10 Most Valuable Roosevelt Dimes: Complete Value Guide

Roosevelt Dimes! How much are they worth? That’s the question you have to ask yourself if you have one of these dimes in your possession. An inexperienced person would say “A dime is a dime,” right? They all have the same value. Well, not really. Every coin collector knows that a dime is much more than just a 10-cent piece, especially dimes that date way back to the 1940’s.

This article takes a look at the ten most valuable Roosevelt dimes of all time, providing some background information as to how each one of these coins came to be and what makes them so popular to this day.

The United States mint has been producing some of the most beautiful coins in the world like the Morgan Silver Dollar and the famous Silver Eagles since it was established in 1792,  However, a few types are considered more valuable than others due to the condition, scarcity or historical importance. One of these types is the Roosevelt dimes which were issued between 1946-present.

10 Most Valuable Roosevelt Dimes Worth a Fortune

Below is a detailed table that shows the 10 most valuable Roosevelt Dimes that are worth money. These aren’t the only Roosevelt Dimes worth money, there are others, however, the ones you see below are some of the most expensive to be auctioned.

Price Sold
1975 S Roosevelt Dime(No mint mark)
1968 S Roosevelt Dime
1951 Roosevelt Dime
1956 Roosevelt Dime
1950 Roosevelt Dime
1954 Roosevelt Dime
1955 Roosevelt Dime
1965 Roosevelt Dime
1972 Roosevelt Dime
1949 Roosevelt Dime

1. 1975 S Roosevelt Dime $456,000

Year: 1975

Grade: PR68

Price: $456,000

1975 S Roosevelt Dime $456,000

We saved the best for last. The 1975 S Roosevelt Dime is the last on our list of 10 Most Valuable Roosevelt Dimes. This coin has made its way to our list not because owning one of these could make you rich, definitely not in average condition. A 1975 S Roosevelt Dime in average condition is worth only $2.81 or less.

At the time, Only proofs of 1975-S Roosevelt dimes were struck. You won’t have issues getting your hands on these coins in MS-60 or PR-65 condition, anything higher is considered a rarity!

The 1975 No S Roosevelt Dime!

Many years ago, the original owner ordered five Proof sets of the 1975 Roosevelt Dime and discovered that two of the sets did not have the S mintmark. Over the years, the coin has passed from peer to peer.

Here’s a fact; The 1975 No S in PR68 (PCGS) was ranked first on a list of the 100 greatest U.S. modern coins in the third edition. The No S Proof is one of the hardest coins to get in the history of American Coins. According to collectors in the field today, there are only two examples known to exist and they have been tightly held by their owners for over forty years.

This coin is one of only two known specimens. On the 6th of September 2019, this 1975 10C No S PR68 was auctioned for $456,000.00, making it one of the highest ever sold Roosevelt dimes. You might be lucky enough to find a 1975 No S Rosevelt Dime If you look hard enough.

1975 10C No S PR68 Sold on Sep 6, 2019 for: $456,000.00

2. 1968 S Roosevelt Dime $45,000

Year: 1968

Grade: PR68

Price: $45,000

1968 S Roosevelt Dime $45,000

The famous 1968 S Roosevelt Dime is a one dime coin of the United States Of America. This coin is made up of a layer of copper and nickel on the outside and purely copper on the inside. It has a total mintage of  3,041,506 and was minted in the San Francisco mint, hence the “S” attached to its name. These 10 cent coins were struck only as proof coins.

Proof coins are carefully crafted at mints and rarely have any errors, thus, any errors noted on these coins are worth paying attention to, considering the exceptional care given to them. However, the perfection of these coins was halted after a noticeable error had occurred. About two dozen of the 1968 S Roosevelt Dime were struck from a die that wasn’t properly punched with the “S” mark.

These errors have turned out to be valued in our time. An example of one of the dozens of 1968 S Roosevelt Dimes was sold in an auction for $45,600 according to Heritage Auctions. A perfect coin bearing the same name and mintmark might not be worth much, however, the coins poorly struck are worth a fortune.

So, how do I know if my 1968 S Roosevelt Dime is valuable? Look out for inconsistencies on the obverse of the coin. Feel free to compare what you own with an exact perfect-looking coin of the same denomination.

1968 10C No S, FS-501, PR69 PCGS Sold on Dec 16, 2021 for: $45,600.00

3. 1951 Roosevelt Dime (Deep Cameo) $23,500

Year: 1951

Grade: PR68

Price: $23,500

1951 Roosevelt Dime (Deep Cameo) $23,500

The 1951 Roosevelt Dime is about 70 years old. About 100 million + coins were struck at the Philadelphia mint, the 10 cent coin was also struck at the Denver, and San Francisco mint the same year, however, the total number of coins struck at Denver and San Francisco wasn’t up to the entire figure struck at the Philadelphia mint.

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This coin is quite common today due to the vast amount of coins struck in the same year totaling almost 195 million coins. According to USA Coinbook, the 1951 Roosevelt Dime is worth $2.17 in standard condition, $4.20 – $12 in Uncirculated MS+ condition and the numbers can go up to $56 or more in proof condition.

However, the most valuable 1951 Roosevelt Dime isn’t the average coin that can be easily found. 1951 Roosevelt Dime Proofs with cameo contrast are way harder to find and when you do, they become highly valuable. PCGS has certified almost 1,700 Proofs of the 1951 Roosevelt Dime, however, of this number, little or no coins have any camo contrast. Regardless, about 20% of the 1,700 Proofs have been certified as CAMEOS, and less than ½ of 1% have qualified as Deep Cameos.

1951 Roosevelt Dime, PR68 Deep Cameo Sold on Jan 9, 2014 for: $23,500.00

4. 1956 Roosevelt Dime $19,975

Year: 1956

Grade: PR69

Price: $19,975

1956 Roosevelt Dime $19,975

The year 1956 was one of the many memorable dates in United States history. The Federal-Aid Highway Act was signed for the construction of 41,000 miles of interstate highways, and a couple of coins were minted in the same year such as the Lincoln cent, Washington Quarter to mention but a few.

The Roosevelt Dime was also minted in 1956 with coins struck at Philadelphia and Denver mint. Over 100 million coins were struck respectively in both mints. According to the USA coin book, an average 1956 Roosevelt Dime is worth $2.17 dollars in average condition. In uncirculated (MS+) condition, the coin can get you up to $8.68 when sold.

According to Heritage Auctions, in 2016, a 1956 Roosevelt Dime 10C PR69 Deep Cameo was sold for a whopping $19,975.00 thus making it worthy of being on our list of 10 most valuable Roosevelt Dimes.

1956 10C PR69 Deep Cameo Sold on Oct 3, 2016 for: $19,975.00

5. 1950 Roosevelt Dime $18,800

Year: 1950

Grade: PR68

Price: $18,800

1950 Roosevelt Dime $18,800

The 1950 Roosevelt Dime was struck at three mints; Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver. The Denver mint produced a total number of 46,803,000 coins while a total number of 20,440,000 1950 Roosevelt Dimes were minted in San Francisco. The coins struck in these two mints both have the “D” and “S” mintmark. The Philadelphia mint produced the highest number of 1950 Roosevelt Dimes with a total of 50,181,500.

This United States 10 cent coin is another valuable Roosevelt Dime. However, not all variations are valuable. One would need to find a special coin with rare features rarely found in other coins, this feature would probably be a result of a minting error.

On the 27th of March, 2014, A well-preserved 1950 Roosevelt Dime showing keen variation between frosted white devices, having fields on each side with reflective attributes was sold for $18,800. Each design element of the coin is fully struck, with pristine surfaces that are free from toning.

Do you own a 1950 Roosevelt Dime that seems perfect? Head over to PCGS and submit your coin for grading. It might just be the next “perfect” variation of the series.

1950 10C PR68 Deep Cameo Sold on Mar 21, 2014 for: $18,800

6. 1954 Roosevelt Dime $9,400

Year: 1954

Grade: PR68

Price: $9,400

1954 Roosevelt Dime $9,400

Besides striking the 1954 Roosevelt Dime, various memorable series of events happened in the United States one of which was the launching of the first nuclear-powered submarine. The  1954 Roosevelt Dime was minted at three mints including Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver, but of all, the highest number of coins were struck at the Philadelphia Mint with over 100 million coins struck.

The average value of the 1954 Roosevelt Dime isn’t much. According to the USA coin book you can buy or sell this coin in average condition for $2.17. It can be sold or bought for $4.20-$9.93 in Uncirculated (MS+) condition. Proof coins have way more value and can be worth $21 or more.

In 2014, a deep cameo proof with no toning on both sides of the 1954 Roosevelt Dime was sold on April 14th for $9,400, thus adding the 1954 Roosevelt Dime to the list of most valuable Roosevelt Dimes. The coin sold was in pristine condition and it was worth every penny, to say the least.

Finding such a gem might be extremely difficult but not impossible. If you do find one, remember to head over to an auction platform or PCGS for submission.

1954 10C PR68 Deep Cameo Sold on Apr 23, 2014 for: $9,400

7. 1955 Roosevelt Dime $9,300

Year: 1955

Grade: MS68

Price: $9,300

1955 Roosevelt Dime $9,300

Designed and engraved by John R Sinnock, the 1955 Roosevelt Dime as old as it may be, is still very much valuable in our time. Just as its predecessor, this coin was also struck at Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. However, the mints did not produce as many coins as they did in the previous year. For the entire circulation strike Roosevelt Dime series, the 1955-P dime has the lowest mintage.

The 1955 Roosevelt Dime is valued at $2.17 in average condition and $4.20 – $9.93 in Uncirculated (MS+) condition according to the USA coin book. Proof variations of the 1955 Roosevelt Dime can get you as much as $18 in PR-65. MS-65 grades of this coin can be obtained without much stress, but the coin becomes scarce when you are looking for higher grades like MS67 and MS68. There are only a few 1955 Roosevelt Dimes in MS68 condition.

Recently in the year 2020 in the month of September on the 20th day, a 1955 10C MS68 was sold in an auction for $9,300. This price could be less or higher, it all depends on the condition and quality of the “Roosevelt Dime”

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1955 10C MS68 Sold on Sep 20, 2020 for: $9,300.00

8. 1965 Roosevelt Dime $8,912

Year: 1965

Grade: AU58

Price: $8,912

1965 Roosevelt Dime $8,912

The 1965 Roosevelt Dime is yet another valuable coin to add to your collection. But not all of these coins are highly-priced. The year 1965 began the clad composition which simply means that coins in this period were made of copper and nickel. This coin has no mint mark and it was struck at the famous Philadelphia mint. In the year 1965, over 1.6 billion Roosevelt Dimes were minted.

According to the USA Coin Book. The value of a 1965 Roosevelt dime in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition is $2.81 or more. The melt value of this coin isn’t up to a dollar. Examples of the 1965 Roosevelt Dime in MS66 condition aren’t so hard to find but might take a while to get your hands on them. Higher grades are much more scarce.

On the 8th of July 2003, a Rare 1965 Roosevelt Dime Struck on a Silver Planchet was sold on Heritage Auctions in the year 2003 for a large sum totaling $8,912.50. This 1965 Roosevelt Dime obviously costs higher than the regular because it is very rare.

1965 10C Roosevelt Dime–Struck on a Silver Planchet AU58 Sold on Jul 28, 2003 for: $8,912.50

9. 1972 S Roosevelt Dime $8,400

Year: 1972

Grade: PR70

Price: $8,400

1972 S Roosevelt Dime $8,400

The 1972 S Roosevelt Dime also belongs to the Clad Composition coins. It has a metal composition of 91.67% Copper – 8.33% Nickel. This coin was struck at the San Francisco Mint with a total number of 3,260,996 minted coins. It has the “S” Mint Mark that is noticeable on the obverse of the coin.

According to the United States Coin Book, a 1972-S Roosevelt Dime (Proof Coin) is worth $2.28 or more. Deep cameo variations are pretty hard to find, so if you ever come across one, hold on to it dearly because it just might be worth a fortune.

On the 22nd day of February 2018, the 1972 S Dime, PR70 Deep Cameo with the “Single finest certified” tag was sold for $8,400.00 thus making the 1972 S Roosevelt Dime one of the most valuable Roosevelt dimes. Finding a PR70 condition of the coin would not be an easy task, in fact, some experts say it’s almost impossible to find one.

1972-S 10C PR70 Deep Cameo Sold on Feb 22, 2018 for; $8,400.00

10. 1949 Roosevelt Dime $8,337.50

Year: 1949

Grade: MS68

Price: $8,337.50

1949 Roosevelt Dime $8,337.50

The melt value of the 1949 Roosevelt Dime is quite higher than other years, maybe due to the fact that it composes 90% Silver and 10% Copper. 26,034,000 of these coins were minted at Denver in the year 1949. Production was also done at the Philadelphia and San Francisco mint bringing the total number of 1949 Roosevelt Dimes to about 69 million coins. However, not all these coins went into circulation.

The 1949-S Roosevelt Dime is estimated to be worth $2.17 in average condition and worth $52 to $80 or more in uncirculated (MS+) mint condition. However, this coin can be worth much more when in pristine condition. A good example will be the 1949 10C MS68 Full Bands with a rare multicolor toning on the obverse that was sold on Heritage Auctions on the 4th of November 2004 for $8,337.50.

This is a very rare coin that is worth thousands. The chances of finding a coin like this in MS68 condition is quite a battle, if you are lucky enough, out of 68 1949 Roosevelt Dime in MS68, only 1 would have almost the same resemblance with the coin above. The surface of the coin is completely free from impairment.

What Is A Deep Cameo Roosevelt Dime?

What Is A Deep Cameo Roosevelt Dime
Image Source(Greysheet.com)

If you are new to coin collecting, you might be wondering “What Is Deep Cameo?” As you might have seen already, Roosevelt Dimes that are deep Cameo are way higher in price than regular coins.

Here’s a quick definition of what it means; Cameo is basically the difference in or quantity of  contrast between the raised side of the coin on the obverse and the background of the coin. Deep cameo coins usually have a well-frosted finish on the obverse of the coin.

For a coin to be worthy of being called a Deep Cameo, the obverse and reverse of the coin must show top-notch frosted devices. The mirrored fields must be visually contrasted with the frosted devices in the same manner throughout. The smallest amount of fade in a coin can make it unworthy of bearing the “Deep Cameo” tag.

The History Of  Roosevelt Dime

First struck on the 19th of January, 1946. The Roosevelt Dime has been around for a couple of years. Although it was struck on January 19th, it was kept in the Philadelphia mint until circulation began on January 30th.

The initial plan was to release the Roosevelt Dime on February the 5th, however, the date was moved to tally with president Roosevelt’s birthday. Over the years, the design of the dime hasn’t changed much. Two notable changes were the removal of the mint mark from the reverse to the obverse.

The Coin Act Of 1965 – 99% of coin collectors are familiar with the popular coin act of 1965. It was in this year that the mints transitioned from minting Silver Roosevelt dimes to minting Clad Roosevelt dimes, thus dividing the Roosevelt dimes into two compositions. You won’t find mint marks on coins that date from 1965 to 1967. However, after 1967 mint marks resumed at Denver.

Roosevelt Dime Silver Composition (1946 – 1964 )

Time 1946-1964
Metal Composition 90% Silver and 10% Copper
Mass/Weight 2.5 grams
Diameter 17.9mm
Mint Mark S,P,D (San Francisco, Philadelphia, Denver)
Estimated Average Value $2-$20
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Average Roosevelt Dime Value & Chart (1946 – 1964 )

An average Roosevelt Dime is one that can be easily found. These are mostly circulated versions that you might currently have laying around in your basement. The value of an average Roosevelt dime ranges from $2.17 up to $9 for higher grades.

Roosevelts Dimes with minting errors and in perfect conditions are the real gems, ranging anywhere from $56 to $456,000 or more.

The first composition is known as the Silver Composition and it lasted from 1946 to 1964. All Roosevelt dimes in the Silver composition have a metal composition of 90% Silver and 10% Copper. Coins in this composition have a melt value of $1.8331.

Year Mintage MS60 MS65
1946 P 225,250,000 $5.88 $14
1946 D 61,043,500 $5.88 $17
1946 S 27,900,000 $5.88 $23
1947 P 121,520,000 $7.39 $14
1947 D 46,835,000 $7.92 $14
1947 S 34,840,000 $7.39 $14
1948 P 74,950,000 $5.26 $14
1948 D 52,841,000 $7.39 $14
1948 S 35,520,000 $6.94 $14
1949 P 30,940,000 $32 $43
1949 D 26,034,000 $14 $23
1949 S 13,510,000 $52 $80
1950 P 50,181,500 $15 $18
1950 D 46,803,000 $7.39 $14
1950 S 20,440,000 $43 $67
1951 P 102,937,602 $4.14 $12
1951 D 56,529,000 $4.14 $12
1951 S 31,630,000 $17 $28
1952 P 99,122,073 $4.14 $12
1952 D 122,100,000 $4.44 $8.62
1952 S 44,419,500 $9.87 $14
1953 P 53,618,920 $4.14 $9.87
1953 D 136,433,000 $4.14 $9.87
1953 S 39,180,000 $4.14 $9.87
1954 P 114,243,503 $4.14 $9.87
1954 D 106,397,000 $4.14 $9.87
1954 S 22,860,000 $4.14 $9.87
1955 P 12,828,381 $4.14 $9.87
1955 D 13,959,000 $4.14 $9.87
1955 S 18,510,000 $4.14 $9.87
1956 P 109,309,384 $3.65 $8.62
1956 D 108,015,100 $3.65 $8.62
1957 P 161,407,952 $3.65 $8.62
1957 D 113,354,330 $3.65 $8.62
1958 P 32,785,652 $4.14 $9.87
1958 D 136,564,600 $4.14 $9.87
1959 P 86,929,291 $3.65 $8.62
1959 D 164,919,790 $3.65 $8.62
1960 P 72,081,602 $3.65 $8.62
1960 P N/A
1960 D 200,190,400 $3.39 $7.39
1961 P 96,758,244 $3.39 $7.39
1961 D 209,146,550 $3.39 $7.39
1962 P 75,668,019 $3.39 $7.39
1962 D 334,948,380 $3.39 $7.39
1963 P 126,725,645 $3.39 $7.39
1963 P N/A $40
1963 D 421,476,530 $3.39 $7.39
1964 P 933,310,762 $3.39 $7.39
1964 D 1,357,517,180 $3.39 $7.39
1964 D N/A $113 $170

Silver Composition (Key Dates & Value)

Some errors occurred during minting in the Silver Composition. These errors today have become rare coins and have more value than regular or perfectly minted Roosevelt Dimes.

1960 P Roosevelt Dimes: Doubled Die Obverse
1963 P Roosevelt Dimes: Doubled Die Reverse
1964 D Roosevelt Dimes:  Doubled Die Reverse

1960 P Roosevelt Dimes : Doubled Die Obverse

1960 P Roosevelt Dimes Doubled Die Obverse

The 1960 Silver Roosevelt Dime was one of the rarest coin issues ever to be minted, due to a major error. Some coins feature the words “IN GOD WE TRUST,” which have been double struck. Also, the year on the coin has been doubled with the “60” being prominent.

1963 P Roosevelt Dimes : Doubled Die Reverse

1963 P Roosevelt Dimes Doubled Die Reverse

1963 was the year that the Roosevelt dime, minted with 90% silver, had a major error in its proof coin issues. A few lucky coins have slightly doubled inscriptions of “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and the motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM” on the reverse of the coin. One of the most interesting doubling patterns happens in the word “UNITED.” As seen in the arrow.

1964 D Roosevelt Dimes: Doubled Die Reverse

1964 D Roosevelt Dimes Doubled Die Reverse

The 1964 D Roosevelt Dimes also had a noticeable error in some of the coins that were struck at the Denver mint. A few of the coins feature doubled words in  “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” – “ONE DIME” and the motto on the reverse of the coin, with the most noticeable doubling being the word “ONE DIME”.

Clad Composition ( 1965 – Present )

The second composition is called the clad composition and it has lasted from 1965 to the present. Roosevelt dimes in this composition have a lesser melt value of just $0.0302 because they are made of 91.67% Copper and 8.33% Nickel. However, this melt value goes higher in some variations like the 2022 S Silver Roosevelt Dime which is made of 99% Silver.

Time 1965 – Present
Metal Composition 91.67% Copper, 8.33% Nickel
Mass/Weight 2.27 grams
Diameter 17.9mm
Mint Mark S,P,D,W (San Francisco, Philadelphia, Denver, West Point)
Estimated Average Value $2.81 – $7.88
Melt Value  $0.0302

Clad Composition (Key Dates & Values)

These are some of the key dates in the Clad composition. Most of these coins are rare due to minted errors. They are highly valued and the price gets better based on the condition of the coin in your possession.

Name PR70
1979 S Roosevelt Dimes : Type 1 – Filled S $25
1979 S Roosevelt Dimes: Type 2 – Clear S $35
1982 P Roosevelt Dimes: No Mint Mark $300
1994 S Roosevelt Dimes: Silver Proof $18
1993 S Roosevelt Dimes: Silver Proof $20
1992 S Roosevelt Dimes: Silver Proof $20
1999 S Roosevelt Dimes: Silver Proof $25

Final Words

The Roosevelt dime series is among the most collected by American coin collectors today. As you can see, the value of a specific dime comes down to its condition. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to how much wear your coin has on it before you put it up for sale. Whether you are a coin collector or just admire coins for their artistic beauty, we hope that you have enjoyed this list of the top 10 most valuable Roosevelt dimes.Some of these Roosevelt dime series are easy to find, while others will take some work and a bit more money to land. Either way, I implore you to get out there and start searching. Whether you find yourself a new coin enthusiast along the way or not, the hunt is always half the fun. Thanks for stopping by!

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