19 Most Valuable McDonald’s Glasses in 2023

Are you one of the many people who has always loved McDonald’s glasses since you were a child? Have you recently developed an interest in McDonald’s glasses? Or are you a regular antique collector looking for valuable items to add to your impressive collection?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, you will find valuable antique McDonald’s glasses and how much they’re worth. So if you have a large collection of vintage McDonald’s glasses, you can see if they’re on this list or not!

If you don’t have one and want to get one, you can also use the list as a guide to help you collect valuable McDonald’s glasses.

19 Most Valuable McDonald’s Glasses in 2023

McDonald’s glasses are in high demand for many reasons. For many, it has sentimental value, whereas for others, it’s simply enjoyable to have all the released collections in their glass collection.

Regardless of the reason for collecting, collectors continue to refer to certain McDonald’s glasses as the most valuable. Listed below are the 19 most valuable McDonald’s glasses in 2022:

1. McDonald’s Camp Snoopy peanuts collection

Price range on eBay: $14 to $20

Year: 1983

McDonald's Camp Snoopy peanuts collection
Clear glasses with camp snoopy characters and lines(Source: eBay)

In 1983, a Camp Snoopy theme park opened, and a set of promotional glasses was released to commemorate the occasion. The peanut gang camping was depicted on these drinking glasses.

This McDonald’s Camp Snoopy Peanuts collection is a beautifully designed piece. It features characters discussing “Morning people,” “hard work,” “struggle for security,” “being properly prepared,” and “civilization.” These glasses stand six inches tall.

2. McDonald’s Star Wars Glasses

Estimated price range on eBay: $90 to $103

Year: 1977

McDonald's Star Wars Glasses
Set of McDonald’s glasses designed with Star Wars characters on them(Source: eBay)

With the release of each film in the original trilogy, these 1977 Star Wars glasses were produced and sold. They released four glasses for each movie.

The glasses were designed with characters from the movie, such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, and Artoo, along with colorful backgrounds.

3. Vintage McDonald’s Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XIV Glass

● Estimated price: $20

● Year: 1979

Vintage McDonald's Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XIV Glass
McDonald’s glasses featuring NFL players with their names(Source: eBay)

If you’re a fan of football, this McDonald’s glass is a must-have for your collection. It featured the Super Bowl XIV NFL Championship, which Pittsburgh was a part of.

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The glasses depict players like Jerry Bradshaw, Donnie Shell, Joe Greene, and others. The McDonald’s logo is printed on the bottom of the glasses. The glasses stand 5.5 inches tall.

4. McDonald’s Champagne Flute or Wine Glass

● Estimated price on eBay: $16

● Year: Early 1900s

McDonald's Champagne Flute or Wine Glass
McDonald’s wine glass with the McDonald’s logo on it(Source: eBay)

McDonald’s wine glass is a collector’s favorite! Particularly for those who take pride in their wine glass collection. This one, in particular, has the McDonald’s logo, “M,” prominently displayed on the glass.

In addition, the word “McDonald” is imprinted inside the logo. This champagne flute or wine glass from McDonald’s is eight inches tall.

5. 1993 McDonald’s All-Time Greatest Team Glasses

● Estimated price on eBay: $90

● Year: 1993

1993 McDonald’s All-Time Greatest Team Glasses
A set of glasses with players featured on each of the glasses along with their signatures(Source: eBay)

McDonald’s released the All-Time Greatest Team glasses that year to celebrate the MLB team. This set of nine glasses is numbered 1 through 9. Each of the nine glasses has the specific nine players in the defensive position depicted on the cups.

The tenth glass was shared only in Boston, and it bears the name Carl Yastrzemski. “DH 10” was imprinted on this glass. The back of these glasses displayed each player’s career statistics as well as their autographs.

6. McDonald’s Big Mac McVote ’86 glasses

● Estimated price on Etsy: $40

● Year: 1980

McDonald's Big Mac McVote '86 glasses
A set of McDonald’s glasses designed with Big Mac characters in fun, bright colors(Source: Etsy)

This is an extremely rare and collectible pair of McDonald’s glasses. In 1986, McDonald’s ran a promotion to determine which of the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, and McD. L. T. burgers were the best. The glasses were given away for free with every purchase made during that time period.

These glasses were designed with bright colors like the American flag’s red, white, and blue with phrases like “Big Mac no one else stacks up,” “All the makings of a winner,” and “vote for Mac.” The glasses measure 5.75 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.

7. McDonald’s Pyrex Glass

● Estimated price on eBay: $30

● Year: 1982

McDonald's Pyrex Glass
This vintage glass has a yellow plastic holder attached to it.(Source: eBay)

This rare vintage item, released in 1982, is one of the most valuable McDonald’s glasses. Pyrex Corning created the four-piece set for McDonald’s. The bottom of the glass bears the inscription “Pyrex Ware by Corning, made exclusively for McDonald’s in 1982.”

The glass is usually attached to a mustard-yellow plastic holder, which helps to insulate the heat from the content of the glass. The holder has the McDonald’s logo etched on it, and on the inside, four more logos are featured.

8. McDonald’s Commemorative Glasses Midnight Mist Smoke Dewitt, Michigan 1991

McDonald's Commemorative Glasses Midnight Mist Smoke Dewitt, Michigan 1991
Vintage round wine McDonald’s glass with gray misty color(Source: worthpoint

These vintage McDonald’s glasses are round wine glasses. The McDonald’s logo appears on the body, along with the inscription “Dewitt, Michigan, January 21, 1991.” The smokey mist inside the glass adds to the ethereal quality of the overall design.

Year: 1991

9. McDonald’s Limited Edition 2013 Coca-cola

●  Price range on eBay: $14 – 15$

● Year: 2013

McDonald's Limited Edition 2013 Coca-cola
2013 McDonald glasses edition in a set of six colored glasses(Source: My Tummy Is Full

This 2013 edition of Coca-Cola is available in six colors, including pink, green, blue, aqua, charcoal, and purple. When turned upside down, this McDonald’s glass takes on the shape of the Coca-Cola bottle, with its crown lid and curved body.

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The glass is embossed with the Coca-Cola logo. These glasses were included with any meal that included a Coca-Cola drink in 2013. They have a height of 5.5 inches.

10. McDonald’s Macca Collectible Glass

● Estimated price on eBay: 20$ AU

● Year: 2021

McDonald's Macca Collectible Glass
Collection of McDonald’s Macca glasses with a round shape in different designs(Source: eBay)

McDonald’s Macca collections were created to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary. One distinguishing feature of this glass is that it is “wobbly.” It has a round base to prevent spilling.

Loose Fries, Cheese Melt, Packet Fries, Big Mac, Sesame seeds, and a Macca’s cup are among the six designs in this glass set. These glasses are given when customers purchase any medium or large quarter-pounder Range Meal.

11. McDonald’s Coca-Cola Glasses 2014 Edition

● Estimated price on eBay: $25 per piece

● Year: 2014

McDonald's Coca-Cola Glasses 2014 Edition
Six colored glasses stacked on each other in pyramid form(Source:  Amazon

With the release of new Coca-Cola glasses almost annually, McDonald’s gives its customers something to discuss. Each collection has its own unique design. This 2014 collection features six colors, including purple, green, orange, blue, red, and gray.

12. FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 McDonald’s Coca-Cola Glasses

● Estimated price on eBay: $90

● Year: 2018

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 McDonald's Coca-Cola Glasses
Five 2018 McDonald’s Coca-Cola glass cups in different colors stacked on top of each other(Source: eBay)

This limited-edition Coca-Cola glass collection was created to honor the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. It is shaped like a world cup and is available in five colors.

13. Set of 4 McDonald’s Souvenir Hawaii Glasses

● Estimated price on eBay: $41.99-$47.96

● Year: 1980s

Set of 4 McDonald's Souvenir Hawaii Glasses
Four transparent glasses with black bottoms and white drawings(Source: eBay)

This rare glassware from McDonald’s is labeled “Hawaiians and Their Sea.” It is an intricately designed Hawaiian souvenir.

Hawaiian activities such as canoeing, long boating, surfing, and net fishing are etched in white on the surface of the smoky glasses. The glasses were manufactured in Honolulu, Hawaii.

14. McDonald’s Flintstones Mugs 1998

● Estimated price on eBay: $29.95-$59.28

● Year: 1993

McDonald's Flintstones Mugs 1998
Four clear frosted glass mugs with different shapes and handle designs(Source: Etsy

This set of four Flintstones McDonald’s mugs is extremely popular due to the show’s popularity and family appeal. The “Flintstones” and the McDonald’s golden arc logo are embossed in gold on the clear frosted glasses.

They come in several sizes and shapes and have peculiar designs that reflect the Flintstones’ prehistoric setting. They are called Treemendous, Pre-Dawn, Mammoth, and Rocky Road mugs.

15. 1977 Vintage Character Glass

● Price for a set of 5 sold on eBay: $34

● Year: 1977

1977 Vintage Character Glass
Five glass cups featuring colorfully painted McDonald’s characters(Source: eBay )

Another favorite set is the one with the McDonald’s characters. Each glass is brightly painted with a McDonald’s character.

They’re not quite as hard to come by as other rare glasses, but there still isn’t a sufficient supply for all the collectors. Mayor McCheese, Grimace, Captain Crook, Harmburglar, and Ronald McDonald are depicted on each glass.

It may be difficult to obtain the entire set of six characters at once, but depending on the seller, a single character can be purchased for $9.99.

16. McDonald’s The Great Muppet Caper Glass Collection

● Estimated price range on eBay for the complete set: $19.99-$45

● Year: 1981

McDonald's The Great Muppet Caper Glass Collection
Four long colorfully painted glass cups showing the muppet capers(Source: eBay

The Muppets (originally Sam and Friends) was a show created by Jim Henson that ran from 1955 to 2004. These puppets were a hit with children, and McDonald’s hopped on the bandwagon. They designed Muppets-themed promotional glasses.

The four-piece set includes the Muppets on the Happiness Hotel bus, Kermit on a bicycle, Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo in a hot air balloon, and Miss Piggy on a motorcycle crashing through a stained glass window.

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17. McDonald’s Coca-Cola Glass Gold Limited Edition 2018

● Estimated price on eBay: $18.99

● Year: 2018

McDonald's Coca-Cola Glass Gold Limited Edition 2018
Golden metal-looking glass in the shape of a world cup(Source: eBay )

The glow and metallic appearance of this rare Coca-Cola glass cup make it popular. It comes in the shape of a world cup because it was also created for the 2018 World Cup but it didn’t come with the other set of clear-colored glasses.

18. McDonald’s Batman Forever Glass Mugs Cups 1995

● Estimated price on eBay: $70

● Year: 1995

McDonald’s Batman Forever Glass Mugs Cups 1995
Four clear frosted glass cups in different sizes and patterns(Source: eBay)

McDonald’s created the Batman Forever glass to commemorate the Batman Forever movie. It comes in a set of four featuring the Riddler, the Joker, Robin, and Two-Face mugs with the Batman emblem and the McDonald’s logo.

19. Disney 100 Years Collection McDonald’s Glasses

Disney 100 Years Collection McDonald's Glasses
Four colorful glass cups adorned with Disney characters(Source: Liveauctioneers

The McDonald’s Happy Meal glass cup set features Walt Disney World’s “100 Years of Magic.” It shows famous classic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Cinderella, Mary Poppins, and Pinocchio, as well as more recent illustrations such as Ariel, Aladdin, Bianca, Pocahontas, Tarzan, Jesse, and Hercules.

● Estimated price for starting bid on Liveauctioneers: $60

● Year: 2005

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Get McDonald’s Glasses?

Apart from collecting McDonald’s glasses from antique stores and online sites, they are given out by McDonald’s as a promo or added benefit for a small price with or without the meal. It is done at McDonald’s discretion for maximum customer satisfaction.

Does Coca-Cola Own McDonald’s?

No, it doesn’t. Although Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have been in a successful partnership since 1995. Coca-Cola has been McDonald’s beverage distributor since the company’s earliest days.

What Happened with the Shrek Forever After McDonald’s Glass?

Following the discovery of dangerous levels of cadmium in the paint used on the Shrek “Forever After” collection on June 4, 2010, McDonald’s recalled the 12 million glasses. They even gave a premium of $3 to anyone who could return some of the Shrek glasses that were bought.

Final Words

McDonald’s glasses are ingrained in the memories of many families and friends. The collections listed above are the most valuable and people’s favorites currently available in 2022. These glasses were chosen based on their scarcity, design, popularity, and antique market value.

When comparing prices, it is best to look at the prices of previously sold glasses, as this will help you make a more informed decision.

The antique piece goes to the highest bidder at auction sites, whereas prices vary based on the number of pieces sold from each set on online antique sites. Prices are set by the sellers as well. If you have any comments, please leave them in the section below. Have fun collecting!

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