25 Most Valuable Vintage Board Games Worth a Lot of Money

vintage board game

Some people might believe that because of modern technology, board games are a relic of the past. After all, there is no reason to play such kinds of games now when the Internet and gaming consoles are available. Let’s talk about the reasoning for it, then. There is a tangible quality to board games. Moving pieces around physically is far more entertaining than shifting data. It is far better to roll the dice to choose your next course of action than to touch a pair of dice on a screen and wait for them to stop rolling at random.

The reason why board games are still popular today is because they haven’t lost their appeal. Who wouldn’t enjoy playing Chutes and Ladders or Candy Land, after all? There are several board games that are incredibly valued since they have been around for many years. Even hundreds of dollars are worth of value may be found in certain vintage board games.

There’s a good chance that some of the games on this list are ones you’ve already tried. But if you discover a vintage board game from the 1940s in your grandparents’ attic, you’ll definitely have an easier time making a cash grab. Nevertheless, some of these games are more modern, and you might even recall playing them when you were a child. So let’s suppose that one of these artifacts will either bring back fond memories, make you extremely wealthy, or both. Both are advantageous.

Most Valuable Vintage Board Games

Here is the list of 25 most valuable vintage Board games that are really worth a lot of money:

1. Risk 40th Anniversary Edition

Risk 40th Anniversary Edition

When the board game The Risk was initially published in 1957, it offered a whole new perspective on gameplay. This board game introduced an original and new approach to the game. There are several theme-based Risk games available, with The Chronicles of Narnia and Star Wars being only two examples.

The cost of The Risk: 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition ranges from $250 to $500. It might be time to check your inventory to see whether you already own this priceless game.

2. Trafalgar


Another game that is really expensive is Trafalgar. Additionally, it includes a war simulation including ships from the historical Trafalgar battle. There are a several versions available, but the most expensive is the one Roger Cormier published in 450 copies in the 1960s.

Instead of ships, the game includes a board and markers, although it does not include a box. It usually costs $1,000 and is exciting and rare.

3. War of The Ring Collector’s Edition

War of The Ring Collector’s Edition

ngs film series is the centerpiece of the video game War of the Ring. No one should be surprised that it is a strategic warfare game. While the second player controls the shadows that are attempting to recapture the ring, the first player controls the side that is defending the ring bearer. A video game collector’s edition sold online on ebay for around $1,950.00. If you’re a die-hard Lord of the Rings enthusiast, you might want to think about checking into this.

4. Monopoly


On August 31, 1935, manufacture of the rare Trade Mark Edition White Box #9 began. These days, it usually costs $895. However, a collector paid $150,000 at auction for the original handcrafted version created in 1933. The creator Charles Darrow was made by that component. The cost of other versions manufactured in bulk is low.

5. Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit

A video game called Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit focuses on the storylines from Episode I: The Phantom Menace. On three distinct gaming boards, each player is in charge of a different combat. Essentially, it is a strategy game with combat.

The price of copies is currently over $600 on Amazon, which is a lot for a game that came out roughly 20 years ago. On the present market, it is a popular strategy game with battles costing between $600 and $1,000. However, if you’re a devoted fan of Star Wars, this would unquestionably be a welcome addition to your collection.

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6. Warhammer Quest

Warhammer QuestWarhammer Quest

For the 1995 Warhammer quest, collectors are willing to spend roughly $700. When it initially came out, this game was expensive, and it’s now difficult to find a full set with all the components.

7. Swarovski Scrabble

Swarovski Scrabble

In the entire world, there is just one duplicate of this. It was built using Swarovski crystals around ten years ago to create a Scrabble board. The design has over 30,000 crystals and is worth nearly $20,000 with that amount. For a board game like Scrabble, that is completely absurd.

8. The Checkered Game of Life

The Checkered Game of Life

This well-known board game was developed by Milton Bradley in 1860. Its worth is between $100 to $200. This vintage game is often worth a few hundred dollars, despite the fact that there are several redesign sets that were more popular than the original.

9. Settlers of Catan 3D

Settlers of Catan 3D

Even though this board game was released in 2005, it is expensive since it is the 10th Anniversary Edition of the original game. The price of $850 to $1,000 is reasonable given that it received multiple honors from 1995 to 2015.

10. Dark Tower

Dark Tower

Okay, but Dark Tower sounds like the kind of game in which Players are on a mission to capture an evil king’s mystical scepter. You can just stay with Candy Land if you don’t think that sounds good. This game sold at ebay around $399.00. That’s still a triple digit figure, even though it’s not as absurd as some of the other entries on this list.

11. The Campaign for North Africa

The Campaign for North Africa

The Campaign for North Africa’s gameplay and equipment make the game incredibly time-consuming to play. If you’re lucky, you may play and complete a gaming session in as little as 1,500 hours. They’ll most likely continue playing Dungeons & Dragons. This game is extremely expensive due to its intricacy, despite the fact that it is rarely played.

12. Fireball Island

Fireball Island

The late 1990s saw the introduction of Fireball Island. By evading fireballs, snatching a potent jewel, and successfully fleeing with it, players must advance on the board. It sounds to me like a wilder variation of Candy Land.  Additionally, the shrieking volcano on the game’s box image is both amazing and terrifying.

13. The Mansion of Happiness

The Mansion of Happiness

From the early 1800s comes this unique historical board game. Its original goal was to instruct young people in moral behavior. The eight-sided board with hand-painted colors and ivory game components is currently valued at $1,250.

14. The Elvis Presley Game

The Elvis Presley Game

The 1957 Elvis Presley board game must be making every nerd out their giggle with delight because they have it stashed away in a nice, secure location. Yes. That is irony. One of those board games where players move down the board by answering questions. The gameplay is straightforward, but come on. Elvis is here. It’s time to try to get a hold of a copy of this game if you’re desiring some intense, scorching love.

15. Haunted House

Haunted House

In the Haunted House game made by Ideal, players investigate a sizable three-dimensional plastic-molded haunted house for a hidden entrance that leads to a gem.

The game is won by the first participant to possess the gem and successfully leave the residence. Players advance areas by spinning a device that makes an owl’s hoot.

There are several traps and surprises around the home, some of which can return players to the beginning or back a specific number of spaces. This game sold at the auction site for $115.00.

16. The Game of Goose

The Game of Goose

The Game of Goose, also known as Gioco dell ‘Oca, is a kid’s game that may have originated in Ancient Egypt.

To proceed down a spiral track and try to reach the finish while avoiding obstacles like an inn, a bridge, or death, players roll dice in this game, which is similar to Snakes and Ladders.

The game’s Italian-made copies from the 1930s are very expensive. this game sold for $565.45. 

17. 71 Board Games

71 Board Games

This game was created in 1969 by Whitman Western Publishing Co. This vintage game apparently combines 71 distinct board games into one. The gameplay’s specifics are unknown, but it’s obvious that it’s an extremely rare find.

The family board game with a gambling theme is only available in one copy, and it is selling for close to $900 on eBay.

18. Vintage Inflation Board Game

Vintage Inflation Board Game

One of the earliest Monoply-like games to be created was inflation. It was really well-liked when it was released in the middle of the 1970s, and now finding it is exceedingly difficult

The game, which is designed for two to seven people, tests your ability to buy and sell your way to a million dollars. Although more difficult than Monopoly, it’s still enjoyable.

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19. Swift Meats Major League Baseball Game

Swift Meats Major League Baseball Game

In order to persuade kids to eat meat, a meat packing business came up with the concept of integrating a board game with their product in the 1950s. The most bizarre marketing tactic you’ve ever heard of. The value of the board is around $900, and the value of the cards that came with the board game is roughly $400. So that’s a fairly rare bargain you can’t whip up with your average board game for a couple pieces of cardboard that came with some meat.

20. Keywood


Players will definitely need a little more time to play this board game. In order to manage certain communities and settle some territory, players must try. At the conclusion of the game, the player with the most money wins.

In other words, it’s Monopoly with a lot more emphasis on social issues. The government is also a player in this game. It’s also selling for a very good amount online because of its age and intricacy. At auctions, Keywood from 1995 may occasionally worth $800. Given that there were only 200 copies made and it is the first book in the Key Flower series, its value is great.

21. Be A Manager

Be A Manager

The description is accurate. Ever wished you could oversee a baseball team? Well, this is the ideal time to do so. Players may manage a club to win baseball games in the board game Be A Manager. No, this isn’t really relevant to Major League Baseball, but it’s still a fun strategy game. If you happen to have a copy lying around someplace, it sells for a very high price online due to its rarity.

22. Boris Karloff’s Monster Game

Boris Karloff’s Monster Game

Many of these board games date back to the 1960s, so if you were born or raised around this time period, you probably have a ton of treasures lying about. In the eerie game Boris Karloff’s Monster Game, players follow a predetermined course while coming across monsters.

It sold at ebay for $425.00.  Well, it definitely seems absurd to consider how commonplace goods like board games can become so valuable.

23. Mickey Mouse Snakes And Ladders

Mickey Mouse Snakes And Ladders

Chutes and Ladders is a classic game, and Mickey Mouse Snakes and Ladders is its Disney adaptation. However, given copyrights and legalese, not entirely sure how Disney was able to create this game. Then then, it is Disney. They had complete freedom to act whatever they pleased even in the early 1900s. This game is around $500 value.

24. Barnabas Collins: Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

An unusual event-related family is the subject of the late 1960s soap series Dark Shadows. A Tim Burton film, with Johnny Depp as the main character, brought it back to life once more. The board game for the series even includes a set of glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth. What a good incentive there is to consider purchasing a game that is enjoyable to play for a while. Again, a remarkable price for a game, the board game is presently being sold online for roughly $300.

25. 007 Underwater Battle

007 Underwater Battle

This vintage board game, which costs $1,300, is based on the underwater fight scene from the Thunderball motion picture. It was developed in 1966 to promote the movie and has readily breakable pieces, making it rare nowadays.

How to Find Value of Your Vintage Board Game?

When selecting the board game, you need pay attention to a few important factors. They will be able to tell the difference between an artwork that is boring and a valued collectable.

  • Age

It is not adequate to have a vintage board game to elevate the cost. Old ones made in the 1800s and prior to the 1930s are usually expensive since they were made of wood and paper, both of which often deteriorate with time.

Conversely, since they are so widely available, 1950s-era classics like Scrabble and Monopoly are cheap. The original Monopoly copy is the lone exception.

  • Condition

As you can expect, a pristine board game’s box and immaculate condition of the components greatly raise the worth of the board game. While a full set with all components might be worth $1,000, if something is missing, you will only receive $100.

Even while collectors frequently accept the most valuable antique board games in any condition, they only invest significantly more when all of the pieces are there. Keep in mind that a set in excellent condition will always command a high value.

  • Popularity

Despite their age or condition, some board games are expensive. Popularity associated with preferred sports, music, or movies can occasionally be in high demand at auctions.

For instance, despite the fact that the original edition of the Lost in Space video game was released in the 1960s, it was sold for $450 in 2013.

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There is one way to determine if a board game is well-liked. A game is likely to be affordable and popular if at least half of the people you randomly ask about it have heard of it.

The only exceptions are extremely rare special editions and those with expensive components. However, a completely unfamiliar game indicates little popularity, thus it is basically worthless.

  • Amazing artwork

Some collectors choose board games that are in outstanding condition and have a game board or box that is a stunning piece of art. The only requirements are the game’s age and stunning appearance; they don’t care if it is a high-quality game or not.

  • Rarity

Only if they are uncommon are vintage board games valued. The quantity of sets created and made available on the market will determine this. That explains the high costs for the hardly played board games that debuted in the 1990s.

On the other hand, due to heavy mass manufacturing, Monopoly sets made in the 1950s are almost not worthy.

  • Genres

Particular board game genres, such as war games, are often costly. Low popularity is the cause, which lowers output.

The majority of collectors seek out intricately designed works or those inspired by specific occasions. As a general rule, the most expensive games are those that are focused on a particular conflict or encounter.

Miniature games, like Warhammer 40,000, that use multiple tiny figurines for gameplay, are another popular category.

  • Theme

For the majority of collectors, a board game’s theme is important when determining its worth. The most sought-after themes for games from the 1960’s and 1970’s are those from popular culture, such as sports figures, TV series, movies, and cartoons. The collectors’ preferred profiles are the cause.

  • Game board Designer

Many collectors value the work of specific board games developers and favor purchasing their games. However, only a select few designers have collections that include exclusively high-quality games, and they frequently produce them in small quantities.

Others produce games for a small market and steer clear of mass manufacturing, thus you may anticipate their goods to be rather pricey.

  • Publishing House

Board game costs can occasionally be influenced by publishers, notably by those who made games during the Great Depression. Additionally, the prices of things rise because of the names of the designers of amusing or excellent games.

The Truth About Selling Your Vintage Board Games

The market’s fluctuating demand for antique board games is regrettably one of the biggest risks connected with selling them. Vintage board games are popular with collectors due to their nostalgic appeal, but it can be challenging for owners to sell them for their full projected worth. Naturally, this also implies that now is the ideal time to begin collecting old board games as you have the opportunity to bargain for fantastic discounts on otherwise expensive vintage games.

Where to buy these Antique Bard Games Online?

Searching online is your best option if you need to find one immediately. Consider the following sites:

  • e-Bay– The Antique Federal Glass of your dreams can be easily found on eBay, one of the greatest sites to find beautiful Antique collectibles. It’s also ideal if you’re considering selling because they provide a very user-friendly e-commerce feature and can reach a sizable global audience.
  • Ruby Lane– Since their auction stream is sourced via more conventional methods, Ruby Lane is, it must be said, a little more constrained in the number of antique board games that are offered at once. It’s a good idea to constantly checking their inventory, though, as they are one of the biggest online auction houses, to see if they have what you’re searching for posted.
  • Etsy– Since people frequently discover these different Vintage board games in their grandparents’ homes across the nation, internet marketplaces like Etsy are among the greatest places to find a ton of these pieces on sale.
  • Other Auction sites – You can buy your favorite vintage board games from the auction sites like liveauctioneersor invaluable auction sites.

Bottom Line

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about 25 most valuable board games that worth a lot of money. Board games are popular among most people, yet only a few have kept them secure for decades. These days, a few varieties might be really valuable, thus the choice paid off. Your best choice is to visit your grandparents’ home, where you can discover a real gem in a box.

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