17 Most Valuable Avon Collectibles: Value And Price Guide

Do you want to purchase something from Avon but are confused about which Avon product will prove more valuable? Then keep reading this blog, and you’ll leave with mandatory information about Avon Collectibles.

There are a lot of different pieces that you can buy as Avon collectibles. There are dolls, facial products, and even gift sets.

They come in all different sizes and quantities to make each one unique. The most valuable pieces come in the baby gifts category, but other popular Avon collectibles categories exist. Typically, people buy these items because they’re sentimental or fun to collect.

In this blog post, we will discuss the 17 most valuable Avon collectibles with their price guide list and value guide.

So stay until the end to learn more about rare Avon collectibles!

1. Vintage Avon Wild Country After Shave Guitar Shaped Bottle

Vintage Avon Wild Country After Shave Guitar Shaped Bottle
vintage avon wild country after shave Guitar Shaped Bottle Sold $4.99

This incredible rare guitar-shaped bottle of Wild Country aftershave was made in the ’60s in beautiful red and white striped glass. The underside of the neck is embossed with “AVON” and “MADE IN U.S.A.” on both sides, while the top has some scuff marks but no chips or cracks present.

Nothing is more iconic and collectible than the original reissued bottles from Avon’s first fragrance: Wild Country in a guitar-shaped bottle. The scent is mahogany, smoke, amber, and musk.

When this fragrance was initially introduced after WWII, it became an instant success, with over a million bottles sold in only nine months!

The vintage 1946 version of this timeless fragrance comes in the beautiful guitar-shaped bottle that made it wildly popular—a great keepsake for yourself or as a gift.


2. Collectible Avon Spray Perfume Bottle

Collectible Avon Spray Perfume Bottle
Price: $2.00 Source: eBay

Avon spray perfume bottles were trendy in the 1940s-60s and are now highly collectible. They are perfect as a decorative accessory or as a container for your homemade concoctions.

The empty bottle has been used but does not come with any spray. It’s in good condition, with some wear to the labels on the sides and top but no cracks or chips. The item measures 11′ high and over 6″ in diameter.

This bottle is the perfect size for a quick spritz and has kept the scent for ages. Pretty little hand-blown glass vials still smell mo0re than acceptable!


3. Avon Vintage Country Talc Blue & ivory

Avon Vintage Country Talc Blue & ivory
Price: $0.99  Source: eBay

An antique treasure, this Avon Vintage Country Talc is a gorgeous shade of blue and ivory. It smells just as beautiful too! The vintage scent is the perfect mix of sweet, delicate flowers and fresh balsams.

The design features a rich blue background with gold accents throughout. A trio of ivy leaves complete the feminine theme.

Don’t forget to add a dash to your linens or toss in your luggage if you want a nostalgia touch on the go.


4. Vintage Avon Charisma Perfume Snail

Vintage Avon Charisma Perfume Snail
Price: $10.99 Source: eBay

This piece is a vintage Avon Charisma Perfume Snail bottle. It is empty and comes with a box that still has the original fragrance inside.

This piece is a beautiful addition to your collection for those who collect perfume bottles or those who love perfume. It would be perfect for the holidays or as a gift!

The bottle has a diameter of 3 inches tall with an opening of 1 inch, giving it more than 13 ounces of space. It is in good condition with minimal wear from age and use.


5. Avon Vintage Brown Football First Down Soap

Avon Vintage Brown Football First Down Soap
Price: $3.99 Source: eBay

This First Down Soap on a Rope collectible includes an individual soap with the brand label, milk skin glycerin, and an official NFL stamped box.

This product is perfect for any football fan or collector of great memories. From Avon’s famous Vintage Collectibles makers, it’s full of fine ingredients that will leave your hands feeling clean and soft while sporting your favorite logo in classic brown color.


6. Vintage 1986 ©Avon Cape Cod Serving Bowl

Vintage 1986 ©Avon Cape Cod Serving Bowl
Price: $4.00 Source: eBay

This is a vintage Avon Cape Cod Serving Bowl, dated 1986. It comes with the original box. It is part of The 1876 Cape Cod Collection and is marked with the ©Avon logo on the bottom. This bowl measures 5 3/8 inches tall x 4 inches wide at its widest point.

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This bowl has some signs of wear but is in overall excellent condition! A great addition to any collection!


7. Vintage Pink Avon Jar

Vintage Pink Avon Jar
Price: $4.80  Source: eBay

This collectible is a Vintage pink Avon jar approximately 8 inches high and 5 inches wide at the top. The lid has a pretty flower with leaves.

This jar is in excellent shape and can be used for anything as it has no chips, cracks, or other damage to the outside pot. It has no chips, stains on the inside, or lid. The jar has a hinged lid, and the interior is clean and not stained.


8. Vintage Avon Hawaiian White Ginger Cologne Mist

Vintage Avon Hawaiian White Ginger Cologne Mist
Price: $3.99  Source: eBay

This rare and unique vintage Avon Hawaiian White Ginger Cologne Mist Empty Spray Bottle is a collector’s item.

This lovely spray bottle is perfect for your bathroom decor and smells heavenly! This product is suitable for a temporary holdover in case you are out of your favorite scent.

A spray fragrance matched the Hawaiian Ginger lotion with exotic flavors such as lime, cassis, and mandarin oranges.

The top notes are ginger, peppermint, and coriander leaf. The heart includes Hawaiian ginger, orange flower water, and jasmine petals; the base is vetivert and carnation with a hint of musk.

This beauty product features not just one scent but two complimentary varieties that can be interchanged to suit your mood or the season.

It contains pure essences of ginger root extract suspended in water for a refreshing feel when sprayed on your skin or clothing.


9. Vintage Avon Peanuts Shamoo Bottles

Vintage Avon Peanuts Shamoo Bottles
Price: $3.25 Source: eBay

The Avon Peanuts Shampoo Bottle is a vintage collectible sold by the Avon Company in the 1970s.

These bottles are hardly in production anymore and are often very valuable, especially if they still have intact original seals. There are variations on these bottles, some being quite rare and valuable.

Vintage Avon Peanuts Shamoo Bottles Lot x 3 A great item to add to any collection of vintage cosmetics. This lot is 3 individual vintage cosmetic bottles.

The three items are not dated, but they are all in similar condition, and all have a visible label and the original paper backing showing that it has been tumbled regularly by the factory workers when making them!

The bottles still have their original stoppers, and this would be a perfect gift for someone looking for something old-fashioned with a special touch.


10. Rare Vintage Avon Summer’s Roses Porcelain Egg

Rare Vintage Avon Summer's Roses Porcelain Egg
Price: $15.00 Source: eBay

In 1988, Avon presented a selection of their best-selling Rose fragrances in the form of limited edition collector’s eggs.

Initially sold in Japan and known as Summer’s Roses Porcelain Egg, this is one of those rare pieces that still retains its original beauty and cleanliness.

It is also a prime example of how porcelain artisans often expertly recreated well-known scents such as Roses.

This egg has been fully restored with all new packaging, making it a prime shopping item for collectors today!


11. Avon collectibles, vintage Car Cologne Bottles

Avon collectibles, vintage Car Cologne Bottles
Price: $4.99 Source: eBay

Avon collectibles vintage car cologne bottles are the perfect addition to any collection of Avon collectibles.

These vintage collectible bottles from Avon car cologne may be hard to find, but they add glamour and nostalgic charm to any room!

The vintage car cologne bottle is excellently suited for collectors and decor with its timelessly glossy color. Plus, if you have a penchant for beautiful things from another era, these Avon collectibles will suit your needs perfectly!

So, if you’re looking for something different to help you get through the day, some vintage car cologne bottles might be just what you’re looking for!


12. Avon Halloween Spooky Lights Cylinder Electric Lamp

Avon Halloween Spooky Lights Cylinder Electric Lamp
Price: $25.00 Source: eBay

The best part about this lamp is that the lights are adjustable so that you can set the mood! It even comes with remote control.

This kit includes everything you need to decorate your home for Halloween in true Avon fashion: a battery-operated lamp, extension cord, and timer.

The light features an orange flicker bulb and a cobweb design inside the glass that captures creepy crawlies from spider webs to eyeballs.


13. 7 Vintage Compacts Avon Makeup Metal Containers

7 Vintage Compacts Avon Makeup Metal Containers
Price: $34.00 Source: eBay

Do you love vintage beauty products? These Avon makeup metal containers have been discontinued but look pristine and impressive.

You can even use them to hold toiletries or as jewelry storage. It’s hard to imagine why they would ever be discontinued!

These 7 best-selling vintage Avon makeup metal containers are still available on eBay.


14. Avon Cape Cod Ruby Glass Collection

Avon Cape Cod Ruby Glass Collection
 Price: $1.99 Source: eBay

The Avon Red Glass Goblet 1876 Cape Cod Ruby Collection features stunning red glassware ideal for any dinner party or holiday gathering.

This collection includes stemware and barware, wine goblets, champagne flutes, martini glasses, and crystal decanters.

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This time-honored company has been providing quality glassware since 1886 and is still the top producer today.

The color of the glass is such a vibrant red that it makes any table look amazing with just a single foot on this goblet. This piece would be great if you want something special as a gift or to put on your table!


15. Vintage Old Avon Compact with mirror

Vintage Old Avon Compact with mirror
 Price: $10.00 Source: eBay

A true classic beauty, this Avon compact in satin gold is a throwback to the past.

A glance through eBay shows that compact mirrors are not as uncommon as you might imagine. But few are as cute and nostalgic as this 1970’s silver Avon compact with a mirror.

This compact is the perfect item for someone who likes to collect vintage items or for anyone looking for something special to give to their teenage daughter or granddaughter.

It would make for an incredible piece for anyone with a vintage Avon makeup and collectibles collection.


16. Avon Vintage Strawberry Bath Foam Red Jug Bottle

Avon Vintage Strawberry Bath Foam Red Jug Bottle
Price: $3.50 Source: eBay

This jug is a vintage Avon strawberry bath foam red jug bottle. These old-fashioned bottles are starting to come back in popularity and are associated with nostalgia, so if you’re into that kind of thing, this could be an excellent gift.

It contains six fl oz of foam and would be a fun addition to any bathroom decor. This particular bottle comes from the mid-20th century.!

The plastic bottle has a red color, making it look vintage.


17. Vintage 1982 Avon Cape Cod Dinner Plate

Vintage 1982 Avon Cape Cod Dinner Plate
Price: $2.00 Source: eBay

Are you looking for a unique vintage dinnerware that is iconic to the style? Then you’ve come to the right place.

This Avon Plate is a reproduction of one of the most popular pieces from its 1982 Avon Cape Cod Collection and features an 1876 pattern on each side with ornate carvings.

The plate has a rimmed metal edge and gold trim, measuring 9 3/4″ in diameter. It’s perfect for your table setting or as a gift.


Avon Collectibles Value Guide

If you think Avon Collectibles will become more valuable as time passes, you’d be right!

Avon has always had a reputation for being a pioneer.

So let’s have a detailed guide on why Avon Collectibles are valuable and the factors that make them stand out from other products.

What Is Avon?

Avon Products Inc. is a significant player in the direct selling industry with its wide range of cosmetics, skincare products, and related items.

Avon’s product line includes skincare, bath and body products, jewelry, handbags, other accessories, fashion novelties, and perfume.

Avon’s product line consists of more than 5,000 products sold in more than 100 countries, including the U.S., Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, and the U.K. The company generates significant revenues from emerging markets, including Russia and China.

How Do You Sell Avon Collectibles?

First, find a local representative. Quite often, they are already successful Avon salespeople with time on their hands and no inventory to stock.

The typical commission rate is 10-25%. If you can’t find one, you can contact the company directly through their website and request a list of in-country representatives.

The next step is to get the facts from them about how other reps run their business: what type of products are popular, how much it costs for each item, what’s required for setup (usually a brochure or foldable display), how much does it cost per day or week to keep your desk up and to run.

Then, use them for a test run and see what works for you.

Next, start selling Avon on your own!

Why Are Avon Collectibles So Valuable?

Avon Collectibles is known to be extremely valuable.

But what are the exact reasons why they’re worth so much?

We will discuss the top reasons why Avon Collectibles are so valuable and tell you how to get started collecting them!

While it can be fun just collecting things for their aesthetic beauty, some people have an eye for rarity.

Keep reading if you have a keen eye for quality and history.

Factors Affecting The Value Of Avon Collectibles

If you’re a seasoned collector of Avon tins, then you know that the items may have been discontinued and are becoming rare. You may not realize, though, just why this is happening.

Here, we’ll look at some factors that affect these collectibles’ value.

1- Rarity

The first thing to consider is the rarity of each item. Rarity is a crucial factor in value since many factors may make an item rare.

For example, if there were only 50 of these tins made and they were made in perfect condition, they could sell for a price well over $1 million.

However, with 500 tins made in good condition with minor flaws and counting, the identical items would likely sell for around $60-80 thousand. On the other hand, when you consider the number of people who used them (well over 20 million), you can see why these collectibles are so valuable to collectors.

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2- Condition

The next factor is condition.

If your item is in mint condition, it can fetch a much higher price than if it is not in the same outstanding condition.

It is due to the possibility of rust or dents if the item was previously used. Damage to an article in mint condition will significantly affect its value; you may even end up with nothing if you can’t find any takers.

The good news is that since Avon made millions of these tins, many collectors don’t mind buying an item with a bit of wear at a reduced price. Even if there is a dent in a tin, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will still sell (and probably at a profit).

In terms of why their collectibles are so valuable, it’s due to the company’s success. There aren’t many corporations that have been around as long as Avon, and those rare few corporations that have stayed in business over such a long period tend to do well financially.

Some corporations, such as Coca-Cola, have been around for more than 100 years, but the company’s financial performance tends to be wildly inconsistent.

Avon Collecting Tips

What should you look for in Avon collectibles while making a purchase?

1- Color

If you’re buying clear glass Avon collectibles, make sure the color is right. It should be crystal clear with no bubbles or signs of wear and tear. Colored glass pieces are a little harder to see because they often have an almost iridescent look – this appearance can happen over time.

2- Markings

Markings can help you determine the age of your piece and if it’s been pieced, broken, or repaired.

Compare this with similar pieces in your collection – if they display the same marks, there’s a good chance they came from the same mold.

3- Color Type

If you notice that the color of your piece is different than those listed in Finding Antiques’ Guide to Antique Glassware, then it’s probably not a genuine Avon collectible.

Many new molds have been created for Avon collectibles that include other colors besides clear glass and colored glass – so keep an eye out for these too!

4- Inclusions

Sometimes you can find pieces of the standard mold that have been hand-applied to other molds.

These might include flowers or images on them. If you see this on an Avon collectible, it’s probably not a genuine piece.

5- Cutting Edge

The edges of your Avon collectible should be distinct. If the edge isn’t sharp enough and in great shape, there is a good chance it isn’t genuine either.

You can use various testing methods to determine if the edge is legit – but for most people, it’s better to trust your eyes than gadgets when it comes to antiques!

6- Perimeter

If the perimeter, or rim, is broken or not correctly attached to the rest of the piece, there’s a good chance it could be a fake.

If you look at a piece and see it has any flaw (like a crack), there’s a good chance the rest of your article could be too. If you’re unsure, the best thing to do is pick up both pieces and compare them.

7- Box Marks

If you’re looking at an Avon collectible that’s in mint condition, then there’s a good chance it was initially packaged in a box.

Box marks aren’t always present on every piece, but they can be found on almost all of them since they include specific markings such as “Made in the U.S.A.”

8- Handcrafted Marks

While many Avon collectibles were made with machine technology at their New Jersey plant, handmade pieces are still available for sale today.

These marks include an X inside a square or just three straight lines that curve upwards and form an X shape.


Getting an authentic Avon collectible is essential for several reasons. You might be wasting your time and money if it’s not a genuine product.

If the item is a replica or a faking, it might not have any real value (either way). It’s important to always research products and company history before you decide to buy one.

Above, we have shared a detailed guide on rare Avon Collectibles and their prices and value charts.  

So try to make a wise choice keeping in mind this guide, and you’ll have something valuable in your collecting list!  

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