19 Rarest and Most Valuable Vintage Breyer Horses

Breyer horse
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Breyer horses are toys that help parents build career interests in their children and have served many generations. These miniature horses however aren’t exclusively to children, as adults are collectors of rare toys.

In 2019, a rare Breyer horse made in a one-of-a-kind 2008 mold sold for $22,000 after an intense auction. Regular models sell for about $200 in good condition.

Keep reading this guide for more information on the rarest and most valuable vintage Breyer horses, from identification to collection tips.

A Brief History of Breyer Horses

Breyer horses are vintage toys because their creation was only a little over seventy years ago, in 1950. The Breyer Molding Company was a Chicago-based plastics manufacturer until a fateful order of miniature horses for F.W. Woolworth Co.

Woolworth commissioned the manufacture of plastic horses for its mantel clocks which fast became a bestselling model. Following its success, consumers began requesting Western horses separately, and Breyer Molding Co. used the opportunity to start a new business.

From making Breyer horses, the company expanded its scope to other animals, creating the subdivision – Breyer Animal Creations. Thirty-five years later, the Breyer Molding Co. sold its business to Reeves International, a bigger toy making brand.

Reeves took the Breyer Animal Creations to another level and launched the first Breyerfest in 1985 – a collectors’ festival/convention. The tradition has held on for 72 years since then and remains the biggest Horse collectors’ event worldwide.   

Most Valuable Recent and Vintage Breyer Horses

Before we go any further let’s throw light on the some of the recently most valued Breyer horses out there.

Alborozo, Dappled Sabino Buckskin
Smutty Palomino Alborozo
Dapple Bay Alborozo
Roan Appaloosa
Brigadeiros Open Show Reserve
Florentine Clydesdale Stallion
Fighting Stallion (Star of India)
Connoisseur Mosaic
Velvet Rope Paparazzi
Esprit Poseidon
Cocoa Beach
Montgomery Ward Delivery Wagon
Charm Running Mare
Mahogany Bay
Celebration Alborozo
Alpine Silver Filigree
Connoisseur Blue Velvet
Palomino (Ideal Series)

19. Palomino (Ideal series)

Palomino (Ideal series)
(Source: eBay)

Year: 2022

Price: $1,000

This year’s Breyerfest winner went home with a glossy Palomino Breyer horse. It’s from the Ideal series introduced by the company this decade (from the 2020s.)

18. Connoisseur Blue Velvet

Connoisseur Blue Velvet
(Source: eBay)

Year: 2008

Price: $1,000

The Connoisseur Blue Velvet Breyer horse was made from Bluegrass Bandit Mold, and this particular piece was sold in excellent condition despite its factory flaw. That left-side flaw makes it a unique variation.  

17. Alpine Silver Filigree

Alpine Silver Filigree

Year: 2010

Price: $1,027

2010 gave us a glossy silver Filigree décor Breyer horse named Alpine. It was made from Kathleen Moody’s Esprit mold, which bears slight similarities. However, this limited-edition piece of a family of 250 has a “2010 Web Special” stamped on its belly.

16. Celebration Alborozo

Celebration Alborozo

Year: 2008

Price: $1,200

Alborozo is a traditional Breyer horse, but this one is a rare model made for the 2008 Breyerfest celebration. It was sold NIB (with its original packaging.)

15. Mahogany Bay

Mahogany Bay

Year: 1978

Price: $1,500

A proud Arabian Mare, this vintage Mahogany Bay Breyer horse still has its original packaging. The nine-inch-tall horse had some wear from aging with a missing shrink wrap, but it’s a discontinued model making it rare.

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14. Charm Running Mare

Charm Running Mare

Year: 1960

Price: $1,524.99

This Gold Charm Running Mare was made in the sixties and had passed through hands before the sale, so it had discoloration on the hips. Also, the originally white areas turned yellow with some dark spots with slight rubs.

However, it’s a unique shade of Gold rarely seen today, so it sold for four figures.

13. Montgomery Ward Delivery Wagon

Montgomery Ward Delivery Wagon

Year: 1985

Price: $1,557.32

Horse, check accessories, double check. We can list a dozen reasons why this Montgomery Ward Delivery Wagon drawn by a Breyer horse is a rare model. Apart from the fact that it has extra figurines, it’s made of hard maple and plastic.

It was also distributed by the Animal Creations Divisions of the company.

12. Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach

Year: 2011

Price: $1,723

Once you see NIB (New In Box), it’s no longer a question of its condition but how much you’re willing to pay to own such an exquisite Breyer horse. Cocoa Beach was made from the Adios mold with a glossy finish.

11. Esprit Poseidon

Esprit Poseidon

Year: 2013

Price: $1,850

Breyer Esprit Poseidon was an exclusive web special for the collector club sold in the US only. It’s a limited-run piece of 230 produced in 2013. The owner resold it, so it had slight paint flaws from wear and tear.

10. Velvet Rope Paparazzi

Velvet Rope Paparazzi

Year: 2008

Price: $2,000

Only 200 pieces of the Velvet Rope Paparazzi Breyer horses were made in 2008 with no reservations, so there’ll never be another one.

9. Connoisseur Mosaic

Connoisseur Mosaic

Year: 2001

Price: $2,000

A pioneer in its series and one of 350 limited-edition pieces, this Mosaic Pinto Sport horse needs no further introduction. It was model 28 and never displayed or sold publicly.

8. Everglades


Year: 2011

Price: $2,225

This Everglades horse made from the Nokota mold has stayed in its package since its purchase. So, when it was time to resell, the buyer got an excellent condition décor.

7. Fighting Stallion (Star of India)

Fighting Stallion (Star of India)

Year: 2012

Price: $2,650

In 2012, Brayer made the Passage to the Pacific Special run Fighting Stallion. As one of 50 exclusive pieces made, it’s a rare find. It also has a unique colorway featuring an ombre blue and teal shade with the Star of India on its hips.

6. Florentine Clydesdale Stallion

Florentine Clydesdale Stallion

Year: 2002

Price: $2,882

Everything about this Florentine Clydesdale Volunteer model screams exclusivity and exoticness. Its shiny gold body and chunky size separate it from most streamlined horses.

5. Brigadeiros Open Show Reserve

Brigadeiros Open Show Reserve

Year: 2016

Price: $2,999

Breyerfest has a tradition of gifting special-edition horses made exclusively for the Open Show, and this multicolored Breyer Horse is one such. The grand prize winner at the Live Auction in 2016 won it.

4. Roan Appaloosa

Roan Appaloosa

Year: 2011

Price: $5,000

A Proud Arabian Mare and Foal duo, Roan Appaloosa was a fan-favorite 11 years ago, leading to a bidding war that ended at $5,000.

3. Dapple Bay Alborozo

Dapple Bay Alborozo

Year: 2012

Price: $8,000

In 2012, a Dapple Bay Alborozo sold for the highest value at a live auction due to its high gloss feature. It was gunning for the value of the Smutty Palomino but didn’t reach the mark or anywhere near it.

2. Smutty Palomino Alborozo

Smutty Palomino Alborozo

Year: 2008

Price: $13,500

A Smutty Palomino Alborozo with a broken mold made the record for the most expensive Breyer horse in 2008 before another Alborozo broke the record in 2019.

1. Alborozo, Dappled Sabino Buckskin

Alborozo, Dappled Sabino Buckskin

Year: 2008

Price: $22,000

The most expensive Breyer horse to date is a traditional Alborozo made in 2008 and sold at auction during Breyerfest about eleven years later. It was a spotted sabino buckskin piece with a unique colorway.

Are Breyer Horses Worth Anything?

With the wide reach of Breyer horses for collectors, it’s no shocker that it’s become an event worldwide. People everywhere collect these toys, but it takes unique models to drive a hard bargain and cause a frenzy.

The price of vintage Breyer horses isn’t fixed, but you can deduce it by cross-referencing Online auctions through websites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. You can also consult updated Price Guide books like the Breyer Animal Collector’s Guide.

Other reference books and sites include Breyer Animal Quick Reference by Felicia Browell, available on eBay, Amazon, AbeBooks, and Breyer Value Guide.

Kathy Hartmann, a veteran Breyerfest collector, and original speaker at the festival says valuable models are the ones “hobbyists” want per Chesire Horse. The models that fall into that category span from typical vintage pieces to Limited Run, Grail, and Variation models.

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Rare Limited-Edition Breyer Horses

Typically, you’d expect the oldest models to be the most expensive when collecting a vintage piece, but it doesn’t work that way with Breyer horses. The company made exclusive One of Kind, a.k.a. Limited Run molds for special occasions such as the Breyerfest auctions.

These limited-run Breyer horses include the Raffle.


Like many other productions, Breyer horses with factory errors are often recalled from the market or “destroyed” in the production plant before it leaves the premises. However, these pieces often find their way to the market through unknown means.

It could be a worker sneaking it for sale at a lower price or keeping it theirs and passing it on to their family as an inheritance. Whichever way they get out, collectors rush to claim ownership once these variations get into the market.


When you search Breyer horses unboxing on YouTube, you’ll notice that most collectors are excited to receive their “Grail” Breyer horses. Like the biblical Holy Grail, the last cup used by Jesus during the Last Supper, this category of Breyer horses is exclusive.

What makes a Breyer Horse Valuable?

Breyer horses are not all collectible, but many pieces are worth thousands of dollars. Like other old toys, the value depends on the condition, provenance, and rarity.  

Excellent condition commands the Highest Value

Breyer Horses are more decorative pieces than playthings, so the condition matters a lot. If it’s in excellent condition, without blemish or damage, it’ll command a high value. You’d get extra points for intact accessories, including hang tags, packaging, and labels.

Other value-adding accessories are Blankets, Ribbons, and a Certificate of Authenticity. Please note that all these must be in perfect state. Slight to severe damages would affect the value based on a condition scale from Good to Bad/Fair.

Although the boxes typically guarantee Breyer Horses states, collectors don’t mind buying pieces without them so that they can inspect the toy carefully. However, special Breyer horses, like the Holiday Horses, are sold at higher values with their packaging.

Another exception to the condition rule is the rare models, as you’d learn moving forward. Due to their unique designs, a slight chip or scratch may not dent their overall value. The hard and fast rule exists only for regular models.

Provenance Matters Too

Who owned the Breyer horse before you? How much historical importance does it have? Once you answer these two questions, you’ll know if the Breyer horse has a special value or not.

As a rule of thumb, though, if someone famous owned it prior and if it’s historically important, then get ready to break the bank.

How Rare is your Breyer Horse

While older models don’t automatically translate to high market value, it’s often a contributor to rarity. Once a model stays on the market for a long period, it loses its uniqueness and, by extension, collectability appeal, which is often the case with recent designs.

However, limited-run Breyer horses fall into the rarity category because no matter when they’re released, there’s never enough to go around. Examples of long-running models include the Running Mare and Palomino Family Mare.

On the other hand, limited-run models include Equidae, Patriotic from the Traditional Series, and the Chestnut Sham. For more, visit Breyer Horses.

How to Identify Rare Breyer Horses

Identifying super rare Breyer horses is an acquired talent, although some pieces are conspicuous and would strike you as interesting on its first look. Certain features are peculiar to categories of Breyer horses, from the Limited-Run models to the Grails so pay attention.

You can group Breyer Horses by Mold into three – Traditional, Classics, and Stablemates. Note that the company didn’t always tag all its pieces by their mold names; sometimes, it changed the tagged ones upon creating other models.

To identify a Breyer horse’s mold, you’ll need to harness all the tips you learn in this guide from the scale, a.k.a. size.

Identification by Mold

To help you better understand how to identify Breyer horses here is a classification of the mold types used in making these horses.

Classic Mold Breyer Horse

Classic Mold Breyer Horse
(Source: Breyer Horses)

Breyer renamed its Classic mold the Freedom Series and expanded its reach to Barns, Stables, Riders, and more accessories. Its mold is built to a scale of 1:12 at 9-inches long and 6-inches high.

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For the full list and picture reference, visit Breyer Horses.  

Traditional Mold Breyer Horse

Traditional Mold Breyer Horse
(Source: Amazon)

The Traditional Breyer Horse was the company’s first large-scale design built at about 1:9. Although it started as early as the 1950s, it didn’t get its moniker until 1975 when Breyer needed to separate it from other collections.

Visit Identify your Breyer to see a full pictorial reference and further information on the Traditional Mold Breyer horse.

Stablemates Mold Breyer Horses

Stablemates Mold Breyer Horses
(Source: Breyer Horses)

Breyer made the Stablemates mold in 1975 at a scale of 1:32 and about 3-inches high, making them the smallest. The company modeled it after Hagen Renaker’s sculptures by Maureen Love.

Identification by Features

Are some features specific to vintage Breyer horses and not others? Read on to find out

Variation Breyer Horses

Variation Breyer Horses
(Source: eBay)

Before you dismiss that Breyer horse which looks like a fake piece because of a wrong colorway or missing feature, make sure it’s not a factory error piece, otherwise known as Variation. These Breyer horses often have to identify features to distinguish them from flat-out fake products.

Popular variations include; Missing Sock, Blazing, and Different Color.

Identification by Color

Vintage Breyer horses come in a variety of colors, here we discuss how these colors can aid you in verifying the authenticity of one

Vintage Breyer Horses

Vintage Breyer Horses
(Source: eBay)

Although some vendors wrongly label their Breyer horses are antique pieces, they’re all vintage toys because the oldest model was made in 1950 (72 years ago). These pieces have a unique colorway from their body to the hooves, as both are often different.

Their color-grading is typically ombre with spotted bodies and plain-colored features, including the lower legs to the hooves, tails, mane, eyes, and mouths.

List of all Breyer Horses Ever Made

Between 1950 and 2022, thousands of Breyer Horses models were made. However, you can sift through the massive amount by drawing a list of what you want based on their categories and features.

We can’t possibly list every Breyer horse ever made because they’re over 10,000, but we can list the categories.

  • Animal Molds
  • Classic a.k.a. Freedom
  • Mini Whinnies
  • Paddock Pals
  • Ponies, a.k.a. Dapples
  • Pony Falls
  • Stablemates
  • Traditional Molds
  • Wind Dancers

Where to Buy a Breyer Horse

Before buying a Breyer horse, it’s best to review the seller on verified databases. If you’re an internet user, search Model Horse Blab’s Transaction Board and Model Horse Hobby Reference on Yahoo. If you’re a Facebook user, visit Model Horse Transaction Board.

You’ll find common Breyer Horses models in local retail toy stores around you or online. However, if you want a valuable piece, you’d have to dig deeper by buying from exclusive collectible dealers.

Take a deep breath, then get a pen and paper or open a notes app to list the things you want on your Breyer Horse. Answer the following questions;

What Mold, Breed, Scale, or Color would you like?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Rarest Breyer Horse?

A Dappled Sabino Buckskin called Alborozo sold for $22,000 in 2019. It made its Breyerfest debut in 2008 as a One-of-a-Kind mold as the company destroyed it immediately after production.

Q: What is the Breyer Horse of the Year for 2022?

Maelstrom, a Glow-in-the-Dark Breyer horse with white markings on the body, legs, and face and black painting on the tail and mane, and Romeo, a classic brown horse, our top picks of 2022.

While Maelstrom is Halloween-inspired, Romeo was inspired by Orren Mixer, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.

Watch the auction below.

Final Words

From the list of most valuable Breyer horses ever sold, it’s clear that the Albrozo is the most sought-after alongside limited editions made in 2008. There are several places to buy a vintage or modern Breyer horse, but you must ensure it’s a legit retailer.

The official store or verified sellers in secondary retail stores are the best places to buy from. Some of them include the following;

  • Breyer Horse
  • Amazon
  • eBay and
  • Facebook Marketplace (be careful here.)

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