a vintage Longines watch and want to sell it, you may want an answer: “how much is my Longines watch worth?” In addition to answering this question, this section will also answer the question, “are old Longines watches valuable?”

Regarding vintage Longines watches value, the best pieces can be priced as high as $38,000+. However, if you are operating under a budget and would still want to add a vintage timepiece from Longines to your collection, you can spend about $500.

Below, we will look at the factors affecting the value of vintage Longines watches:


When collecting vintage watches, people often prefer to go for the oldest. This is usually because of the presumed history the watch carries. The higher demand for older vintage Longines watches often raises their value.  


The age of the vintage Longines watch will not mean much if the timepiece is too damaged. If a watch is missing essential parts, is not working, or has cracks and scratches, it will have a lower value compared to a similar watch that has maintained its good condition.

Watch Patina

If you are confused, don’t be—patina is the natural process of aging, which tends to alter the dial’s and hands’ appearance. Collectors believe that patina adds character to a vintage watch. However, if the patina has affected the performance or functionality of the vintage watch, its value might dip.


Some Longines watches have better features than others. For example, the company’s dress watches may get damaged in water. On the other hand, some of the company’s dive series watches can go down to a depth of 300 feet in the water.

Also, while the pilot watches allow the calculation of attitude, other watches may not have these features. For this reason, the more working features your vintage Longines watch has, the higher its value.

Watch Box and Paperwork

You can increase its value if you still have access to the original paperwork and box with the Longines vintage watch. The paperwork and box will have even a higher value as the age of the watch increases.


The models of Longines that are tough to come across tend to have a higher value compared to the ordinary vintage Longines watches. The value will be much higher if you have a limited edition watch from the company—for example, the HODINKEE, which features only 500 individually numbered pieces.


Higher demand always increases the value of products. For example, if you plan to sell a vintage Longines watch, a simple search on watch-selling websites can help determine whether your model is in high demand.


Over the years, Longines watches have been worn by a large number of famous people. Therefore, if you come across a piece worn by a public figure, it will be costlier compared to a similar piece that lacks exciting history.

How to Determine the Vintage Longines Watches Value When Selling

When selling your Longines watch, there are several ways to determine its value—these include:

Use the Online Marketplace

Nowadays, there are many retailers selling their watches online. Therefore, you can use online retailers to estimate the value of your vintage Longines watch.

First, identify your watch. Next, visit an online marketplace and search for it. Then look through the listings. This should help you get a good idea of what the watch could be worth.

Use the Services of a Professional Longines Watch Appraiser

After using online marketplaces to estimate the cost of your vintage Longines watch, the next step is to talk to an appraiser. You may need to pay for the appraisal service. However, the appraiser should give you a value much closer to the actual cost of your watch in the market.

15 Valuable Longines Watches

Cost (USD)
Longines Chronograph Silver Dial Men’s Watch
Longines 13ZN Men’s Watch
Longines Wittnauer 18k Gold watch
Platinum Handmade Lady’s Watch
Big Eye Skin Diver Watch
Longines ESPA Super Compression Men’s Wristwatch
Longines “Macho” 18 Karata Yellow Gold Watch
Longines 5-Star Admiral Watch
Longines Flyback Chrono Manual Wind Watch
Longines Meshed Bracelet Women’s Watch
Longines Big Pilot Watch
Rare Longines 18K Gold Men’s Watch
Unisex Longines Gold Watch
Longines White Gold Lady’s Watch
Longines Weems Pilot Watch
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1. Longines Chronograph Silver Dial Men’s Watch

Longines Chronograph Silver Dial Men's Watch
Source: ebay

This vintage Longines timepiece boasts a mechanical movement, a 40 mm case, and a silver face color. The watch is designed to fit perfectly on a wrist of 7 inches, although the straps can be changed or adjusted to fit a bigger wrist.

According to the seller, this vintage Longines watch features multi-dial and sapphire crystals inside its round case. Made of stainless steel, you can be sure the silver-colored watch does not carry rust.

Currently, on sale for $38,000, this vintage timepiece comes with a warranty of 2 years. The vintage watch had 15 interested buyers when we last checked the listing.

2. Longines 13ZN Men’s Watch

Longines 13ZN Men's Watch
Source: ebay

This vintage Longines watch is a timepiece from the 1940s and boasts a specialized mechanical movement labeled 13ZN. While its 38 mm case is made of stainless steel, you will use a flawless leather band designed for wrists of up to 7.5 inches.

Although this round watch has been used for over six decades, the seller notes that it is still in good shape, with all its original parts working perfectly. This vintage Longines watch is listed on eBay for $24,149. While it is easy to assume that this price is a little bit high, the watch has interestingly attracted the interest of 64 buyers.

3. Longines Wittnauer 18k Gold Watch

Longines Wittnauer 18k Gold Watch
Source: ebay

Produced by Longines and Wittnauer back when the two companies collaborated, the watch boasts an automatic mechanical movement. Built to be a luxury watch, Longines Wittnauer did not try to cut costs during its production—the watch boasts 18k yellow gold as the main material.

Sitting in the Ultra-Chron model category, the vintage Longines watch boasts an analog display that goes beyond time to show the date. To add this piece to your collection, you will need $19,900. Currently, 55 people are already competing for this vintage gold timepiece.

4. Platinum Handmade Lady’s Watch

Platinum Handmade Lady's Watch
Source: ebay

A stylish Longines watch for women, this timepiece has a case 16.7 mm wide and a band designed for a wrist of 6.6 inches. Longines combined platinum and diamond to produce a watch that resembles a jewel.

The seller notes that the watch is believed to be the impressive work of a jeweler who designed and worked on its case and straps. In addition, the watch is reportedly still in good condition, with the seller noting that it is working and does not have any major signs of cosmetic wear.

This watch is listed on eBay for $15,000. Currently, the timepiece has more than five people interested in paying for it.  

5. Big Eye Skin Diver Watch

Big Eye Skin Diver Watch
Source: ebay

Part of the watches produced in the second half of the 20th century for divers, this piece came out around 1968. The vintage Longines watch boasts a 40 mm diameter case on which sits a black dial.

You will use a black leather band to keep the case on your wrist. The Big Eye Skin Diver watch boasts a mechanical (manual) movement. With a case produced using stainless steel, the watch does not feature any major signs of wear.

The seller has listed the Big Eye Skin Diver Watch on eBay for $13,800. The watch already has 18 people willing to pay this price.

6. Longines ESPA Super Compression Men’s Wristwatch

Longines ESPA Super Compression Men's Wristwatch
Source: ebay

This piece could be ideal if you plan to spend less than $10,000 on your vintage Longines watch. Currently listed on eBay, you can get this piece at $9,725.48. However, you may have to compete with 12 people who have already expressed interest in the vintage watch.

The seller notes that this piece has been around for more than six decades—the watch was produced in 1963. You get to attach the watch’s case that boasts a mechanical movement to your wrist with a black leather strap.

7. Longines “Macho” 18 Karata Yellow Gold Watch

Longines ‘’Macho‘’ 18 Karata Yellow Gold Watch
Source: ebay

This Longines “Macho” solid watch boasts a case size of 32 mm by 32 mm. A dress/formal watch, this piece boasts a mechanical (hand-winding) mechanism.

One of the few watches on this list that have been manufactured with some of the most valuable materials, this antique piece boasts solid 18k yellow gold as its primary material. To get this piece, however, you will need $8,500. When we checked the listing, this piece had 29 people already competing for it.

8. Longines 5-Star Admiral Watch

Longines 5-Star Admiral Watch

This Longines Admiral model watch came out between 1960 and 1969. The watch boasts a 12-hour dial, Swiss Movement, a push/pull crown, and a date indicator.

The watch uses an automatic mechanical movement. It has a yellow gold case and a band of the same color—the seller notes that 18k yellow gold is the main material used in the production of the watch. To get this 5-star watch, you will need $7,995—17 people have already expressed interest in spending this amount on the watch.

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9. Longines Flyback Chrono Manual Wind Watch

Longines Flyback Chrono Manual Wind Watch
Source: ebay

This piece boasts a 38 mm diameter case with a silver-colored dial and manual wind movement, chronograph, and tachymeter. To attach this case to your wrist, you can take advantage of the watch’s impressive black leather belt.

A stainless steel case protects the watch’s features. According to the seller, this watch can resist water up to 30 meters.

To add this round antique Longines watch to your collection, you will spend $7,950. With 16 people already interested in purchasing the watch, this is a good indicator that the watch has a high demand.

10. Longines Meshed Bracelet Women’s Watch

Longines Meshed Bracelet Women's Watch
Source: ebay

This vintage Longines watch might seem too heavy, weighing 86.3 grams. However, the watch boasts 25 single-cut diamonds, and its main metal is 18k gold.

The watch band accommodates a wrist of up to 7 inches, with the gold bracelet boasting a width of 1.15 inches. This watch is reportedly in excellent condition. You can get the watch if you are willing to spend $6,224.05.

11. Longines Big Pilot Watch

Longines Big Pilot Watch
Source: ebay

Manufactured in 1936, this is one of the oldest vintage Longines watches on this list. While this watch does not feature any water resistance, it works perfectly for pilots.

The watch has a manual winding feature and a canvas, beige-colored band. Its case material is made of stainless steel, although it is silver colored. The roundish case has a diameter of 40 mm.

To add this piece to your collection, you will spend $5,500. However, you will still have to compete with 11 people who have already expressed interest in the watch.

12. Rare Longines 18K Gold Men’s Watch

Rare Longines 18K Gold Men's Watch
Source: ebay

According to the seller, this watch was produced in the 1920s. The watch has a case diameter of 39.20 mm and a band of 9.2 inches.

The seller notes that the watch has minor wear and tear signs. However, this piece has 17 jewels and perfectly working mechanics. To get this piece, you will need $5,000.

13. Unisex Longines Gold Watch

Unisex Longines Gold Watch
Source: ebay

This vintage Longines watch should work if you have been looking for a nice and unique watch under $5,000. Currently listed on eBay, you will pay $4,995 for the Unisex Longines Gold Watch.

Featuring a case of 30.5 mm in diameter and a band designed for a wrist of up to 7 inches, the vintage Longines watch boasts yellow gold with a 14k purity as the main material. In addition, the watch boasts 17 jewels and an analog display. When we last checked the watch’s listing, it had 20 people interested in purchasing it.

14. Longines White Gold Lady’s Watch

Longines White Gold Lady's Watch
Source: ebay

A luxury watch produced between 1960 and 1969, this watch boasts 14k white gold as its main material. A Pave Dial model, this vintage Longines watch is reportedly in excellent condition—the seller notes that it has not suffered any wear or tear over the years it has been in use.

The watch can accommodate a wrist of up to 7 inches. The beautiful watch is selling for $4,500 on eBay.

15. Longines Weems Pilot Watch

Longines Weems Pilot Watch
Source: ebay

Estimated to have been manufactured in the 1940s, this is one of the vintage Longines watches manufactured for use by pilots. The watch is round, has a cream-colored dial, and boasts manual winding.

The Longines Weems Pilot Watch attaches to your hand on a beige-colored band. This vintage watch sells at $4,500 on eBay and boasts 16 jewels.


If you are thinking of venturing into the vintage Longines watches collection space, knowing how to identify and value the timepieces is vital. This guide helps you understand how to estimate the vintage Longines watches value.

Looking at the cost of different Longines watches on the market today, we have answered the question of “are old Longines watches valuable?” Furthermore, by looking at the factors that affect the cost of vintage Longines watches, we have made it much easier for you to answer the question, “how much is my Longines watch worth?”

We hope that, unlike other vintage watches price guides, this article has answered all your questions. If there is something you would like us to expound on, be sure to let us know in the comment section.

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