15 Rarest Funko Pops Worth Money (Value & Price Guide)

Funko Pops

Funko Pops are another collectible item that’s taken the collectors’ community by storm this century. These small figures have cemented their place in history like many toys before them, and they fetch top dollar for their lucky owners.

Regular Funko Pops sell as low as $20, while rare collections, especially vaulted vinyl and glow-in-the-dark pieces, can fetch as much as $10,000.

With the increased interest from collectors over the last seven years, there’s been an equal increase in fake Funko Pops.

This guide will not only help you identify the rarest Funko Pops, we will teach you ways to separate fake from real. Before we go into all that, we’ve included a comprehensive list of the 15 rarest Funko Pops out there; therefore, they are the most valuable Funko Pops ever sold.

What are Funko Pops?

Funko Pops are collectible figurines made in the likeness of pop culture icons from real-life stars to fictional characters. They’re typically 3.75 – 5-inches high with a unique square-shaped head bigger than their slender body.

Its facial features are also understated with drawn-on black expressions from dot eyes to lined mouths.

A Brief History of Funko Pops

Funko! Pop company was started in 1998 by an innovator, Mike Becker, who wanted to create nostalgic toys for the changing world. He sold his small business to Funko in 2005, and the LLC expanded the scope and, consequently, the toy’s reach.

The new president, Brian Mariotti, signed licensing deals with big franchises in the USA, from movie networks to big production companies like Disney and superstar celebrities. Per Funko, the toys draw inspiration from pop culture and use it as its success secret.

By tapping into an existing community, Funko trades with a readily available market selling multi-million toy units yearly. In the last three years, 2018 to date, the company recorded over 10 million in sales.

Most Valuable Funko Pops Sold

Sale/Production Year
Limited Edition Stan Lee
Muhammad Ali
Star Wars
Dragon Ball Z
May, 2022
Freddy Black Ranger
Comic-Con Special Release
Stan Lee Superhero
NY Comic Con Hero
D.C. Superhero
July, 2022
Freddy Funko Marvel
Frankenstein (Glow-in-the-Dark)
July, 2022
Tom Brady
Sport Icons
Darth Maul
Star Wars
July, 2022
August, 2022
Ken Griffey Jr.
Sport Icon
Jackie Robinson
Sport Icon
July, 2022
Batman (Signed by Stan Lee)
D.C. Superhero

15. Batman 9″ Tall

Collection: D.C. Superhero

Year: 2013

Price: $5,100

Batman 9‘’Tall
(Source: eBay)

As earlier mentioned, the masked vigilante turned superhero, Batman, is a timeless hero, and this Funko Pop vinyl depiction is a timeless piece. It shows the masked hero in his classic black bat suit, albeit without his famous half-mask.

It also comes in an unusual 9″ tall size as it was made to be a giant exclusive. This piece is one of 24 designs released in 2013.

14. Jackie Robinson

Collection: Sport Icons

Year: July 2022

Price: $5,100

Jackie Robinson
(Source: eBay)

When two legends collaborate, you expect nothing but greatness, and that’s what happened with this Jackie Robinson Funko Pop. Asides from the fact that it was designed in the likeness of a legendary baseball player, another notable player, Mariano Rivera, signed the figurine.

The seller also offered it a Certificate of Authenticity, granting the buyer reassurance. Robinson is in his complete Dodgers gear, including his blue hat.

13. Ken Griffey Jr.

Collection: Sport Icons

Year: 2018

Price: $5,600

Ken Griffey Jr.
(Source: Funko)

It’s pure bronze, a vaulted vinyl; it’s an exclusive made for Safeco Field. How else can we convince you that this Ken Griffey Jr. figurine is worth four figures? This MLB Funko Pop resurfaced this summer on eBay and garnered 18 bids before the final sale.

12. Freddy Funko Pop

Collection: Pop

Year: August 2022

Price: $5,892

Freddy Funko Pop
(Source: eBay)

America isn’t the only country where people seek Funko Pops as an exclusive Freddy vinyl sold in Chile this month, August. The signature Freddy Funko version is a boy figurine dressed in a white shirt and blue pants wearing a crown.

The seller presented it in mint condition with no damages and donated the proceeds to charity, increasing its monetary value.

11. Darth Maul

Collection: Star Wars

Year: July 2022

Price: $6,000

Darth Maul
(Source: eBay)

This holographic Darth Maul from the Star Wars franchise came with a Pop Armor to complete its battle suit. It was specially released for Comic-Con in 2012 and fell under the exclusive radar of Funko Pop collectibles.

It’s made of Vinyl and appeals to Star Wars fanatics. “May the Force be with You” as you search for a Darth Maul of yours.

10. Tom Brady

Collection: Sport Icons

Sold Year: 2022

Price: $6,900

Tom Brady
(Source: eBay)

The legendary quarterback signed this Tom Brady Vinyl Funko Pop before the sale in New Jersey, USA. The seller recorded that they got the signature in March 2021 and this piece was one of 12 Tom Brady Funko Pops released that year.

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The figurine depicts Brady in his Buccaneers football gear, including his jersey, helmet, and mouth guard. His short-lived retirement after the Super Bowl in February led to an increase in memorabilia sales for his fans.

9. Frankenstein

Collection: Halloween

Sold Year: July 2022

Price: $7,000

(Source: eBay)

What’s better than a Funko Pop? A Frankenstein figurine that glows in the dark. To add to the Halloween effect of this collectible, Funko company engineered it to have a glow-in-the-dark feature. There were only 24 pieces of this innovative figurine made and released.

8. Ghostrider Freddy Funko Pop

Collection: Freddy Funko Marvel

Production Year: 2013

Price: $7,100

Ghostrider Freddy Funko Pop
(Source: eBay)

The Ghostrider is a mythical and comic book character who gained popularity with the movie adaptation portrayed by Nicholas Cage. This Freddy Funko Pop figurine depicts the character in his black leather suit with silver chains and his skeleton-like face.

Instead of the typical black dot eyes and basic features, the Freddy Funko Pop Ghostrider has wide white eyes with bared teeth. The owner sold it in mint condition this year and added that it’s one of 96 pieces worldwide.

7. Batman

Collection: D.C. Superhero

Sold Year: July 2022

Price: $7,500

(Source: eBay)

Batman is an age-old superhero, and he’d never go out of style, but this piece is special because it has Stan Lee’s signature. Even though the late comic characters’ creator was known for his Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s respected in the community beyond his sphere.

Last month, in July, the only known piece of Batman Funko Pop signed by Stan Lee sold in Alabama, U.S. The Vinyl Funko Pop was new in mint condition, and it had a chase sticker adding to its value.

6. Stan Lee Superhero

Collection: Heroes for New York Comic-Con

Year: 2015

Price: $7,500

Stan Lee Superhero
(Source: eBay)

Designing Stan Lee as a hero was part of a special New York Comic Con set re-released in 2022. Its original release date was 2015 when The Avengers’ Live Action movies peaked.

This pack has the late creator’s signature and a Certificate of Authenticity. Both features are considered the holy grail of collectibles as they certify the item’s relevance to history and tell the buyer it’s not fake.

5. Freddy Black Ranger

Collection: Comic-Con Special Release  

Production Year: 2017

Price: $9,500

Freddy Black Ranger

Funko Pop made 24 pieces of the Freddy Black Ranger and handmade some features o the figurine. This unopened pack sold in mint condition and was part of a special Comic-Con collection.

It was made in China but was re-released for the Comic-Con this year, making it a Vaulted Vinyl Funko Pop.

4. Goku

Collection: Dragon Ball Z for Comic-Con

Sold Year: May 2022

Price: $9,999.99


This Dragon Ball Z character, Goku, was sold at the San Diego Comic-Con this summer. It was a prototype made of Vinyl, and since it was never sent to the general market for sale, it was sold in mint condition.

The figurine has a bowl of noodles in his hands, and the box carries an autograph of Sean Schemmel in orange. It was sold in California, USA.

3. Greedo

Collection: Star Wars

Price: $10,000

Manufacturing Year: 2017


A near-mint vaulted vinyl Funko Pop Greedo from the Star Wars franchise sold for $10,000 in Kansas in May this year. Despite being a pre-owned piece, the seller got a high premium for it at the Star Wars Convention this year.

Although it was distributed in the U.S., the Greedo Funko Pop was manufactured in China.

2. Muhammad Ali

Collection: Funhouse

Price: $10,100

Sold Year: 2022

Muhammad Ali

In May this year, a Muhammad Ali Funko Pop made of gold Vinyl was sold in Dallas, Texas. It was a mint condition piece – never opened, played with, or removed. The Ali Funko Pop is a vaulted piece, one of the rarest slots ever made, with a limited quantity of 20.

1. Limited Edition Stan Lee

Price: $120,000

Sale Year: 2018

Limited Edition Stan Lee
(Source: Pinterest)

In 2018, Marvel Cinematic Universe creator Stan Lee died, leaving the comic world to mourn his passing. Thus, many memorabilia relating to him became sought after by collectors, especially those with his signature.

A limited-edition 2-in-1 set of Funko Pop Vinyl made in his likeness as a superhero sold upwards of $120,000 on eBay.

Notable Mentions

Here are two bonus items we think you deserve to know are also quite valuable when you step into the world of Funko Pops

Optimus Prime

Collection: Heroes/Transformer  

Year: 2022

Price: $5,000

Optimus Prime
(Source: eBay)

Who doesn’t like a good old Transformers movie? You can keep one of the most notable superheroes, Optimus Prime, in your home for about $5,000. This piece has a backlight of 500 LE and will be sold in 2022 exclusively at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Boba Fett Freddy Funko

Collection: Star Wars

Year: 2014

Price: $5,000

Boba Fett Freddy Funko
(Source: eBay)

There were 196 Funko Pops in this lot, but this Boba Fett Freddy Funko from Star Wars is one of the rare surviving pieces left. It wasn’t modified and sold in its original packaging at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Funko Pops Value and Price Guide

With the creation of online marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon, secondary retailers have a field day offering their products at random prices. However, sites like Funky Price Guide track sold listings of Funko Pops on eBay, filtering bogus values for interested collectors.

According to the website’s recent listing, the average retail price for a Funko Pop is $20 – $30. Branded, limited-edition, and rare Funko Pop figurines are more expensive and fetch three to four figures in dollars. For instance, an Attack on Titan Vinyl sells for $2,858.   

How Many Funko Pops Are There?

There are thousands of Funko Pops produced by the Funko Company yearly, but you can group them by collection for easy identification. Think of the most popular comic book adaptation, movie, series, or anime; it most likely has a line design after its characters.

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On the Funko website, the categories include,

  • Heroes & Villains
  • Animations & Cartoons
  • Movies & T.V.
  • Icons, Sports & More

See the table below for a short list of Funko Pops by Categories.

  Heroes & Villains Animation & Cartoons Movies & TV Icons, Sports & More



Sub Categories

DC Comics Anime Action & Adventure Ad Icons
The Mandalorian Cartoon Classics Classics Icons
Marvel Disney Comedy Music
Star Wars Pixar Family Retro Toys
Harry Potter Pokémon Horror Sports
  Video Games   Funko Gear

How to Identify Funko Pops

You’re not the only one thinking of ways to make money from Funko Pops, so you need to stay sharp. Counterfeiters have infiltrated the market with fake Funko Pops, hoping to trick naïve collectors of their hard-earned dollars.

Below are a few tips to help you identify authentic Funko Pops at a glance before hiring an appraiser for professional help.

What do the Numbers on Funko Pops Mean?

POP! Freddy Funko Exclusive Vinyl Figure
POP! Freddy Funko Exclusive Vinyl Figure

Authentic Funko Pop and their boxes have identification digits to tell the manufacturing date and item number. It doesn’t indicate the manufacturer, though, because different franchises partnered with Funko Pop through the years.

Recent Funko Pops have their item numbers on their feet similar to the box’s font, unlike older models, which indicated them in smaller fonts.

There’s a standard text used regardless of the licensor and manufacturer, as seen in the pictures above. However, they don’t have the same labeling process as pressed or printed on the box.

Inspect the Box’s Graphics

Funko Pops have narrow white borders framing the pictures and texts printed on the box. Check that the box and item have the same coloring, which is often subtle, unlike the vibrant shade of fake Funko Pops.

Look for a number on the top right corner of the box’s front. Ensure all fonts and logos are uniform by cross-referencing with authentic images. You can find them on the Funko Pop directory site or social media forums like Facebook groups.

Convention Only Stickers

Convention Only Stickers
(Source: Ascendancy Comics)

Convention-only Funko Pops are limited edition pieces released during Comic Conventions leading to a rise in demand and, unfortunately, fake. The primary identifier for these types of Funko Pops is the C.O. Stickers.

Like the box inspection, ensure every picture is in order, from the border to the logos, fonts, and numbers. It’s easy to focus on identifying the real Funko Pops, but cataloging fakes would also help you separate them from the good bunch.

Using a Chase Sticker to Identify Funko Pops

Using a Chase Sticker to Identify Funko Pops
(Source: Pinterest)

Special Funko Pops made of Vinyl have a Chase Sticker on the box to differentiate them from regular models. They’re called the Chase Pop Vinyl and you can find the sticker in the bottom right corner of the box.

Funko Pop Vinyls come in variations based on materials and physical appearance.

The two main Funko Pop vinyl are the limited-editions and vaulted pieces. While the former was produced in restricted quantities, the latter was discontinued.

To elaborate, that means limited-edition Funko Pops had a small amount supplied initially, whereas vaulted Funko Pops could’ve been supplied excessively before the company stopped producing them.

Identification by Numbers

(Source: Pop Vinyl)

Funko Pops come with different numbers making it difficult for a first-time collector to discern their meaning. The stamp has two dates – the original date and the released date.

On older boxes, the date indicated on the stamp is the manufacturing date, a.k.a. original date, while its position on new releases is an imprinted stamp. It’s important to know that top-selling designs finished upon distribution are sometimes re-released.

The original Funko Pops were released between 2010 – 2012 when the company launched and peaked. Then, in 2015, the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies led to a second wave that has since continued. That also led to a re-release of exhausted models.

The Funko Pop numbers also come with alphabets in front of them, and they’ll tell you as a collector what category the item falls in. An example is DRM220623, meaning 2022, June (06), 23.

These numbers work as a series meaning each digit combination differs based on the collection. According to Nerd Life, these series sometimes have a break in between before picking up a new combination.

Chase Stamp Funko Pops have the same number as regular Funko Pops, but Exclusives (limited editions) have different numbers. These digits differ from the date stamps that tell when a product was manufactured or released.

Gauge the worth or perceived value of the Funko Pop with this information.

Identifying Valuable Funko Pops

Funko Pops come in different designs based on licensor and manufacturer hence the need to separate valuable ones from regular models. Valuable Funko Pops are those made in limited quantities and special designs, as you’ll learn going forward.

Other factors such as models, importance, demand, and brands contribute to the final price. Keep reading to find out.

How to Know which Funko Pops will be Valuable

Demand is the driving factor for the monetary value of a Funko Pop. Last month, in July, Funko Pop recorded 6,000 daily searches for specific models, including D.C. and Marvel Comic characters and Michael Myers from Halloween. Other factors include;

  • Age
  • Sentimental Importance
  • Material
  • Design

It’s not a set rule, but older Funko Pops are typically more valuable than new ones because they’re rare. Being in existence for years means most of the counterparts in a collection are either damaged or lost in this day and age. That factor makes old Funko Pop Vinyls unique.

It can fit every criterion stipulated yet hold no interest for collectors rendering it worthless. For instance, Vaulted Vinyl Funko Pops aren’t always interesting pieces as they are discontinued for a reason.

The same rule applies to rare and old Funko Pops with no historical or sentimental value to the potential buyers.

Which models are the rarest Funko Pops?

Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa

Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa

In 2016, Pop! made a set of Funko Pops in the likeness of Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Like the original book and movie adaptations, the company made a contest giving four winners a tour of the Funko Factory.

Apart from their unique circumstances, the Funko Pops were made of pure gold in only ten quantities. Apart from the four packs sold to the golden ticket finders, the remaining six-packs remain a mystery.

Stan Lee

The Stan Lee Funko Pops made of metal and platinum Vinyl are exclusive models with only 10 pieces. A seller on eBay offered it at $9,000 with Certificates of Authenticity for each piece.

Unique Funko Pops

Rarest of 2020

Many of the Funko Pops that gained popularity in 2020 owe their fame to pop culture occurrences like the ending of Game of Thrones in 2019 and the release of Toy Story 4 that same year. Low below for the list of some 2020 top sellers.

Note that many of these Funko Pops glowed in the dark.

  • Jamie Lannister
  • Dumbo the Clown
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Frakenberry
  • Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange

How to Avoid Buying Fake Funko Pops

Don’t get carried away with your interest; forget to do due diligence on your vendor, especially if you’re buying online. Check the shipping location and ensure it’s an official registered country on the Funko Pop website.

If it’s a private seller, you may request a Certificate of Authentication before paying for the item. Read the reviews on the items and beneath the seller’s page to know what other buyers think of them. You’re entitled to request as many images and videos as possible from the offeror.

For rare Funko Pops, the biggest red flag is excess supply, as they’re supposed to be limited pieces. Also, the pricing should raise your guard, especially when it’s ridiculously cheap compared to verified sales.

eBay recently invested in Funko, leading to their subscribers’ closer vet. Pop Price Guide noted 20 fake Elvis Pops in the original boxes and recorded an ignorant person paid $400 for a piece. If you’re buying any Funko Pop from the site, ask for a Certificate of Authenticity.

That’s the surest way to guarantee you’re buying a real piece, although it’s not 100 percent. For more red flags, check Pop Collectors Alliance or join Whatnot App to meet a community of Freddy Funko Pop collectors.

Where can I Buy an Authentic Funko Pop?

Buying authentic and valuable Funko Pop figurines can become tasking with the excessive fake pieces flooding the market today. The first step is identifying what you’re looking for and finding the correct market. Not all markets deal in Funko Pops.

However, once you know what you want, you can use the keywords to find the nearest marketplace.

Funko Company

You’d get the best guarantee from Funko Company as they’re the source and you can’t go wrong patronizing a product’s manufacturer. The company has physical stores across the USA and in London, UK.

If you’d rather buy online, Funko Company also has an internet presence with delivery across the USA and possibly worldwide in the near future.

Funko Company Special Offers

Die-hard Funko Pop collectors know that the Convention exclusives and Fundays are where it’s at. You get special limited-edition releases and assorted Vinyl with extra gifts. Also, you can meet fellow collectors who’ve been in the community longer than you.

These conventions are a great place to find rare Funko Pops since like-minded traders would gather in the same place long enough to buy and sell.

Final Note

Funko Pops are affordable collectibles if you’re looking to invest for the future. Use the tips in this guide to pick out the model’s worth money and you wouldn’t regret it. Remember that you’re not the only one searching for returns and there are dubious people out there.

Inspect your potential piece carefully before paying for it and do your best to avoid worthless Funko Pops. Four things to help you pick top dollar investments are;

  • Chase Stickers
  • Vaulted Vinyl
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Models
  • Metallic Models


Q: Which Funko Pops Go Up in Value?

Only the special limited-edition Funko Pops go up in value as they’re not inherently worthy collectibles. Look out for the rarest Funko Pop which are models with chase stickers, re-release signs, vinyl, and vaulted collections.

Q: How do You tell if a Freddy Funko Pop Will Go Up in Value

The material and pop culture significance determine the possible increase in value of a Freddy Funko Pop figurine. So, icons and popular franchises are the best options to collect if you’re looking to invest.

Q: How do You know a Vaulted Funko Pop

A Vaulted Funko Pop is one that’s no longer in circulation. Once it leaves the market officially, the company may decide to re-release it if consumer demand is high.

Q: Which Funko Pop is number one?

Big Boy Wacky Wobblers was the first Funko Pop ever created in 1998 and it had a bobblehead. There were 480 pieces produced and released to the public but it wasn’t the most popular.   

Q: What Funko Pop is number 666?

Lord Zedd from Power Rangers has the honor of being Funko Pop 666. He’s wearing a complete red gear with his staff and helmet.

Watch the video below for details

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