19 Most Valuable Hummel Plates: Complete Value Guide

Hummel plates, gems of the 1960s and 1970s are currently coveted by collectors of decorative plates. These pieces are popular for their angelic and spiritual figures that perfectly embody the charming energy of the artist; Sister Maria Innocentia who served in the convent.

The 1990s to early 2000s saw Hummel plates that currently have the highest value. In fact, they can fetch you up to $100, especially if they come in their original boxing and are in a chaste condition.

Journey with us as we introduce you to the captivating world of Hummel plates, dissect their unique designs and their meanings, and guide you on identifying and evaluating them.

Hummel plate
Hummel Plate – For Father – HUM #293 (Source: Liveauctioneers)

Brief History of Hummel Plates

Hummel plates emerged as a sequel to the Hummel figurines that have been in production in Germany since 1935. Since the figurines were so popular, a manufacturing company launched a line of plates largely inspired by the little figurines.

All of this couldn’t have been possible without the help of German artist Berta Hummel who is famous for possessing unusual artistic gifts and has gone on to refine her skills at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

In 1934, Berta fully devoted her life to the church and took the nun vows, which led to a name change from Berta Hummel to Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel; she resided at the convent of Siessen, Saulgau, and taught kindergarten while continuing her art.

The German manufacturer and factory owner Goebel approached Sister Maria for permission to use her sketches and entered an agreement with the convent and Hummel, allowing Sister Maria to retain all artistic control over the production.

Enters The Hummel Plates

Franz Goebel pushed the Hummel plates line, and it became an instant hit among American collectors with its very first annual plate introduced in 1971. The first edition ‘Heavenly Angel’ plate was hand painted and premiered on the 100th anniversary of the Goebel factory opening.

Hummel plates were made in different categories like the Annual Hummel Plates, which is a single plate made to represent each year from 1971 to 1995; usually, there’s a five-year gap between the production of an annual plate series and the release of a new one.

Goebel company launched the first ever annual plate in 1971 for their 100th anniversary, and it came in three other reissues. The initial one was meant for Hummel employees with an inscription on the base to appreciate their hard work- it’s the rarest and most expensive Hummel plate.

Then came the American and English editions, which had holes in the back suitable for mounting on the wall. Subsequently, every Hummel plate released after the first edition portrayed Hummel’s vision in different hand-painted outdoor scenes.

The Christmas Series

The Hummel Christmas plate series from Hummel and Goebel is the second most popular line from the brand. Initial models of the Christmas plates bore a striking resemblance to Annual plates, but twists came in many later designs with relief-style scenes instead of flat painted images.

The scenes were mostly raised and three-dimensional, which stayed in production throughout the late 1990s; they’re not as collectible as annual series plates.

Other unpopular but equally loved series among avid Hummel collectors that we also suggest you look out for include

  • The Four Seasons Series (Each plate represented four seasons Winter, Spring, Autumn, and Summer, and used a bas-relief design that gave off a 3D effect).
  • Celebration Series
  • Friends Forever Series
  • Little Homemakers Mini-Plate Series
  • Little Music Makers Mini-Plate Series
  • Century Collection Mini-Plate Series

Here’s a video on Hummel Plates.

19 Most Valuable Hummel Plates Around Today

Release Date
Hum No.
Hummel Plate ‘Doll Bath’
Hummel Annual Plate ‘Doctor’
Hummel Annual Plate ‘Star Gazer’
First Edition Hummel Annual Plate ‘Heavenly Angel’
The Spring Dance Anniversary Plate
Goebel Hummel Farm Boy Annual Plate
Hummel ‘Just Resting’ Annual Plate
Hummel Plate ‘Ride into Christmas’ Annual Series
Goebel Hummel Stormy Weather Anniversary Plate
Hummel Annual Plate Apple Tree Girl
Goebel Hummel Annual Plate ‘Goose Girl’
Hummel Postman Annual Plate
Goebel Hummel Singing Lesson
Goebel Hummel Apple Tree Boy
Hummel Annual Plate ‘Happy Pastime’
Goebel Hummel Annual Plate ‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye’
Hummel Annual Plate ‘School Girl’
Hummel Plate ‘For Father’
Goebel Hummel Plate Little Helper
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19. Goebel Hummel Plate Little Helper

Price: $14.95

Release Date: 1984

Hum No: 277

Goebel Hummel Plate Little Helper
1984 Goebel HUMMEL Collector Plate (Source: eBay)

The 1984 Little Helper Hummel plate from the annual plate series depicts a relief of a young girl with a basket full of apples in a garden. She’s dressed in a blue dress, matching headgear, and brown slippers with dotted details at the edge of the plate.

18. Hummel Plate ‘For Father’

Price: $15

Release Date:1991

Hum No: 293

Hummel Plate ‘For Father’
(Source: Liveauctioneers)

The second edition ‘For Father’ plate from the ‘Four Friends Forever’ plate series was produced in 1991 by the Goebel Hummel company in Germany. The image shows a little boy returning from a farm with a pitcher and plants in his hands for his father.

Berta used natural elements in her works, so you’ll find things like sunlight, green plants, bees, trees, birds, and animals as backdrops or extra details accompanying the main character (male, female, and children).

The Friends Forever plate series is made up of four unique plates that were smaller in size to the annual plates’ series (they come in a 7-inch diameter) and have a darker decorative border which were all designed by prolific sculptor Gerhard Skrobek.

17. Hummel Annual Plate ‘School Girl’

Price: $19

Release Date: 1980

Hum No: 273

Hummel Annual Plate 'School Girl’
Hummel 1980 Annual Plate “School Girl” (Source: Amazon)

The Hummel company produced this plate in 1980 titled ‘schoolgirl.’ The image on the plate portrays a little girl dressed in an orange dress, white socks, black shoes, a tiny basket on her arm, and a blue school bag who heads to a school faintly etched on the plate.

16. Goebel Hummel Annual Plate ‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye.’

Price: $20

Release Date: 1972

Hum No: 265

Goebel Hummel Annual Plate ‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye.'
Goebel Hummel 2nd Annual Plate 1972 HEAR YE (Source: Rubylane)

Hummel plates find the most fascinating and kid-friendly way to depict real-life and relatable situations. The Hear Ye, Hear Ye plate shows a town crier dressed in the brightest shade of blue coat on ash shoes out on a snowy winter evening and holding a lamp.

He holds a yellow horn in his hands and blows it to announce what seems like Christmas. His striking yellow muffler, pocket watch, red hand gloves, and shining star make this plate a brilliant work of art.

15. Hummel Annual Plate ‘Happy Pastime.’

Price: $20

Release Date: 1978

Hum No: 271

Hummel Annual Plate 'Happy Pastime.'
3 Hummel Plates, 1978, all with boxes (Source: Liveauctioneers)

From 1976 to 1978, each Hummel plate displays the image of a boy or a girl sitting in a field next to a tree. For the 1978 edition, a young girl dressed in blue and cream sits in a flower garden in front of a tree while a bird perches on.

The shoes on Hummel’s human characters are usually huge with thigh-high stockings and head covers, perhaps in solidarity with Hummel’s priestly status; either way, they’re one of the vocal points of Sister Innocentia’s works.

14. Goebel Hummel Apple Tree Boy

Price: $20

Release Date: 1977

Hum No: 270

Goebel Hummel Apple Tree Boy
Goebel Hummel 7th Annual Plate 1977 APPLE TREE BOY (Source: Rubylane)

A boy sits on a fruity apple tree with three orange apples. The happy boy is accompanied by a colorful bird that patiently perches on the lower branch of the tree while he plays.

The main character is dressed in white and blue tops with brown bottoms, knee-high socks, and a brown shoe with a lemon bonnet. Like the apple tree girl, this apple tree boy plate is also from the annual plates’ series.

13. Goebel Hummel Singing Lessons

Price: $36.50

Release Date: 1979

Hum No: 272

Goebel Hummel Singing Lessons
Goebel, Hummel annual plate 1979 “singing lesson” No. 272 from the 70s with original box (Sources: Etsy)

The 1979 Goebel Hummel singing lessons plate shows a boy dressed in a green jacket, orange pants, and green bonnet sitting in a garden playing the flute in a technique mirroring the directives from a bird perching on an olive tree.

12. Hummel Postman Annual Plate

Price: $36.56

Release Date: 1983

Hum No: 276

Hummel Postman Annual Plate
Goebel, Hummel annual plate 1983 “Postman” No. 276 from the 80s with original box (Source: Etsy)

Here, Hummel enacted a postman sharing postcards scene, and he’s dressed in a blue coat and blue Sheriff cap while carrying a brown bag filled with postcards. The male figure wears blue leather boots for what seems like a serious day on the job ahead.

11. Goebel Hummel Annual Plate Goose Girl

Price: $37

Release Date: 1974

Hum No: 267

Goebel Hummel Annual Plate Goose Girl
Goebel Hummel 1974 Annual Plate – Goose Girl (Source: Rubylane)

The Goebel Hummel plate in Goose Girl comes with the relief of a little girl dressed in lemon and brown with high stockings and brown slippers to match her brown head bonnet in a wheat field. She’s surrounded by two bug ducks with white feathered bodies, orange beaks, and feet while hiding a wheat branch behind her back.

10. Hummel Annual Plate Apple Tree Girl

Price: $40

Release Date:1976

Hum No: 269

Hummel Annual Plate Apple Tree Girl
Hummel 1976 Annual Plate (Source: Porcelaingallery)

The Hummel 1976 plate also from the annual plate series features a girl dressed in blue and yellow with a red head wrap sitting in a blossoming apple tree in purple flowers. A little blue and yellow bird makes a cameo in this setting.

9. Goebel Hummel Stormy Weather Anniversary Plate

Price: $42

Release Date: 1975

Hum No: 280

Goebel Hummel Stormy Weather Anniversary Plate
Goebel Hummel 1975 First Edition Anniversary Plate – Stormy Weather (Source: Rubylane)

The 1975 first edition piece called the stormy weather has hand-painted bas reliefs of braving stormy weather in a blossoming garden with the help of a big black flower. Further reliefs of a star and three bright red tulips adorn this beautiful plate.

Stormy weather is the first edition of a series of three plates to be issued at five years intervals, and the inscription behind its back in the claim, the plate measures 10 inches.

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8. Hummel Plate ‘Ride Into Christmas’ Annual Series

Price: $74.25

Release Date: 1975

Hum No: 268

Hummel Plate ‘Ride Into Christmas’ Annual Series
Hummel Annual Plate 1975 (Source: Hummelsatadiscount)

The Hummel company’s unique plate made in 1975and from the annual plate series portrays a boy dressed in green trousers, an off-white sweater, a red muffler, and an ash head cap riding on a sled in the slow straight into Christmas.

The sweet ride is accompanied by a pine tree strapped behind the sled while he holds a lamp firmly with an excited expression written all over his face.

7. Hummel ‘Just Resting’ Annual Plate

Price: $80

Release Date: 1991

Hum No: 287

Hummel ‘Just Resting’ Annual Plate
Hummel 1991 Annual Plate (Source: Porcelaingallery)

The 1991 Hummel annual plate tagged ‘Just Resting’ depicts the image of a young, tired girl dressed in a short striped dress, socks, and shoes taking a rest in a floral garden and sitting on a wooden fence.

A little basket containing unknown items sits on the grassy floor beside the girl and is currently up for sale on porcelaingallery for $80.

6. Goebel Hummel Farm Boy Annual Plate

Price: $80

Release Date: 1989

Hum No: 285

Goebel Hummel Farm Boy Annual Plate
(Source: Porcelaingallery)

Another significant highlight of Hummel plates is the rosy cheeks; she gives her characters a happy and exciting outlook on the dishes.

The farm boy plate from the annual plate series has the relief of a young boy on a ranch dressed in a blue and white outfit with high knee socks, slides, and a happy red cap with two pigs and red sunflowers.

5. The Spring Dance Anniversary Plate

Price: $82.96

Release Date: 1980

Hum No: 281

The Spring Dance Anniversary Plate
Vintage 1980 Spring Dance Anniversary Plate Goebel Hummel (Source: Etsy)

The Spring Dance Anniversary plate is a large 10-inch plate from the happy anniversary plate series and the largest of the three-anniversary collection produced in 1980- the three anniversary plates were released to celebrate the 5th, 10th and 15th anniversary of the launch annual plate collection in 1971.

It depicts an image of two young girls dressed in vibrant colors of blue and brown in a garden during the spring season.

4. First Edition Hummel Annual Plate Heavenly Angel

Price: $100

Release Date: 1971

Hum No: 264

First Edition Hummel Annual Plate Heavenly Angel
First Edition Hummel Annual Plate 1971 (Source: Etsy)

This plate is a first edition piece from the company’s 100th anniversary in 1971 and is titled ‘Heavenly Angel,’ which features an angel dressed in a green robe and holding a candle and it’s available on Etsy for $100.

The figure of the Heavenly Angel is semi relief and it sits beautifully on the 7 and half inch plate with a three-line (TM-4) trademark with 33 stars by the edge of the piece.

3. Hummel Annual Plate ‘Star Gazer.’

Price: $148.50

Release Date: 2000

Hum No: 920

Hummel Annual Plate 'Star Gazer.'
Hummel Star Gazer 2000 Annual Hummel Figurine 920 (Source: Hummelsatadiscount)

The 2000 Hummel plate is a special edition millennium production with the 60th-anniversary back stamp. It features the image of a young boy gazing at the stars through the help of a telescope. This plate has 33 stars and is 7 and half inch wide and is widely regarded as the ‘millennium plate’.

He wears a purple shirt, short brown trousers, and an orange scarf tied around the neck; there’s a cluster of studded stars by this lovely plate.

2. Hummel Annual Plate ‘Doctor.’

Price: $150

Release Date:1994

Hum No: 290

Hummel Annual Plate 'Doctor.'
Hummel Annual Plate 1994 (Source: Hummelsatadiscount)

A 7.5 inches wide Hummel plate made in Germany in 1994 displays the image of a young male doctor in white scrubs, red slides, and tools in his pocket. He also wears a protective glass for his eye area, and a medicine bottle rests behind him while he holds a doll in his hands.

1. Hummel Plate ‘Doll Bath

Price: $150

Release Date:1993

Hum No: 289

Hummel Plate 'Doll Bath
Hummel Annual Plate 1993 (Source: Hummelsatadiscount)

Another spectacular piece from Goebel Hummel company, this decorative plate, portrays the image of a young girl dressed in a green and red apron giving her doll a bubble bath in a bowl set on a stool. Her pretty blonde hair is one of the highlights of this plate, and it’s currently on sale at Hummelsatadiscount for $150.

Hummel Annual Plates Series

The notable Hummel annual plates series collectors are familiar with include the Hummel Hear Ye, Hear Ye Annual Plate (1972), and Hummel Globe Trotter Annual Plate (1973). Hummel Goose Girl Annual Plate (1974), MJ Hummel Happy Pastime Annual Plate (1978), Hummel School Girl Annual Plate (1980), Hummel Goebel Umbrella Boy Annual Plate (1981), Hummel Goebel Umbrella Girl Annual Plate (1982), Goebel Hummel Postman Annual Plate (1983), Hummel Little Helper Annual Plate (1984). Hummel Chick Girl Annual Plate (1985).

How To Identify Hummel Plates

Not only can you authenticate a Hummel figurine, but you can also do the same for their plates. We’ll lead you through the process below.

Consult An Expert

When in doubt about the authenticity of your Hummel plate, the best thing to do is consult an appraiser who will supply you with necessary, standard, and honest information about your plate, which will help you make better choices and not fall prey to reproductions.

Study the Images

Hummel plates came in series, from the annual plates to the Christmas series to the little helpers and other varieties. Study the images on your plates for better categorization to save time and energy.

Christmas series mostly had raised reliefs with three-dimensional patterns, while annual plates simply had flat painted images.

By Their Maker’s Marks

There’s always a clear difference between Hummel figurines and Hummel plate marks, as the manufacturer has devised an effective, consistent, and foolproof labeling method that helps to ensure that we can easily identify these plates through their various marks and inscriptions.

You’d find the ‘TMK’ mark inscribed in cobalt blue, which shines beautifully on the pure white background of these plates. The plate name and the series indicator should appear behind your plate, including a circular text design with varieties of texts to help you with the details of the plate.

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Another way to identify an authentic Hummel plate is to check the position of the Hummel name, which must be near the center of the circular designs, and other identifiers such as Goebel’s full name, plate name, and plate series, which are located below or above the M.I. Hummel text.

Find The HUM Numbers

The HUM numbers on your plates must correspond with that on the company’s catalog, and the design must also match that on the catalog’s records. HUM numbers are stamped to the back of your Hummel plates; if it’s an original piece, you shouldn’t have an issue easily spotting them.

Use Catalogs

To properly identify Hummel plates and differentiate them from reproduction, consult online catalogs that contain pictures of legally recognized ones, their Hummel number, marks, and other important details.

How To Determine the Value of Hummel Plates

There’re ways to discover the value of your Hummel plates that are proven effective and efficient. The tips you’ll discover below have been sourced from years of experience and qualified antique collectors who have closely studied the market’s movement.


If your Hummel plate comes in its original box and is in perfect or near mint condition without signs of wear, aging, or cracks, the value will remain intact and means hundreds of dollars with high interest from collectors.

Other conditions that may affect your Hummel plate value include Good (This means your plate may show minor signs of aging like mild discolorations, slight usage issues, and may be missing the original box.

Fair condition plates show signs of crazing, chips, and major defects that significantly deplete your plate’s intrinsic and market value.

The last thing you must do regarding the condition is to ensure that your Hummel plates come in their original box. Hummel plates in their original box can cause the price to double and bolster your revenue.

How Old is Your Hummel

Hummel plates were produced between 1971 and 1995, and the earliest version is regarded as the most expensive. Check the bottom of your plate to find the indication of the age and act accordingly.

Do Your Research

Use online platforms like eBay, Etsy, Rubylane, and other catalogs to get a possible estimate of Hummel plates. Getting a possible price will also help you fix a price around yours and get peak profit from selling your plate.

Who Buys Hummel Plates

Hummel plates have a large following, from collectors who keep them for history’s sake to decorators who see their interesting images as the perfect aesthetic suitable for a space to actual lovers of art who admire Berta’s fine craftsmanship. We’re looking at those who buy Hummel plates.


Art and antique collectors also buy Hummel plates. Either for display, for historical purposes, keep, or to sell off. The ‘Heavenly Angel’ plate is hot on the list of collectors as they’re the first ever Hummel plate made to commemorate the 100th year of the Goebel and Hummel company.

Art Shop Owners

Art shop owners buy Hummel plates, too, for display in their respective stores or sale to other interested buyers. For cross-country transactions, they get them from estate sales, garage sales, flea markets, and online sources.


Auction house owners and auction site administrators are also in the hot pursuit of buying Hummel plates to auction off to the highest bidders who can’t go through the stress of searching through piles of collectibles.


Homeowners across the United States who are passionate about procuring artsy stuff for their homes are one of those that largely buy Hummel plates. As earlier mentioned, some of these plates came with holes suitable for mounting on the wall, and it’s not unlikely to find these plates on the walls of different homes.

Interior Decorators

Interior decorators who help decorate a home, office, or business space are also a part of the people who buy Hummel plates.

Check out this video on Hummel Plate Series

 How Much are Hummel Plates Worth

Hummel plates are not worth a lot, which may be due to their status as not being antique enough or vintage enough among collectors. However, they still range between $20-$50 for the earliest pieces and up to $100 for commemorative plates like the 100th-anniversary plates produced by the company, which flooded the market between the 1970s and early years of 2000.

Parting Words

While we don’t recommend that you immediately start selling your Hummel plates collection due to their recent status (our tip is that you wait a few more years as they can become highly collectible and rarer).

They can still come in handy in your space as superb decorative items with a stint of modern and vintage experience. Here’re a few tips to note while collecting them.

  • Hummel plates were in circulation from 1971 to 2005 with the 1971 first edition being the most sought after.
  • Ensure your Hummel plate comes in its original box to increase the expected value.
  • If in doubt, find an appraiser.

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