24 Most Valuable Vintage Axes Worth Money


America is undergoing an intriguing change right now. Urbanites are leaving their residences and moving into vans and small homes to pursue a nomadic existence. Some people are purchasing large tracts of land for homesteading. And ultimately, all of these researchers require survival abilities.

They could find themselves doing the strangely primordial and pleasurable activity of wood-chopping. However, if you spent your time working on a farm, you would much rather sell an axe than use one. Let’s look at the 24 most valuable vintage axes to see whether you can make money off of them.

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What is an Axe?

The axe is an age-old and popular tool that has been used for centuries to split, shape, and cut wood, gather lumber, as a weapon, and as a ceremonial or heraldic emblem. The axe comes in a variety of shapes and has a variety of applications, but it typically consists of an axe head and a handle, sometimes known as a helve.

The oldest specimens of axes have stone heads with some sort of wooden handle connected (hafted) in a way that suits the materials and usage. As these technologies advanced, axes made of copper, bronze, iron, and steel began to appear.

Types of Antique Axes

Here are the following types of antique axes:

American Felling Axe

American Felling Axe


The felling axe arrived in America thanks to colonists from France, England, and Spain. It happened when the aforementioned nations started teaching the Native Americans of North America how to use the trade axe.

In the 17th century, production methods for making felling axes included hammer welding two iron parts together on a flat surface. Axes eventually developed a flat top and a slender poll.

A lap weld and larger welding surface were also produced by North American blacksmiths forging felling axes’ poll sides longer.

Therefore, if you are metal detecting and find an old axe with a long poll side, it’s possible that you have discovered an antique axe.

American felling axes appear like contemporary ones that people use today, which is the best way to identify them as antiques.

Double-Bit Axe

Double-Bit Axe

In the 1850s, William Mann created the first double-bit axe. He runs The Man Edge Took Company, one of the few producers still producing axes.

A double-bit axe contains two blades, one of which has been blunted somewhat and has been sharpened to a narrow felling edge.

Double-bit axes are still a popular utility axe among Western Americans today. This is particularly true for organizations like the USDA Forest Service.

Broad Axe

Broad Axe

The end of the 19th century saw the widespread use of broad axes. For flattening log sides and squaring logs, this kind of axe gained popularity. It was largely utilized for log and timber-framed constructions because of this.

The flat and beveled sides of broad axes are used for cutting logs and timbers. Also known as the goose-wing wide axe, this broad axe is another variety.

This axe was the first one used for hewing in America and was carried over by German settlers. When the bent metal tube is forged to the bit, a goose-wing axe’s handle is offset to the left or right. A goose-wing wide axe also stands out because the appearance of the axe head is similar to that of a flying geese.

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Fire Axe

Fire Axe

One of the most popular collectibles is a fire axe. The fire company’s monogram can be found on the heads of earlier fire axes, which explains why. If you have ever dug an axe when metal detecting, you can quickly identify it. Because it is the only axe with both a cutting edge and a pointed edge. 

Ice Axe

Ice Axe

When people began collecting ice in the winter and storing it for use in the summer, ice axes first gained popularity in the 1840s.

The cutting edge of early ice axes had a vertical adze and was parallel to the shaft’s axis. The pick, an axe head with a small bend and pointed end, is the most noticeable characteristic for identifying antique axes.

In 1860, the ice axe’s design was altered as well. The adze was rotating parallel to the shaft throughout this period.

Mortise Axe

Mortise Axe

The two most important characteristics that can aid in antique axe identification are its size and shape. For example, a mortising axe’s long, thin head is designed to fit the dimensions of a mortise hole.

Additionally, certain mortising axes contain double bits. One of the pieces is for the hole’s width, the other is for its length.

Hatchet Axe

Hatchets are little axes that may be operated with one hand. When identifying an antique axe, you can mistakenly believe that the hatchet you dug is an axe. Check the axe’s size if you’re still uncertain. It is a hatchet if it resembles a smaller, lighter version of an axe.

Manufacturers of Vintage Axe

Peavy Maufacturing

Council Tool

Country Workshops




World of Axes



Vaughan Manufacturing


Snow and Neally

Most Valuable Vintage Axes Worth a lot of Money

Here is the list of 24 most valuable vintage axes that are worth buying in 2023:

1. Authentic Vintage Old Iron Battle Axe Head Viking worth $1,560 – $1,950

Authentic Vintage Old Iron Battle Axe Head Viking

Felling axes, which are used to cut down trees, originally had just one side. A hardwood handle was wrapped with a folded piece of iron, which was then sharpened to a point. Later, blacksmiths strengthened the axe head by adding steel wedges. A finer, sharper edge could be created with steel, and it had a longer lifespan.

The original axes were known as single-bit axes because they had only one side that could be used for cutting. Similar to a hammer, the opposite side was hard. The butt or poll were the names given to this substantial side. Axes with two bits, or double-bits, had two sharpened sides, one of which was sharper than the other.

2. Rare CAYUGA Double Bit Axe value $50 – $5,000

Rare CAYUGA Double Bit Axe

Large Indian head-shaped vintage or antique Cayuga double-bit axe is rare to find. The trademark “Fire Hardened” is imprinted on the handle. The axe has a couple very little nicks at the head and one down the blade, but other than that, it’s in fantastic shape considering its age. Excellent patina and no visible damage describe the handle’s condition. This axe is a stunning display piece and would be the focal point of any collection.

3. Missouri 3/4 Groove Axe. G10 value $800 – $1,500

Missouri 3'4 Groove Axe. G10

With usefulness in mind, these two-bit axes were created. You used the blunter side to topple the tree while using the sharper side to split logs and cut firewood. To improve your swinging balance, the axes have straight angles. The secondhand market may also have a broad axe for sale.

To operate on the trunk, broad axes were useful. The blades of these tools had chisel edges, which meant that one side of the blade was flat and the other tapered. In contrast, a felling axe has a knife edge on both sides of the blade, which streamlines and flattens the shape of the blade.

4. Vintage Rare Marbles Safety Axe NO. 2 value $50 – $5,000

Vintage Rare Marbles Safety Axe NO. 2

Rare Vintage Marbles Axe No. 2, identified on the blade The safety feature on the No. 2 axes from Marbles Gladstone, Michigan, USA, shields the blade.  The axe’s blade is 4.75 inches long and 2.25 inches wide. Axes are in excellent general condition, with the exception of a crack in the handle on one side. It is a wonderful estate item for any store, collection, or house.

5. Antique Tools ROGERS SUPERIOR Axe Rare Double Bit Logging Axe sold $241.50

Antique Tools ROGERS SUPERIOR Axe Rare Double Bit Logging Axe

This is an Excellent operating condition authentic vintage antique Rogers artefact. Also this is wonderful functional and collectible item.

It doesn’t matter how much the axe is worth to you or your appraiser, from a commercial standpoint. Unless you can locate a buyer willing to pay, no. Therefore, look for “sold items” or “sold listings” to see if a buyer has actually paid for something. You get greater accuracy as a result.

6. WW2 old tomahawk German engineer pickaxe sapper axe value $596 – $745

WW2 old tomahawk German engineer pickaxe sapper axe

This is a Second World War copy of the Rare German edition. This is a pickaxe or tomahawk component, an engineering sapper, or an ax head.

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7. A rare old elephant bronze axe from the reign of Emperor Julius Caesar value $380.00

A rare old elephant bronze axe

This is a rare, antique Julius Caesar elephant bronze axe from ancient Rome that value $380.00.

Consider the number of watchers or bids when searching for comparable things, or comps. This enables you to gauge the level of demand in your industry. Find out how long the item has been on the online store by looking up the listing date and seeing if the price has updated.

8. Vintage axe hatchet tomahawk old congo weapon steel value $1,520 – $1,900

Vintage axe hatchet tomahawk old congo weapon steel

This old axe is really awesome. This item has a fantastic appearance, and the wood handle has exquisite craftsmanship. There is some aging-related surface deterioration and staining. We have not made an attempt to delete the numbers that are written on the axe’s head. The axe head is moving very slightly, otherwise has an excellent vintage condition

9. Old Norwegian Large Carpenter, Lumber Mill, and Lafte Axes sold for $625.00

Old Norwegian Large Carpenter, Lumber Mill, and Lafte Axes

This axe is rare. The late 1800s and early 1900s saw the hand forging of this axe in Telemark. It is in excellent condition for an antique. The axe has a stamp that is both challenging to read and created by the blacksmith. This is something to take into account if you collect or utilize such things in traditional buildings.



“Massive Ax with Curved Sides and Rounded Butt” is the name of this rare Danish Neolithic flint artifact. Today, tombs only sometimes contain stone axes with shaft-holes; the majority are discovered accidentally.

Compared to the earlier shaftholed axes, the majority of these are heavy and have basic shapes, hence all but a tiny fraction of them must be categorized as work axes. Since they only occasionally appear in conjunction with other artefacts, these kinds cannot be dated with any degree of certainty, but they are often associated with the Late Neolithic Period.

11. Rare Axe in Solid Antique Bronze with Silver Egyptian Inscription Calligraphy value $520.00

Rare Axe in Solid Antique Bronze with Silver Egyptian Inscription Calligraphy

It is rare to discover an axe from the 1600s that is beautifully antique bronze-carved with silver Egyptian inscriptions and calligraphy. It’s very well crafted and attractive.

12. Rare Vintage Antique Chinese Hand Carved Soapstone Axe value $5,000 – $7,000

Rare Vintage Antique Chinese Hand Carved Soapstone Axe

A great condition vintage antique hand carved Chinese soapstone axe measuring 10 1/4″ long by 5″ wide. Although its exact age is unknown, it was most likely created before the turn of the century. Keep in mind that this is just a guess.

13. Vintage Authentic Old Medieval Iron Axe Head Viking value $1,700 – $2,125

Vintage Authentic Old Medieval Iron Axe Head Viking

A rare original axe from the 12th century AD is called the Ancient Rare Authentic Viking European Medieval Iron Battle Axe.

While looking for any vintage item, take into account the number of watchers or bids when searching for comparable things, or comps. This enables you to gauge the level of demand in your industry. Figure out how longer the item has been on the online store and determine whether the price has risen by looking up the listing period.

14. Native American Stone Tomahawk Grooved Axe Head sold for $60.00

Native American Stone Tomahawk Grooved Axe Head
This Native American Stone Tomahawk Grooved Axe Head is made of stone and it sold for $60.00 at ebay.

15. Old Vintage Iron Hand Carved Engraved Barcha Battle Axe from the 1850s sold for $175

Old Vintage Iron Hand Carved Engraved Barcha Battle Axe from the 1850s

Because they are utilized in the final stages of logging, these goose-wing axes and other broad axes are also referred to as finishing axes. Hatchets, on the other hand, are more compact tools that may be worn on your belt. They are frequently grouped with axes in this category.

In addition to size, a hatchet has a different balance. Because the handle is intended to be used just with one hand, it differs from an ax in terms of size, shape, leverage, pivot points, and load distribution. Ironically, hatchets can inflict even more harm!

16. RARE Unusual Warriors Moustache Shape Iron Axe 19TH.C value $55 – $175

RARE Unusual Warriors Moustache Shape Iron Axe

A really well-crafted and unique axe from the long age period made of iron. This axe’s distinctive moustache shape is what makes it so beautiful. These were considered deadly weapons at the time and were employed by warriors in close combat. Although the axe’s rod is missing, the head is in good shape given its age. This is a really excellent collector’s item because of its odd shape and size.

17. Extreme Old Antique Axe Head Ancient Hand Forged Rare value $400 – $500

Extreme Old Antique Axe Head Ancient Hand Forged Rare

Ancient Rare Antique Old Axe Heads Are Extremely Demanding and Super Collectible. Their earliest weapons for battle date back to around 1000 BC and included spears, tomahawks, and bows and arrows, all of which naturally had arrowheads. This item is amazing for adding originality to your collection.

18. CHINESE QING ANTIQUE JADE AXE IN BOX value $800 – $1,200


Rare, ancient jade ritual axe from the Chinese Qing Dynasty, worth between $800 and $1200. Flattened bell forms, fine calligraphy, and nephrite jade plaques with a pale crème tint, irregular golden-russet inclusions, are found. The bands of relief are floral.

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The jade fit into the silky pale-red metallic fabric covering of the firm cushion. The original wooden box from which each set was packaged has a light green silk cover.

19. Early American Spike Axe c.1770 RARE value $200 – $1,200

Early American Spike Axe c.1770 RARE

This is an extremely old American spike axe circa from around 1770. The axe’s long, slender forged head is attached to a sturdy wood handle. The overall condition of the axe is good. The axe head does, as seen, have some pitting. It is valued from $200 – $1,200.



18th-century Indian combat axe is a highly rare axe. The axe’s broad, straight blade bears a spike at the tip. spherical end to a steel handle tube. A silver kofgari that is in good condition is used to embellish the axe’s handle and blade. a top-notch collector’s item.

21. Rare 1825-1850 axe from Sioux Falls SD value $10 – $10,000

Rare 1825-1850 axe from Sioux Falls SD

This is a rare 1825-1850 axe from Sioux Falls SD. It is valued between $10 to $10,000. Also, it is an excellent collectible for the enthusiast looking for a vintage item.

22. A rare battle axe with integrated flintlock pistol value $2,960 – $5,921

A rare battle axe with integrated flintlock pistol

This rare axe has a reinforced, somewhat semicircular flange that is stamped “PB,” has geometric patterns chiseled into it, and is reinforced to the right of the base. The 13 mm calibre smooth barrel is octagonal before going round. Iron flintlock and miquelet. a walnut stock with faceted edges and an iron trigger guard. The buttplate is made of blackened bone, has geometric engravings, and a wooden ramrod with a horn tip placed into the back. It is valued between $2,960 – $5,921

23. An Ottoman Gold-Damascened Steel Axe Head Turkey, 17th value $1,973 – $2,960

An Ottoman Gold-Damascened Steel Axe Head Turkey, 17th

This is a 17th-century Turkish Ottoman gold-damascened steel axe head. The two crescent-shaped blades are embellished with scrolling foliate vines in a golf overlay, with the section diminishing toward the edge. Its price ranges from $1,973 to $2,960.

24. Rare Celtic Bronze Double Looped Socketed Axe Head value $1,300 – $1,950

Rare Celtic Bronze Double Looped Socketed Axe Head

 An outstanding piece of a cast bronze axe head. With a handle opening in the shape of a rectangle, the head is socketed. On each side of the blade, there are two shallow, lengthy, cast grooves. Two attaching loops, one on either short side of the blade, and a tiny collar around the socket help secure the axe head to its wooden handle.

Although a single loop is significantly more frequent than a double loop, there were many other particular styles prevalent at the time. A technological advancement, the hollow socket allowed for the efficient use of bronze while yet producing a powerful weapon. It is valued between $1,300 – $1,950.

Best Tips to Find Vintage Axes

The hunt may be the most enjoyable aspect of axe collecting and repair.

Every axe collector has tales of thrilling finds and the axe that escaped. Even though it can take years for you to select a particular brand and model, you should keep an eye out for anything that stands out to you along the way.

There are axes available that you may not realize you need until you see them.

There are a few ways that are largely reliable for finding antique axes.

According to axe enthusiasts, the most effective approach to find vintage axes is the greatest place to find vintage axes is reportedly at flea fairs. They are a reliable place to go to get great deals. Price increases and the availability of flea markets are two drawbacks, though.

The quickest method of locating a vintage axe is actually the he simplest way to purchase an antique axe is on eBay. Axes may always be found in a broad variety on eBay, with many having a “Buy it now” option. Although they usually cost more and need shipping, you may order them on your phone and they will be delivered right to your door.

The most affordable method to purchase a vintage axe are the Garage sales that can provide the best deals. People are trying to sell to a tiny audience while purging their old trash. Finding one is purely a matter of chance. You are therefore paying with your time rather than money.

However, you can also check out your favorite vintage axe in 2022 from one of these sites which includes:

Online classifieds

Estate sales

Antique stores


Local auctions

Bottom Line

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about 25 most valuable vintage axes that actually worth a lot of money specifically in this year 2022. For a price, you can find anything you’re looking for, including rare prototypes, restored vintage models, and original condition items.

And if you still have your own antique safe at home, look after it! It could be incredibly worthy.

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