15 Rare and Most Valuable Antique Cigar Boxes

While cigar smoking is not as prevalent as it was once, it may surprise you that individuals are still attracted to special cigar packages over a hundred years old. For this reason, the value of rare antique cigar boxes has not wavered over the years.

Talking about the antique cigar box values, how much money should you expect to spend on one? Well, the value of these collectibles varies depending on various factors, including condition and age. In the antique marketplace, you can get decent antique cigar boxes for under $100, although the price for the finest pieces can go as high as $5,000. 

This detailed cigar box price guide will help you understand how to value antique cigar boxes. Beyond that, we will show you 15 rare antique cigar boxes worth a lot of money. Read on to learn more.

How to value old cigar boxes: Factors Affecting Antique Cigar Box Values

The United States created the Revenue Act in 1864, requiring cigars to be packaged in boxes. This automatically created a thriving cigar market in the 19th and 20th centuries.

As the popularity of cigars grew, cigar manufacturers started producing prized boxes that boasted art, artistic labels, and high-end styles. For this reason, most collectors of rare antique cigar boxes often look for specific characteristics in their boxes—some materials, conditions, and styles have a higher value than others.

Below, we will look at how these factors affect the antique cigar box values. In addition to showing you how to value old cigar boxes, this section of our cigar box price guide will help you understand how to identify genuine and rare antique cigar boxes.

1. Antique Cigar Box Type

Antique Cigar Box Type
Source: ebay

In the early days, old cigar boxes were generally produced using nailed wood. These antique cigar boxes featured six wood pieces put together using nails to create a box allowing up to 50 cigars.

This remained the manufacturing standard until the technological advancements of the 20th Century—and cheaper materials—made the boxes easier to make and more affordable. As a result, the cigar boxes produced before the Revenue Act of 1864 are more desirable, with commemorative and novelty cigar boxes being more collectible due to their impressive visual appeal—this gives these old boxes a higher value.

The type of antique cigar boxes varies depending on the artistic renderings on it, with the most common types being:

  • Automotive scenes
  • Indigenous people
  • Holiday scenes
  • Political figures and presidents
  • Animals and pets
  • Familiar scenes
  • Sports

2. Material

Source: ebay

Antique cigar boxes were manufactured using various materials, including the finest chinas and the most affordable woods. In most cases, antique cigar box values will be higher if it is made using finer materials compared to those produced using wood.

However, pristine and rare antique cigar boxes produced using valuable woods, including mahogany, may have a similar price to the luxury options. Some of the most common materials when it comes to antique cigar boxes include:

  • Sterling silver
  • China
  • Glass
  • Brass
  • Tin
  • Aluminum
  • Wood

3. Age  

Age is one of the most vital factors when you want to value old cigar boxes. This element can significantly raise the collector’s demand and monetary value of the cigar box.

Since the Revenue Act of 1864 standardized cigar packaging, cigar boxes manufactured before 1864 are rarer and tend to have higher antique cigar box values than the mass-produced varieties after 1864.

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How Do You Date Cigar Boxes?

Now that we have talked about the age of the cigar box being a major influencing factor when it comes to the value of antique cigar boxes, you may want to know how to date an antique cigar box. Below, we will look at several ways:

Check the Tax Stamp

In the United States, tax stamps have changed often through the years—for this reason, they can be an effective tool for estimating the age of a cigar box.

The tax stamps varied in style, font, and color. Some marked vital changes in the world—such as the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the World Wars.

The Label

Checking the make and style of the label may help you with dating your cigar box. Some cigar box labels did have a production date and the company’s branding.

Some key labels you may want to pay attention to include:

  • Embossed labels became common after 1884
  • Stone lithographs were used from around 1864 to 1910
  • You will find dates on copyrighted information

4. Condition

Collectors prioritize and value old cigar boxes that are still in excellent condition over those with noticeable damage. Regarding shape, any detailed antique cigar box price guide will tell you to look at various things that affect the box’s condition—these are:

Maker’s marks

In some cases, the presence of the marker’s marks will increase the antique cigar box values. The old boxes with clear marks on the inside lid or the bottom tend to have the highest price.


If the box still has intact labels—that is, the labels have no tears, no rips, and aren’t peeling—it will have a higher value.


As noted earlier, wood was the most used material in producing antique cigar boxes. For this reason, these boxes were susceptible to harmful effects from water. Therefore, signs of mildew or mold on the box edges and inside the corners can reduce the value.

5. Limited Release

Limited Release
Source: Liveauctioneers

Some cigar boxes were designed as limited releases—this means that only a few of these exist worldwide. Therefore, such cigar boxes will be worth a lot of money since their demand will be high.

A good example would be a cigar box using the image of a baseball player named Hans Wagner. It is believed that Hans Wagner hated that his image was being used for advertising cigars (tobacco) and decided to end the production of boxes using his image.

For this reason, boxes featuring Wagner’s image are in limited supply. If you come across a box using the image, you should expect it to have one of the highest antique cigar box values. The Hans Wagner label alone has been sold for $5,888 in the past.

6. Cigar Brand

Cigar Brand
Source: Veronicabooksandart

On how to value old cigar boxes, we cannot ignore that the brand name often plays a vital role in the price of antique cigar boxes. Most collectors will have a higher preference for some brands.

Some of the most notable brands that often see a lot of demand in the cigar box collector’s community include:

  • La Flor Dominicana
  • Padron
  • Ashton
  • Fuente Fuente Opus X
  • San Cristobal

7. Unique Shape

An unusual shape can potentially increase a cigar box’s rarity and value. However, some of the antique cigar boxes feature pristine conditions and intricate details that make them stand out.

In some instances, the unusual shape could easily mean that the box was produced before 1864, when the box size and shapes were standardized. This could mean a higher price because of the box’s age.

15 Valuable and Rare Antique Cigar Boxes

Price (USD)
250-Antique Silver Cigarette Box
Quaker Ben Benjamen Franklin Cigar Box
Late 19th Century
Birks Sterling Silver Cigar Box
Early 20th Century
Hilliard & Thomason Sterling Silver Box
Ottoman Cigar Box
Grant Sheridan Sherman Wooden Cigar Box
Early 20th Century
Gold Dragon Humidor Cigar Box
Early 20th Century
Novelty Cheroot-Cigar House
Lock & Key Wood-Brass Cigar Box
German Wilhelm Hulse Berlin Silver Cigar Box
John Rogers Cigar Box
Early 20th Century
Shakespear Colorado Wooden Cigar Box
Early 19th Century
Eyerly Success Cigar Box
Douglas Fairbanks Cigar Box
Late 19th Century
Cubano Favorites Wood Cigar Box
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1. 250-Antique Silver Cigarette Box

250-Antique Silver Cigarette Box
Source: ebay

This antique cigar box could hold up to 250 cigars—this makes it stand out in an era where most cigar boxes could only hold a maximum of 50 cigars. In addition, the cigar box boasts silver as its raw material and has artistic figures representing indigenous people.

The actual decade of this box’s manufacture is not known. However, the seller indicates it was produced in the 18th Century. To add this 105-gram cigar box to your collection, you will need $4,500 to pay for it.

2. Quaker Ben Benjamen Franklin Cigar Box

Quaker Ben Benjamen Franklin Cigar Box
Source: ebay

Rofelda Cigars manufactured this Cigar box. The company operated until 1916 and was well known for its high-quality cigars and cigar boxes.

The Quaker Ben Benjamen Franklin Cigar Box was produced to pay homage to Benjamin Franklin, one of the United States’ founding fathers. This box is currently listed on eBay for $1,999.

3. Birks Sterling Silver Cigar Box

Birks Sterling Silver Cigar Box
Source: ebay

This sterling silver box boasts the art deco style. Produced in the early 20th Century, the box is quite large, featuring a length of close to 10 inches, a height of 3.25 inches, and a width of 6 inches.

The box is in good condition and does not feature significant signs of wear and tear. If you are wondering about antique cigar box values, you can add this piece to your collection for $1,799.

4. Hilliard & Thomason Sterling Silver Box

Hilliard & Thomason Sterling Silver Box
Source: ebay

If you want to go back 130 years, this Hilliard & Thomason Sterling Silver Box gives you the perfect opportunity to do that. The sterling silver tobacco box was produced in 1892.

Surprisingly, this box is still in good condition even after over a Century of use. Boasting a length of 3 inches and a width of 2.6 inches, the box weighs 74.3 grams. This piece can become yours if you are ready to pay $1,405 for it.

5. Ottoman Cigar Box

Ottoman Cigar Box
Source: ebay

If you wonder whether there are antique cigar boxes under $1,000 in this cigar box price guide, this option could work for you. Although it is currently listed on eBay, this Ottoman Cigar Box sells at $869.

The box boasts a super floral patterned front side, while its back face has a bird carrying a letter. The high-set silver box has its origin in Turkey.

6. Grant Sheridan Sherman Wooden Cigar Box

Grant Sheridan Sherman Wooden Cigar Box
Source: ebay

This antique wooden cigar box boasts TRI Cigars as the manufacturer. When you open its lid, the box displays three public figures—Grant, Sheridan, and Sherman.

The cigar box is in excellent condition, and all its labels and marks are still apparent. To add the box to your collection of cigar boxes, you will need $825.

7. Gold Dragon Humidor Cigar Box

Gold Dragon Humidor Cigar Box
Source: ebay

This handmade cigar box has its origin in Spain. The art deco box boasts Sterling Silver with a purity of .925 as its manufacturing material.

In addition to having a cobalt blue color, the box has a gold dragon woman and flowers. To get this piece that dates back to the early 1900s, you will need $759.99.

8. Novelty Cheroot-Cigar House

Novelty Cheroot-Cigar House
Source: ebay

The first Novelty cigar box we have on this list, the Novelty Cheroot-Cigar House boasts one of the unique designs. The box is designed as a house and boasts a handmade guard dog.

The wooden cigar box came out of the factory in 1880, which makes it one of the oldest antiques on this list. You can add this antique piece to your collection for only $612.34.

9. Lock & Key Wood-Brass Cigar Box

Lock & Key Wood-Brass Cigar Box
Source: ebay

This antique cigar box was manufactured in 1890. According to the seller, the box boasts a combination of brass and wood as its raw materials.

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The 120-year-old box is one of the few produced in the 19th Century that came with a lock and key. The old antique cigar box is still in good condition, except for some fading and rust on its inside metals. To get this antique box, you will spend $600.

10. German Wilhelm Hulse Berlin Silver Cigar Box

German Wilhelm Hulse Berlin Silver Cigar Box
Source: ebay

Despite being more than 100 years old, this German Wilhelm Hulse Berlin Silver Cigar Box is still in excellent condition. The sterling silver box is quite large, with its outside featuring a length of 16.3 cm and 10.6 cm.

The box weighs a total of 387 grams. One of the rare antique cigar boxes, this German Wilhelm Hulse Berlin Cigar Box will set you back $539.

11. John Rogers Cigar Box

John Rogers Cigar Box
Source: ebay

This antique cigar box dates to the late 19th Century. Made of wood, the cigar box is unique, considering that it has all its labels intact and the wood does not show any major damage.

The box’s lid typically opens and closes, meaning that the box can still be used today. The box is currently listed on eBay and interested buyers can get it for $450.

12. Shakespeare Colorado Wooden Cigar Box

Shakespeare Colorado Wooden Cigar Box
Source: ebay

One of the oldest antique cigar boxes on this list, this Shakespear Colorado Wooden Cigar Box was manufactured before the Revenue act of 1864. Unfortunately, after nearly 200 years in the market, the box seems to have wear and tear—its condition cannot be described as excellent.

One of the rarest antique cigar boxes, this piece boasts Charles Lusk as the Manufacturer. Currently listed on eBay, you can get this piece at $375.

13. Eyerly Success Cigar Box

Eyerly Success Cigar Box
Source: ebay

This wooden antique cigar box was manufactured by Eyerly Success Cigar company. The company’s operations date back to the early 20th Century, with the company’s base of operation sitting in Canton, Illinois.

This antique box is still in what can be considered excellent condition. It does not feature any major signs of wear and tear, has its labels intact, and all its parts are working. You can add this box to your collection of cigar boxes at $325.

14. Douglas Fairbanks Cigar Box

Douglas Fairbanks Cigar Box
Source: ebay

This wooden cigar box also boasts excellent condition. Although it has been exchanging hands for more than a Century, the box does not have any major dents; all its labels are intact, and the lid opens and closes without any issues.

The wooden box is medium-sized and appears designed to carry 50 cigars. Armed with $325, you will be able to add this antique wooden box to your collection.

15. Cubano Favorites Wood Cigar Box

Cubano Favorites Wood Cigar Box
Source: ebay

The fact that Cuban cigars are some of the most loved in the world suggests that Cuban cigar boxes may also be valuable. This Cubano Favorites Wood Cigar Box shows the antique cigar box values, with the seller asking $250 for this box.

The Cuban box boasts excellent condition, with its labels and maker’s mark still intact. The box, however, does show some signs of cosmetic wear.


In addition to being perfect reusable containers, antique cigar boxes can be precious in the antique market. This cigar box price guide discusses the antique cigar box values.

We have also shown you how to value old cigar boxes. This should help you avoid paying more—or getting paid less—for rare antique cigar boxes.

We hope this guide has answered your questions about antique cigar boxes. Please let us know if we missed some questions.

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