30 Types of Collectibles are Hot Right Now 2022


Be it coins or vintage flatware – we all have collected something at one point in our lives. Many of us still do!

The reason behind why is a bit complicated. For some passionate individuals, it’s the happiness and joy associated with the item that makes them want to collect it. They feel proud to display their huge collections in polished cases.

For others, having collectibles is more about money and investments. In case you’re wondering how, let us tell you that Logan Paul recently purchased a Pikachu Illustrator card for $5.275-million!

Does that seem to set an unrealistic expectation for the ordinary man? Well, an Air Force Veteran who bought a Rolex watch for $345.95 in 1974 found its worth to be around $700,000 after an appraisal. That’s a huge return on investment!

However, here’s the thing. If you’re not careful about what collectibles are hot right now, you won’t be able to build a collection with good ROI. So, before you spend all the hard-earned money, give this article a read!

What Are Collectibles?

A collectible refers to an object that holds great interest to the collector. It can be anything ranging from stamps to dolls. So, there doesn’t have to be a monetary value attached to the item.

However, while it’s not necessary, people use the term collectible for anything that possesses at least one of these attributes:

  • Original
  • Expensive
  • Rare and uncommon
  • Antique (100+ years old)

These collectibles sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars at auction houses, private sales, and online platforms like eBay. But, for the value to be that high, the collectible should be in good condition. Poorly maintained pieces have little to no worth.  

30 Types of Collectibles That Are Hot Right Now 2022

As mentioned, a collectible can be anything. But, if you’re interested in yielding good profits after a few years’ time, here is a list of the most valuable collectibles in 2022.

1. Coins


Outdated coins have a strong demand in the collector’s industry, especially the ones connected to important timelines. The Brasher Doubloon was the first ever gold coin created in the United States. This particular 1787 coin is currently worth $9,986,500!

Some other highly sought-after rare coins include the 1921 Peace Dollar, 1916 Mercury Dime, and Lincoln Cents. If you’ve any old coins lying around in your home, give them a thorough check because they might be worth thousands too!


2. Currency


Bank notes deteriorate and decompose over time. Hardly anyone has old currency these days, which is why you might expect it to have more value than coins. But, the reality is a little different.

Outdated currency has less monetary value, and you can expect a few tens of dollars in return. Nonetheless, a huge number of collectors feel intrigued by the item. You’re likely to find many buyers for old banknotes in mint condition.

The value increases if the bill is rare or has defects like misprinting and blurred numbers. Check out this detailed beginner’s guide to paper money collecting!



3. Happy Meal Toys

Happy Meal Toys

Who doesn’t have a pile of Happy Meal toys in their house? These iconic collectibles sold by the popular fast food chain didn’t have much worth when they were first introduced. However, over the years, the price of these toys has climbed up the ladder.

Many McDonald’s enthusiasts love to purchase old toys that they weren’t able to get their hands on. The value of the toy depends on how old it is and original packaging. For example, Jerry the Minion (2013) is worth $120, whereas TY’s Teenie Beanie Boos (2000) is worth $450.



4. Stamps


Stamp collecting has been one of the most popular hobbies since the 1840s. People enjoy creating a stamp collection with the rarest and oldest pieces in the world’s history. You can expect a stamp to be anywhere between $10 to $1-million.

The best part is that stamps are easily accessible to all. Some people inherit complete stmp collections from their ancestors. Even if it contains ordinary ones, selling it to a dealer would give you a return of at least 20 to 30 percent.



5. Comic Books

Comic Books

The amazing world of DC and Marvel superheroes is loved by millions. Almost everyone has spent their childhood reading their comics. And, ever since the release of the latest movies, the characters are not new to anyone.

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If you also possess an interest in superheroes, then collecting old comic books is a good place to start. The value of issues featuring main characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman is overwhelmingly high today. A 1990’s comic book in mint condition can sell for up to $ 5 million!

That said, there are also non-superhero comics that have great demand. For example, Archie Comics (aimed at teenagers) easily sells for thousands of dollars if it’s in good condition.  



6. Legos


Lego is a Danish toy manufacturer that started back in 1932. Since then, it has been established as the best-selling toy block company. People around the world love creating projects from these blocks.

But, what sets them apart is the secondhand value. Sealed Lego packs or the ones from movie series like Harry Potter have huge resale prices (often up to $10,000!). No wonder many consider Legos to be an investment equivalent to gold and stocks.


7. Board Games

Board Games

The present world is way more technologically-advanced, so collecting board games might not make much sense. But, if you reflect back on the attributes of collectibles, then you’ll see the term old. That’s the whole purpose – gain an insight into the history and value it.

Luckily, vintage board games have a great market. Special limited issues, like Monopoly 3D: New York Edition, are worth hundreds. You can expect to receive higher returns if the collectible has all the pieces intact.


8. Old Photographs

Old Photographs

People have been capturing images ever since the invention of the first camera in 1816. So, while art is not new, technology has evolved a lot. And that’s what the old photographs signify.

If you have a collection of antique images, you’re in luck. Individual collectors and auction houses are willing to pay handsome amounts for these photos. However, don’t forget the difference between vintage and antique collectibles.

Antique ones are at least 100 years old, whereas anything after that is vintage. The vintage photos do not hold much value if they do not feature a significant personality or event.


9. Magazines & Catalogs

Magazines & Catalogs

Paper materials like magazines & catalogs aren’t really a collector’s item. We say this not because people don’t collect them. But, it’s because this niche is more on the business side.

Besides collectors, there are many on the lookout for old magazines and catalogs. People working in the fashion industry have to purchase these resources to understand the previous trends and innovate. Some want to buy specific issues in which a beloved was featured.

So, there’s a huge market for secondhand magazines & catalogs. A magazine that initially cost you $2-3 will sell for up to $50.


10. Action Figures

Action Figures

An action figure is not the same as a regular toy or doll. It refers to a plastic model representing a character. The action figure can be standing still or posing something.

Since these models are of popular characters, they have good value amongst collectors. For example, the Star Wars Death Squad Commander is worth $6,500. Similarly, Star Wars ‘tri-logo’ General Madine Action Figure sells for up to $12,500.


11. Porcelain Figurines

Porcelain Figurines

Small statues of humans made in porcelain are considered high-end collectibles. These porcelain figurines often trace back to the 1700s and have a huge demand from antique enthusiasts. However, the piece should be in pristine condition.

A chipped, worn-out figurine will only get sold for high prices if it belongs to reputable manufacturers. These include Royal Nymphenburg, Dresden lace, and Meissen.


12. Wristwatches


You might already have a clear idea about the value of retro watches from the example discussed in the introduction – the Air Veteran whose $300 Rolex watch received a valuation of $700,000. Since almost every man owns a wristwatch, building up an impressive collection is not so difficult.

There will be several antique and vintage gems in your family too. All you must do is look for originality, date, and condition. It doesn’t really matter if the wristwatch is working or not.


13. Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

Did you know that vintage jewelry is also a collectible? There are many auction houses and antique stores that purchase these valuable items. So, if you have got an eye for fine designs and precious metals, collecting this item will be quite entertaining.

Start searching for these collectibles at your home and in local shops. Look for pieces manufactured in the 1900s or earlier. More contemporary models won’t hold much value until they belong to a very popular manufacturer.


14. Flower Vases & Pottery

Flower Vases & Pottery

There’s not a considerable supply of flower vases and pottery collectibles in the market. It’s why this one is a good niche to invest in right now. Your collection will have to face less competition and will receive a good response.

However, make sure you build your collection around antiques and rare editions. A relatively modern flower vase like McCoy won’t sell for more than a few hundred dollars.


15. Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints

A fine art print refers to the reproduction of artwork using various methods like digital printing. It doesn’t mean anyone can print out the works of famous people and create a collection. If you plan on an art print collection, you’ll need the first copies sold by the artist himself.

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Most of these works are signed and autographed. Hence, they have handsome price tags. You can begin your hunt on online sites like eBay and gradually climb the way up to au


16. Books


Classic literature has a special place in the world of collectors. The publications of the 1800s and 1900s are worth millions of dollars. For example, the First Folio by William Shakespeare (1623) was auctioned for $5.2-million back in 2005.

Even first copies of books by modern authors like J.K Rowling have an outstanding value of $40,000 to $55,000. Some auction prices have gone up to $138,000!


17. Fine Wines

Fine Wines

Fine wines are gaining rapid popularity amongst investors. These beverages can sell for thousands depending on the type and age. Most people prefer rare wine editions or the ones that are 20 to 50+ years old.

If you do not have the amount to invest in valuable collectibles, then you can also purchase shares of them. There are several platforms like Vinovest that let you invest in wines as an asset.


18. Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs

Yes, rugs and carpets from the olden times are also auctioned!

It may be very uncommon to start an antique rug collection. Not many people collect these because of the large sizes and extensive care required. But, it has great untapped potential and value.

An antique 17th-century Persian rug sold for around $ 33 million in 2013. That’s a huge return on investment!


19. Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture

Things are really competitive in this part of the market. Almost everyone is busy collecting and selling valuable antique furniture. These include study tables, chairs, tables, dressers, and whatnot.

The reason behind this is simple – we all have some hidden gems lying around the house. You can easily begin a collection and start trading for profits. However, make sure to verify the authenticity and determine the right value.


20. Crockery & Flatware

Crockery & Flatware

Crockery is a very diverse and interesting type of collectible. It includes plates, cups, spoons, dishes, and much more. You can also dive deeper into the niche and collect crockery with specific patterns.

Fire King vintage cups and plates have great value. It is specifically true for notable designs like peach luster and wheat patterns. You can expect them to sell for $350+.


21. Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia has grown into a highly profitable business. Many people invest in autographed items and used equipment of present-day players. But, they need to be really careful.

A player’s career may rise or fall, and depending on this, the value of sports memorabilia will change. Some items double and triple in value when the player wins the game or receives a good contract.

For example, the signed helmet of Russel Wilson was priced at $150. However, since he joined the Seattle Seahawks and started having a good season, the sports celebrity memorabilia price has surpassed $500.


22. Vinyl Records

Vinyl Records

Old vinyl records are one of the most wanted collectibles today. You’ll even come across several sites dedicated to the buying and selling of vinyl records. These include Money Music, Rare Records, etc.

That said, you need to conduct research and collect vinyl records of popular albums. An ordinary vinyl record won’t sell for more than $20 on eBay. However, if you possess original copies of Elvis Presley or The Beatles, you can be looking up to $20,000 to $100,000+!


23. Signed Posters

Signed Posters

It doesn’t matter whether the poster belongs to an old movie, show, or video game. If someone popular has signed the poster, it has now become a collectible.

Usually, people associated with the poster sign it like the actors or the production team. Their signature turns the poster into an original autograph too. So, the worth of the collectible is very high.

The starting price of a basic signed copy in poor condition is $1000. You can charge more depending on the person who signed and the rarity of the piece. Note that even contemporary releases can sell for good money.


24. Retro Gaming Systems

Retro Gaming Systems

If you thought the old Sega Genesis had become useless, you’re highly mistaken. Retro gaming systems and equipment are goldmines for gaming lovers. These people are constantly in search of vintage systems to revive the fun of ancient games.

Some popular collectibles include Sega Genesis, Original Sony Playstation 1, and consoles like Pokemon Limited Edition Game Boy Color Nintendo VGA 90.


25. Military Badges & Medals

Military Badges & Medals

Military badges and medals are produced in small quantities. Also, they are awarded to specific individuals who have either done something heroic or gained promotion. In any case, the badge or medal holds irreplaceable importance.

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These valuable collectibles allow people to study the evolution of different armies and gain insights into historic events. Plus, the precious metals used in manufacturing further increase the monetary value.


26. Old Dolls

Old Dolls

Old dolls are not just any other antique toy. They’re rare art pieces that reflect vintage fashion, sewing methods, and cultural preferences. However, dolls made by famous designers have a special place.

The Madame Alexander Doll Company was started by Beatrice Alexander in 1923. As a gifted creative businesswoman, she made unique dolls that are now valued at up to thousands of dollars.


27. Trading Baseball Cards

Trading Baseball Cards

The sports baseball cards deserve to be categorized as a separate type of collectible. These paper trading cards with the photo of the player and some statistics were initially kept in candy packages. Kids used to collect these cards and trade them as a fun hobby.

However, today, these trading cards are worth $1000+. The 1909–11 T206 “Jumbo” Honus Wagner card sold for $3200, and the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card sold for $5200. You can expect higher values for autographed trading cards, which makes them a great investment option.


28. Star Wars Collectibles

Star Wars Collectibles

Nobody really knew that a movie would become a world-famous franchise. It is estimated that every one in four internet users is a Star Wars fan. So, you can pretty much understand the diversity and popularity of this amazing company.

People absolutely love collecting their action figures, comic books, legos, prints, and whatnot. The average value of a Star Wars collectible is $5 to $20. But, if you manage to get your hands on rare ones, the worth can surpass millions!


29. Marbles


Old marbles have a saturated yet intriguing market. Collectors from around the world trade marbles of different designs. You’ll find Onion skins, Spiral, Lutz, End-of-Day, and many other types.

But, do not forget that age matters a lot too. In fact, if you only consider the rarity of design when collecting marbles, you’ll have to spend a lot more money. The rarest of marbles sell for no less than $1000.

On the other hand, finding old marbles can help you get high returns without much investment. You can even purchase bags of old marbles on eBay for as little as $10.


30. Classic Cars

Classic Cars

Investing in vintage cars may not sound like an ordinary collector’s thing. But, it’s actually very easy. You can create an account on a car investing app and buy shares in the most valuable vehicles.

As per the Luxury Investment Index, the value of classic cars has appreciated by a mind-blowing 330% over the last decade. Considering this, even owning a few shares in a classic car is a wise choice. It also gives you the advantage of a diversified portfolio.


Printed Resources for Beginner Collectors

Collecting can seem to be an overwhelming activity at the start. However, there’s no need to panic or worry. A little patience and knowledge can help create an impressive and highly valuable collection.

Here are a few printed resources for beginner collectors to study:

FAQS About Valuable Collectibles

What is the most collected item?

Coins and stamps are the most collected items. That said, there are several other items hot right now, like sports memorabilia, marbles, dolls, etc.

What is the rarest collectible?

Classic cars are the rarest collectible since they require massive capital. Usually, people only collect a few shares in the most valuable cars.

Check out this video to learn more about classic car investments!

What collectibles are increasing in value?

Surprisingly, Happy Meal toys, vintage vinyl records, and autographed shirts are increasing in value. These relatively new yet popular collectible items have caught the attention of many investors.

Invest in Collectibles Market Today!

Collecting antiques for the sake of passion and investments are two different perspectives. But, if you become a little wise about what you’re collecting, you can merge the two and monetize your hobby.

Above, we’ve compiled a detailed list of the 30-types of collectibles that are hot right now in 2022. Many of these types are new and budding, so they’ll be available cheaply. It’s probably one of the best times to invest in the ones with high ROI potential.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your collecting journey today!

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