25 Most Valuable Wade Figurines Worth a Lot of Money

Wade Figurines

Since the first Wade Whimsie was created in 1954, Wade pottery has developed into an accessible collectibles category and is still very popular today.

Wade Ceramics has produced several types of ceramics for a very long time, but the company didn’t start making Wade Figurines until 1954. 13 years after creating the initial Wade Figurines, in 1967, Wade Ceramics made the decision to work with Red Rose Tea.

Due to the partnership, each box of tea from Red Rose Tea now includes a small Wade Figurine. More than 300 million Wade Figurines were distributed by Red Rose Tea in the US alone.

What was once given away in tea boxes is now, however, accompanied by a fee. Today, you’ll need to shell out $100 to over $700 to purchase a high-value Wade figurine.

This thorough guide can help you identify the 25 most valuable Wade Figurines if you’re thinking about starting a collection.

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What are Wade figurines?

The George Wade Pottery first appeared in England in 1810. It offered pottery and bottles for sale. When this didn’t prove to be as lucrative as they had anticipated, they focused on ceramics. When the company began producing figurines, everything took off! They eventually discovered a formula that worked after a minor glitch in the creation of these adorable pieces. 

The George Wade & Sons Ltd. creates a variety of whimsies called Wade Figurines. The firm, which is situated in England, began making the figurines in 1954 using porcelain.

In 1967, Red Rose Tea and George Wade & Sons Ltd cooperated to ensure that each package of tea contained a Wade Figurine. Red Rose Tea sells some of the most popular Wade figurines on the market right now.

The ridges on the bottoms are evidence that some were used to ignite matches in kitchens and pubs. Kids or adults who simply enjoyed collecting them would have loved these as well. They first appeared in Red Rose Tea and have since become a valued collectible!

Different Types of Wade Figurines

Numerous Figurines were produced by George Wade & Sons Ltd between 1954 and 2019. However, the company created the following miniatures as part of the partnership agreement with Red Rose Tea:

  • 1983 to 1985 – Animal Series I
  • 1985 to 1986 – Animal Series II
  • 1994 to 1999 – Circus Series
  • 1999 to 2002 – Endangered North American Animals
  • 2002 to 2006 – Noah’s Ark Series
  • 2006 to 2008 – Shop Friend Series
  • 2008 to 2012 – Calendar Series

25 Most Valuable Wade Figurines

Here is the list of 25 most valuable wade figurines that are worth buying:

1.Whimsey in the Vale Village value $745.99

Whimsey in the Vale Village

Whimsey in The Vale Village, the most expensive Wade figurine we could find online, is presently available on eBay for $745.99. This Wade Figuring, manufactured in 1993, is still in its original packaging.

The Wade Figurine, according to the seller, shows just slight cosmetic wear but still works and performs as intended. The figurine, which has a gloss finish, may give any space personality and appeal.

2.Farm Animals Set value $599.99

Farm Animals Set

This Wade figurine was manufactured in 1959. The figure shows a swan, a goat, a horse, and a pig among other popular agricultural animals in various hues. This Wade figurine is available right now on eBay for $599.99.

The farm animal figurines are in fine condition and free of any damage, according to the seller. The farm animals, which are made of porcelain and have a gloss finish, may be positioned in any environment to provide interest.

3.Wade Happy Cats Set value $429.99

Wade Happy Cats Set

This 2009 Wade Figurine depicts five cheerful cats in various colours. These cats, which come in gold, silver, and various colours, have a glossy texture that sets them apart.

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This Wade Figurine is brand-new, unused, and unopened, the seller claims. The figurine is still in its original box and shows no indications of wear or damage. The figurine is currently available on eBay with a $429.99 price tag.

4. Whimsey On Why Set value $275.99

Whimsey On Why Set

ey on Why Set includes a map that pinpoints the locations of eight unique structures. This set was produced in 1984, over 40 years ago, and it’s still in good shape.

Wade created these artworks by fusing porcelain and earthenware. However, each component has a variety of colors that give the appearance of a real building. On eBay right now, the Whimsey on Why Set is priced at $275.99.

5. Complete Dinosaur Set 3 Wade Figurines value $175.99

Complete Dinosaur Set 3 Wade Figurines

It can be challenging to tell the animals apart in the numerous Wade series. For starters, circus animals are typically painted in two or more colours and wear clothing, such as hats and skirts. This group of six dinosaurs is a whole dino family and was included in Dinosaur Set 3 from 2008.

The names of all the dinosaurs are difficult to verify, although different sellers assert to have a grey iguanodon, a brown ankylosaurus , an orange lambeosaurus, a blue brontosaurus, and a green allosaurus. They have brilliant colours, distinct body parts, and are around 2 inches tall.

6. Dolly Varden Rare Wade Figurine value $300.00

Dolly Varden Rare Wade Figurine

Complete collections frequently command premium prices. But on occasion, you can come upon a solo piece that’s very valuable. That might depend on the content, time period, or design of the object. This 1936 work, which was based on a character by Charles Dickens, was highly regarded for its vintage appeal.

This Dolly Varden figurine was created in the manner of Wade’s cellulose finishing experiments from the 1930s. This finish does become yellow over time, but to collectors, that only contributes to the originality and worth of the item. It is 24 cm by 14 cm in size.

7. Michelin Bibendum Men Complete Wade Figurines value $301.70

Michelin Bibendum Men Complete Wade Figurines

If Betty Boop’s curves aren’t your style, you might find the Men of Michelin to be more appealing. These Wade miniatures, which come in a set of four, are a more recent collection. The Michelin (Tire) Man is constructed of white stacked tyres, and his official name is Bibendum.

He wears numerous costumes in this set, including that of a Native American, Santas, cowboy, and a sailor. Only 750 sets were produced, therefore the cost is already beginning to rise. Additionally, the four white men are all clothed in vibrant colours, and they are all standing on a podium that is white and bears the Michelin insignia.

8. Crooked Little Irish Paddy Wade Figurine value $117.13

Crooked Little Irish Paddy Wade Figurine

All the Wades produced in the UK are listed in-depth in the World of Wade books with volumes 1 and 2. However, Irish Wades’ companion book, written by Ian Warner, also has some hidden gems. One such find is this Crooked Irish Paddy.

He is an elderly man who is hunched over his cane. And just like the Bard of Armagh, William Harper served as the basis for his characteristics. His underbelly is marked with all of his authenticating information, and he stands about 5 inches tall. He appears to have a dish of plums in his hands.

9. The Penguin from Batman Series value $235

The Penguin from Batman Series

The Batman franchise served as the source of inspiration for the 1999 Wade figurine. The figurine is in perfect condition, according to the seller.

The figurine, which is still in its original box, is fairly expensive. This figurine is listed for $235.44 on eBay.

10. Coronation Street value $459.99

Coronation Street

This Wade figurine, which dates to 1988, consists of three parts that each represent a Coronation Street house. The tiny homes have distinctive graphic layouts that specify their many purposes.

Despite having been used before, the seller claims that the Wade Figurines are in flawless shape and are damage-free. These figurines are available for purchase right now on eBay for $459.99.

11. Wade – The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker value $400

Wade - The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker

This figurine, which was made by Wade Ceramics in the 1950s. The candlestick maker Butcher, and Baker is the rarest figurine of the three, according to the seller.

The candlestick maker is now in excellent condition, showing no evidence of wear or cracks. The figurine is presently sold on eBay for $400 due to its rarity.

12. Wade Whimsies Farmyard Animals Figurines 1959 value $665.99

Wade Whimsies Farmyard Animals Figurines 1959

This kit for Farmyard Animals is very cherished. The shire horse, Italian goat, piglet, foxhound, and swan are all included in this whole set of five, which is packaged separately. The series depreciates by as much as $100 if you purchase a set without the box when it was first released in 1959.

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13. Wade Staffordshire Dinosaurs Set of 14 Plus Display Box value $475.99

Wade Staffordshire Dinosaurs Set of 14 Plus Display Box

Wade created a number of dinosaur sets. And confirming their precise names, hues, and species might be difficult. On other websites, the same figure may have several names, some of which are made up. Purchasing this entire package is therefore safer.

It’s worth the shipping because it comes with 14 separate dinosaurs already pre-packaged in a labeled display box! Every reptile has been carefully colored and created, with additional attention being paid to its scales, claws, and horns. Sets #1, #2, and #3’s flawless dinosaur parts are gathered in this collection.

14. Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Wade Figurines value $294.89

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Wade Figurines

One of the most well-known fairy tales in the world is Snow White. And because the Disney version is so well-liked, people regard it as canon. They do receive a Wade set, but just so you know, the Keeper of Dwarfs version from the original Brothers Grimm Brothers is much darker!

With the exception of a chink on Bashful Dwarf, these pieces are flawless and were taken from a private collection. The colors are still vivid and exquisitely glazed. Each of the eight figures is placed on a separate base made of green, textured grass, and they each have amusingly different face expressions.

15. Complete Camelot Series 5-Piece Wade Figurines value $59.15

Complete Camelot Series 5-Piece Wade Figurines

Red Rose Wade sculptures that are free can be distinguished from those that are purchased by their color. The handouts were produced in a single color with minimal textural complexity, but you may still get a lot for them if you have a full set. However, this Camelot television series was more expensive.

Merlin, Guinevere, Arthur, the Lady of the Lake, and Lancelotare are the other members of the group of five. They appear to be dressed in ceremonial garb that includes jewels and weaponry. They all rest on spherical bases and either stand or kneel. Verification of this Camelot Collection is provided by the stamp below.

16. Wade Figurines Complete 12-Piece Calendar Series value $124.99

Wade Figurines Complete 12-Piece Calendar Series

The price of Wade figurines is not widely known. You might find a ton among your grandmother’s belongings. At garage sales, cracked ones are frequently given away for free. Purchase the World of Wade books so you can identify these priceless discoveries. Later, you can flip them.

But double check the series you’re buying when you shop. Due to their limited handling, the house figurines, known as Whimsy-on-Why, preserve their condition better. However, the prices for human and animal parts are higher. Try this comprehensive collection of calendars instead.

17. Vintage Red Rose Tea Gingerbread Wade Whimsy value $94.64

Vintage Red Rose Tea Gingerbread Wade Whimsy

Some nursery rhyme figurines, which were produced for the Canadian market, can sell for up to $100. An especially priceless discovery is the gingerbread man. He belonged to a group that also comprised the Goldilocks bears, the elderly woman in the shoe, and the grandfather clock.

You’re better off purchasing a full collection rather than selling the individual pieces at auction because the cost of this small fellow can range from $2 to $200. The 24 pieces that made up the nursery rhyme collection in total are available here. Each miniature is a different hue.

18. Wade Cats Set 8 value $279.99

Wade Cats Set 8

The Wade Cats Set 8 was created in 2006, making it one of the more recent Wade Figurine Sets. Six cats in various poses and hues make up the set.

The glossy sheen on the items with several colors enhances their charm. The Wade figurines are more expensive than typical and come in perfect condition with no defects. On eBay, Wade Cats Set 8 is going for $279.99.

19. Big Bad Wolf value $329.99

Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf figurine, which has a fairy tales theme, was created in 2019. The wolf is white and made of porcelain. It has a gloss finish.

This Wade Figurine is a limited edition, the seller claims. It costs a lot since there are so few of these figurines available; the Wade Figurine is listed on eBay for $329.99.

20. Wade Whimsies Set 1 value $324.99

Wade Whimsies Set 1

Wade Whimsies Set 1 was one of the first Wade figurines, debuting in 1954. This collection, which includes a Poodle, Horse, Dog, Fawn, and Rabbit, is still in its original box, the seller claims. They come in a variety of hues, from white to brown, for these agricultural animals.

The Wade Figurines are safe for children, teens, and adults. Wade Whimsies Set 1 is selling at $324.99 on eBay.

21. Noah’s Ark 15-Piece Wade Figurines + Ark value $179.99

Noah’s Ark 15-Piece Wade Figurines + Ark

Some of the first figures of Noah’s Ark were made of plain white. Twelve pieces of a particular set were white, green, blue, grey, and brown. You may amass a figurine of Noah and his wife if you drank a lot of tea. You might even be able to get the actual Ark to house them there!

You could just purchase this whole collection rather than trying to put it together from several boxes and cups. The set includes Noah and his wife, who is depicted in green, as well as a pair of white lambs, a tan lion, a grey elephant, blue geese, green chickens, the ark, and, the brown rhinoceros.

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22. Wadeheath Disney Pluto’s Pup Figurine value $174.51

Wadeheath Disney Pluto’s Pup Figurine

Wade sculptures frequently include characters from Disney. The characters are so adored and well-known, which makes it a successful collaboration. One of Pluto and Fifi’s five puppies is depicted on this figurine. Disney enthusiasts love the tenacious quintuplets.

The pup measures 62mm in width and 100mm in height. It has a deep, orange-like brown tone, lifted brows, and an expressive face. The figurine does, however, feature a few obvious “manufacturing defects,” such as air bubbles and color smudges. Fortunately, they have no impact on the purchase price.

23. Wade Horses value $239.99

Wade Horses

The four pieces in this Wade Horses Figurine Set date to 1956. A senior horse is featured in one work, adolescent horses in the other two, and a dog in the third.

The figurines are in good shape and do not exhibit any wear. These figurines are currently available on eBay at price of $239.99.

24. Wade Whimsies Polar Set value $245.99

Wade Whimsies Polar Set

Wade Whimsies Polar Set, which has 5 pieces, was created more than 60 years ago. As part of the collection, there are figurines of a polar bear, king penguin, husky, baby seal, and baby polar bear. Due to the different colors of pieces, it can produce a pleasing color display.

The Wade Whimsies Polar Set is a porcelain figurine with a gloss finish, similar to other Wade figurines on this list. For $245.99, this Wade figurine is currently available on eBay.

25. Wade Black and White Swan Set value $229.99

Wade Black and White Swan Set

This swan set, one of the more recent Wade Figurines, was created in 2017. Two pieces are included in the set, one of which is a white swan and the other a black swan.

According to the seller, this set is a limited edition and is supplied with a certificate, along with its original packaging. You must pay $229.99 to buy the swan set, which is now on eBay.

How can I Find Value of my Wade Figurines?

Wade figurines can range in price. Wade Figurines come in a variety of pricing ranges, from under $100 for a single piece to over $700 for a whole collection. We’ll look into a few of the variables influencing Wade figurine value below:

· Condition

Your Wade figurine will be worth more if it is still packaged in its original packing than if it is not. The figurine can fetch top price if the original box is still protected by clear plastic.

Wade figurines that have been removed from their packaging or that have visible signs of wear will be substantially less valuable.

· Rarity

The most valuable Wade Figurines are typically the rarest Wade Figurines because there is a low supply of these items. Conversely, common figurines have a high supply, which frequently results in a lower value.

Despite being ordinary figurines, their value could rise if there is a significant demand for them. The rare Wade figurine will still be substantially more expensive than the common Wade figurine even if demand for both types of figurines is equal.

· Age

Wade figurines made between 1954 and 1960 are more valuable than those made considerably later in the 20th century. Wade Figurines become more valuable as they age if they are kept in good shape.

Where Can You Buy and Sell your Wade Figurines?

The following are some of the best ways to buy and sell Wade figurines:

· Consignment shop

· Ebay or Etsy

· Utilize Craigslist

· Buy and sell the Wade figurines at an online auction


Knowing what to look for is the secret to discovering valuable figurines. Examine china markings and discover what makes a superb figurine. In general, the maker is significant, but the work’s attention to detail and aesthetic appeal also play a significant role in what makes it unique. If something beautiful catches your eye and appeals to you, it could also be valuable to others.

Our Takeaway

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about 25 most valuable wade figurines to hit the market recently. For a price, you can find anything you’re looking for, including rare prototypes, restored vintage models, and original condition items.

And if you still have your own antique safe at home, look after it! It could be incredibly worthy.

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