19 Most Valuable Vintage Planters Peanut Jar Worth Money

Vintage Planters peanut jars have served us as containers for tasty peanuts in the past. They are now hot on the list of collectors for their durability, breathtaking aesthetics, and continued usefulness around the house and beyond.

A Vintage Planters Peanut jar can cost well over $100 to $400 depending on factors like the year of production, condition, rarity, and design.

Let’s be your guide on the journey into the fascinating world of vintage Planters peanut jar, their worth and how to perfectly identify them.

Planters peanut jar

Planters Peanut History

The journey of Planters’ peanuts is particularly interesting, being around for over a century- the company started operations in 1906. However, they didn’t become well-grounded until 1916, when the company contributed to the creation of Mr. Peanut Mascot.

The ‘Mascot’ Mr. Peanut debuted in 1916, which a commercial artist began with a schoolboy’s sketch, which he dropped as part of a project for a contest. He added lovely accessories- a cane, monocle, top hat, gloves, and spats.

Mr. Peanut was of British Origin and went by the moniker Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald Smythe. By the middle of 1930, the yellow figure had become a solid symbol for the whole peanut industry as Mr. Peanut now appeared on all of Planter’s merchandise and Ads.

The company had a special vacuum-sealed container that appeared in stores in 1928. It later became their trademark and was popularly referred to as the Planters Peanut Glass Jars.

Planters company came to be because of a partnership between creators Amedeo Obici and Mario Peruzzi. These peanuts are popular for not having shells, husks, and skins of peanuts but a soft and workable inner nut.

All thanks to Peruzzi, who invented blanching whole roasted peanuts. After two years of success, the company was further incorporated as Planters Nut and Chocolate Company. So by 1913, Obici relocated to Suffolk in  Virginia, known as the peanut capital of the world, and commissioned the first mass production company.

By 1950, Planters created a popular puzzle known as the ‘Planterspeanutpuzzle,’ giving gifts and prizes to people who played and won. Planters company celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1981 and released its glass jar to celebrate the event; it’s one of the most valuable jars from the brand.

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19 Most Valuable Vintage Planters Peanut Jars

Here’s a list of 19 highly priced vintage Planters peanut jars gathered from reliable sources and previous auctions. This list is not an imitation or recreation of any existing list or price guide.

Release Date
Vintage Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts Jar
Vintage Planters Peanut Fish Bowl Jar
Rare Vintage Planters Peanut Jar
Vintage Planters Peanut Clippers Jar
Vintage Planters Peanut Jar
Vintage Planters Peanuts Advertising Glass Jar
Vintage Planters Mr. Peanut Octagon Embossed Glass Jar
Vintage Pink Depression Glass Planters Peanut Jar
Vintage Planters Peanuts Glass Store Jar
Planters Pink Peanut Jar
Vintage Planters Mr. Peanut Running Barrel Jar
Vintage Planters Pennant Peanuts 5 Cents Glass Jar
Vinatage Planters Peanuts Hexagon Peanut Jar
Vintage Rare Planters Peanut Ceramic Cooking Jar
Streamline Peanut Planters Jar
Vintage Planters Peanut Plastic Jar
 Vintage Planters Mr. Peanut Peanut Butter Jar
Vintage Planters Mr Peanut Canister Jar
Vintage Planters Peanuts 75th Anniversary Glass Jar

19. Vintage Planters Peanuts 75th Anniversary Glass JAR

Price: $6.99

Release Date: 1981

Vintage Planters Peanuts 75th Anniversary Glass JAR

The regal 75th-anniversary Planters peanut jar comes in clear glass with ’75th anniversary’ written for better identification. Like every other Planters jar, this one also has the Planters embossed on it.

18. Vintage Planters Mr. Peanut Canister Jar

Price: $27.95

Release Date: 1980

Vintage Planters Mr. Peanut Canister Jar
(Source: eBay)

A well-molded vintage planter, the Mr. Peanut Canister jar is made with clear glass with intricate details of star designs. This canister is perfect for keeping freshly baked nuts and great for store display.

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The canister comes with a lid, safeguarding its contents from moisture or spillage. It has a Mr. Peanut phrase boldly inscribed on the bottom and top of the lid. The Planters company produced the jar in 1980, which is on sale on eBay.

17. Vintage Planters Mr. Peanut Peanut Butter Glass Jar

Price: $29.99

Release Date: 1950

Vintage Planters Mr. Peanut Peanut Butter Glass Jar
(Source: eBay)

This Vintage Planters peanut butter glass jar has an interesting lid with Mr. Peanut Character painted in blue and light brown. It blends in perfectly with the theme of the letters on the lid. The glass jar was produced in the 1950s and is currently available on eBay for $29.99

16. Vintage Planters Peanut Plastic Jar

Price: $38.00

Release Date: 1979

Vintage Planters Peanut Plastic Jar
(Source: Etsy)

Planters company paid homage to Mr. Peanut with this catchy, brightly colored piece. It bore the traditional blue and yellow hue found on most Planters peanut jars with details of eyes, lips, and nose.

Mr. Peanut is over one foot tall with a removable trademark monocle top hat. The item is see-through, which gives you a great view of the content, and is currently on sale for $38.

15. Streamline Mr. Peanuts Planters Jar

Price: $49.99

Release Date: 1937

Streamline Mr. Peanuts Planters Jar
(Source: Etsy)

The popularity of the streamlined peanut Planters jar runs deep among collectors. This is because it introduced a new era of minimalist designs for Planters company merchandise as they moved away from making carved and heavily sculpted jars.

The square jar has straight sides and rounded corners with a green and yellow detailed lid and labels printed in yellow letters on the top and bottom of the container.

14. Vintage Rare Planters Peanuts Ceramic Cookie Jar

Price: $79.99

Release Date: 1970

Vintage Rare Planters Peanuts Ceramic Cookie Jar
(Source: Etsy)

Planters made ceramic peanut jars to fit into the contemporary art era, and this gorgeous jar embodies it perfectly. It’s a rare find made from ceramic, cobalt blue details (Mr. Planters, ‘Planters’, and the peanut detail on the lid). It’s a 1970s beauty and is selling for $79.99 on Etsy.

13. Vintage Planters Peanuts Hexagon Peanut Jar

Price: $90

Release Date: 1900

Vintage Planters Peanuts Hexagon Peanut Jar
(Source: Kraftauctions)

You’ll find portraits of the delectable Mr. Peanut on three faces of this hexagon jar. A dual-function glass owing to its design and the yellow art details, this Planters peanut jar is $90 worth.

12. Vintage Planters Pennant Peanuts 5 cents Glass Jar

Price: $100

Release Date: 1900-1920

Vintage Planters Pennant Peanuts 5 cents Glass Jar
(Source: invaluable)

Standing tall at 12.75 inches, this early 20th-century vintage Planters pennant peanut jar is made from clear glass with details of Mr. Peanut inscribed on alternate sides of the front view. A closer look at the body of the glass reveals an embossment that reads ‘Planters Pennant Salted Peanuts Sold Only In Printed Planters Red Pennant Bags.’

To complete the overall identification of the glass, a label can be seen on the body in colors yellow and red. The Glass jar has a beautiful lid to make it airtight and perfect for everyday home use.

11. Vintage Planters Mr. Peanut Running Barrel Jar


Release Date: 1930

Vintage Planters Mr. Peanut Running Barrel Jar
(Source: eBay)

The jar is known as the RUNNING BARREL jar due to the poses of Mr. Peanut characters on its body. Its size (like that of a wine barrel) is one of the most unique pieces of jars from the stables of the Planters company.

The unique jar has extra ribbed details, and the Planters name is boldly embossed on its body’s upper part. It comes with a lid in clear glass to secure its content. It’s currently up for $100 because of its condition and completeness.

10. Planters Pink Peanut Jar

Price: $102.46

Release Date: 1930

Planters Pink Peanut Jar
(Source: Etsy)

Another depression glass beauty, the production of this jar may be low quality, owing to the situation surrounding the discovery of depression glass. Hence, this glass is molded and not blown.

Molding gives the maker enough flexibility to produce complex patterns with intense texture in large numbers. The peanut jar has embossed details of halved peanut shells on the four corners of the jars, which gives you a feeling when you touch it.

9. Vintage Planters Peanuts Glass Store Jar

Price: $119.99

Release Date: 1918

Vintage Planters Peanuts Glass Store Jar
(Source: eBay)

This Planters peanut counter display jar was made from clear glass in 1918 and had six sides with the ‘Planters’ logo and a Mr. Peanut graphic on both sides. You’ll find ‘Made in USA’ embossed on the underside of the jar.

8. Vintage Pink Depression Glass Planters Peanut Jar

Price: $152

Release Date: 1930-1940

Vintage Pink Depression Glass Planters Peanut Jar
(Source: Etsy)

Planters experimented with colored depression glass for their peanut containers. These tinted beauties are rare and hard to come by, especially in large sizes like this. This 1940 jar is in the shade pink with the inscription ‘Pennant salted peanuts’ embossed on the jar’s body with corresponding figures of Mr. Peanuts by the sides.

It’s 12 inches high, 7 inches wide, and weighs six pounds. It makes a great cookie container too.

7. Vintage Planters Mr. Peanut Octagon Embossed Glass Jar.

Price: $199.99

Release Date: 1950

Vintage Planters Mr. Peanut Octagon Embossed Glass Jar.
(Source: eBay)

One interesting thing about this peanut jar is the miniature statue of Mr. Peanut that comes with a bright red hue creating some form of curiosity about the jar. It also has a wooden lid that protects the content of the octagon-shaped peanut jar with Mr. Peanut embossed on the sides.

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6. Vintage Planters Peanuts Advertising Glass Jar

Price: $225

Release Date: 1900-1920

Vintage Planters Peanuts Advertising Glass Jar
(Source: Invaluable)

One spectacular feature of this jar is the big yellow sticker advertising Planters’ salted peanuts. The ‘Planters’ phrase stands out boldly on the jar’s body, and you’ll find a peanut embossed on the underside of the jar.

It’s perfect for indoor use as it comes with a tight lid, a distinctive shape, and a thick base creating balance, smooth aesthetics, and functionality.

5. Vintage Planters Peanut Jar

Price: $231.00

Release Date: 1932

Vintage Planters Peanut Jar
(Source: antique advertising)

This large and heavy vintage Planters peanut jar is perfect for countertop stores. The jar has a blown-out peanut design at its four corners, a rare and unique design highly sought by collectors.

Planters company paid extra attention to details to captivate their customer’s attention and actively stay in the market. Recently, these catchy designs have come up on the list of the most sought-after peanut jars in the antique world. It’s currently up for grabs at $231.

4. Vintage Planters Peanut Clippers Jar

Price: $287.50

Release Date: 1938

Vintage Planters Peanut Clippers Jar
(Source: antique advertising)

With each production, the Planters company adjusted their shapes to serve a wider audience, even down to their colors. This 1938 jar comes in a unique mold with blue and yellow hues. It has a lithographed tin lid to complete its beautiful structure.

3. Rare Vintage Planters Peanut Jar

Price: $349.99

Release Date: 1940

Rare Vintage Planters Peanut Jar
(Source: eBay)

As we confirmed earlier, the rarer your jar is, the chances of it being more sought after on the market; this is no different as this 1940 planter jar comes with Mr. Peanut Tin Lid Streamline Counter.

It’ll help you display your nuts, candies, and sweets perfectly as it’s made of clear glass and has six strong corners, which makes it special, and the phrase ‘Planters’ is boldly written on the body.

The jar stands out with the lid in a gorgeous lemon shade and Mr peanut dressed in black and yellow with his signature funky hat and cane. Getting yourself this amazing jar on eBay means dropping a whopping $349.99.

2. Vintage Planters Peanut Fish Bowl Jar

Price: $385

Release Date: 1900

Vintage Planters Peanut Fish Bowl Jar
(Source: antique advertising)

This vintage Planters peanut fish bowl is one of the earliest designs from the Planters company with an interesting fact to it. The jar is one of the two existing models with an extremely rare variation of small-sized labels.

It sold at Wm Morford Antiques for an impressive $385.00 and can be used for a fish bowl for your child or yourself.

1. Vintage Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts Jar

Price: $605

Release Date: 1900

Vintage Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts Jar
(Source: antique advertising)

Mr. Peanut could also pass for a good runner on this jar. It’s a rare type made from high-quality glass with a fired-on enamel label. The details are written in bright colors of red with a distinctive lid to hold the content in place.

How To Identify Vintage Planters Peanut Jar

At the end of this section, all the difficulties you encounter in identifying vintage Planters peanut jars will become a thing of the past. We’ve curated the perfect guidelines for you to get only quality items.

By Age

You can easily identify the status of your vintage Planters peanut jar by checking the label for any indication of age or carefully observing the body of your jar for obvious age marks, bubbles, and cracks on your item due to long years of being kept or used.

By Designs

By Designs
(Source: Pinterest)
Vintage Mr Peanut Planters Nabisco Classics Ceramic Cookie Jar
(Source: eBay)

Planters experimented with different shapes to appeal to different age groups and tastes, from oval to round to straight, ceramic, and even peanut-shaped jars. For example, as soon as Planters company stopped the production of heavily carved jars, they moved to use simpler methods to design their merchandise.

By The Labels

By The Labels
(Source: Flickr)
vintage Planters peanut jars
(Source: eBay)

You can easily identify vintage Planters peanut jars by their labels. They’re usually large and printed in bright colors such as orange and yellow, blue and yellow, and sometimes bright red. They’re used to advertise their products, pass warnings to imitators, and reveal the jar’s contents.

Check For More Details

Planters usually embossed the body of their jars with phrases, especially ‘Planters’ and figures of Mr. Peanut actively posing in one style. You must locate a figure of Mr. Peanut on any Planters Peanut jar to help you confirm if it’s original or not.

Contact an Appraiser

Planters peanut jars are popular collectibles and would catch the attention of any appraiser. If you’re in the dark about the authenticity of your products, an appraiser will help you shed more light on them and provide clear, precise answers.

Join a Forum

The Peanut Pals, was created in 1978. It has since sponsored events organized in the United States and Canada where collectors come together to identify, value, and collect peanut collectibles like our lovely vintage Planters peanut jar.

Knowledge is Power

You can read up on catalogs, magazines, and different print productions on vintage peanut Planters jars. This book has 39 pictures displaying all of the old jars used to sell peanut Planters as far back as 1918.

How to Know The Value of Vintage Planters Peanut Jar

Vintage Planters peanut jars have exceptional value, but it takes a certified old age, good condition, rarity, and a few other factors we’ll be discussing in the section for you to get reasonable returns over them.

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By Their Age

The age of your vintage jar can determine how much the buyer is willing to pay to acquire it. Earlier jars came in clear glass with little to no carvings or extra details. But as the years went by, Planters gathered new artistic elements to add to their inventory. They portrayed Mr. Peanut in more active positions.

By Their Condition

Condition is a huge factor to consider when addressing vintage Planters peanut jars. To get optimum and premium value from your jar, you must ensure it’s unbroken, unscratched, or doesn’t carry dents.

A clean-looking glass with standard lids and details intact can sell for over $500 in stores and online antique sales platforms.


During their production, Planters company produced some peanut Planters jars. They were made for special runs and events, making them almost exhausted, very limited in number, and scarce in circulation. These pieces are now highly sought after by all and sundry, and they run at high prices if eventually found.

Peanut jars in depression glass are also very rare- these containers are in various colors. They are very prone to reproduction, but if you find an original one, they’re worth an impressive amount of money.

Year of Production

The earliest planter peanut jars from 1916 to the mid-1930s are pricey because of their production technique and style. Confirm the real age of your Planters peanut jar to know if it’s worth your money.

Find an Appraiser

When it comes to correctly evaluating vintage items, the catchiest pieces are not always the most expensive, there’s always more to it than meets the eye, and it’s very important you request the services of a qualified appraiser to help you discover these extra details and come at a possible price.


Intricately designed Planters peanut jars command high prices on the market than plain-looking ones. Always watch for unique designs that are not common on the market so you’ll sell for more.

For example, some jars exist in hexagon, octagon, round, oval, rectangle, and fish bowl shapes.

Compare Prices

You can compare prices of already-sold Planters peanut jars with the ones you’re about to sell to discover the true worth of your piece.

There are dozens of price guides to help you achieve that online. You can walk into the nearest antique store in your city and glance through their inventory to help you understand what the market is currently saying about your product.

Where to Get Vintage Planters Peanuts Jars

You can get your vintage Planters peanut jars in the places we’ve listed below.

Flea Market

For affordable prices, you can get vintage Planters peanut jars in flea markets scattered all over America. Flea markets sell mostly old items, so you don’t have to hold your breath if the jar is vintage or otherwise.


eBay is our favorite and one of the most preferred spots for buying vintage items, and you’ll surely find an impressive amount of vintage Planters peanut jars on there. One of the numerous advantages of buying on eBay is that it allows you to order everything at your convenience and deliver it to your doorstep.

The platform even allows you to have a proper conversation with the seller and makes you eligible for different discounts and benefits for buyers.

Estate Sale

Locate the nearest estate sale to get yourself one or more vintage Planters peanut jars. You can get as many old pieces as possible, as individuals collected these gems back in the day simply for their gorgeous designs.


Both online and offline auction houses usually have pieces of Planters peanut jars for sale in their inventory. These pieces have been properly apprised, and you have no reason to doubt their authenticity.

While at it, we encourage you to run background checks on the auction houses to know what you’re getting into.

Fun Fact: The Planter Peanut jars were exclusively produced by Planters Nut House and also meant for peanuts produced by the Planters company. Planters company put strong penalties in place for defaulters of the rule.

Parting Words

Vintage Planters peanut jar is an avid collector’s item and still has a devoted following amongst art enthusiasts and buyers. We’ll leave useful tips for you below should you decide to collect these jars.

  • Ensure your jars are always in good condition, as they greatly affect their values.
  • Peanut Plantersjars exist in myriads of designs; keep an eye out for unique, uncommon ones to increase your chance at a quick sale and get maximum profits.
  • Planters company made their peanut jars in different materials including depression glass, ceramic, and plastic.
  • You’ll need qualified appraisers on your journey, always keep them close.

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