20 Rare and Most Valuable Antique Tools Worth Money

In the machinery and automated mass production era, forgetting about manual tools is easy. However, this is not the case for collectors—the demand for antique tools keeps growing in the collector community.

From woodworking planes and axes to chisels and blacksmith gear, valuable antique tools can be worth a lot of money. For example, we found an antique blacksmith anvil worth $6,880 and an antique wrench worth $9,000. 

Knowing how to spot genuine antique tools worth money is extremely important when collecting old tools. It eliminates the risk of overpaying for something with less value or selling something more valuable at a lower price.

This detailed guide will focus on showing you some of the most valuable antique tools. However, before we jump into the list of 20 rare and most valuable antique tools, let’s look at antique tools identification tips.

Antique Tools Identification: Tips on How to Identify Genuine Antique Tools

Antique tools need to be 100+ years old. A tool this old can be identified by considering the following features:


An antique tool will always display signs of use. In addition, the tool could also look rusty or tarnished—this, however, depends on the material.

Finally, the paint will be chipped if you observe a painted tool. When all of this is combined, it is known as patina.


Older tools will always be made of materials that do not feel modern. Brass, cast iron, and worn wood are some of the most common materials. On the other hand, plastic and stainless steel are signs of a material produced in the 20th century.

Construction methods

Antique tools will have signs of hand-carved or hand-finished surfaces. For this reason, if the tool you are researching looks too smooth, it was produced using a machine—this could mean that it is not an antique.

Check for Marker’s Marks

Like many other antiques, tools may also feature identifying marks. These marks can provide vital information that may help you with the antique tools identification.

Be sure to scrutinize the tool for anything that might resemble a mark. Below, we have listed some of the places you may want to check:

  • Shafts
  • Handles
  • Metal parts
  • Cutting surfaces or blades

If you are lucky enough to find a label or stamp on your antique tool, make notes on its appearance. Initials or a name can help you determine:

  • The tool’s manufacturer
  • The selling company
  • Date when the tool was made

If you come across a patent number, looking it up on the United States, Patent and Trademark Office may give you more information that can further help with antique tools identification.

20 Valuable and Rare Antique Tools

Cost (USD)
Antique Industrial Grade Wrench
Antique Blacksmith Anvil
Antique Master Ship Builder Slide Rule
Antique Angler’s Pliers
Antique Ottoman Era Turkish Plumb Bob
Hand Forged Iron Air Blower  
Antique Dragon Fish Clamp
Antique Blacksmith Swage Block
Antique Inclinometer
Antique Wooden Plow Plane  
Antique One-Man Cross Cut Saw
Antique Dragon Printed Chisels
Antique Miter Woodworking Plane
Antique Single Bit Black Raven Axe
Antique Chariot Hand Plane
Antique Wood Rough Saw
Antique African Blacksmith Bellow
Antique Fenton & Marsden Drill Brace Bits
Antique Push Planter
Antique G.M.K. Brace
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1. Antique Industrial Grade Wrench

Antique Industrial Grade Wrench
Source: ebay

While the seller does not know the exact year this wrench was manufactured, it appears to have been produced in the early 1920s. The huge wrench boasts a length of 50 inches and weighs 47 pounds.

Just as you would expect with any genuine antique tool, the wrench shows signs of use, including signs of rust. The seller notes that the antique tool could have been used in an industrial environment or for repairing trains.

The antique wrench is currently listed on eBay for $9,000. Interestingly, the tool has already caught the attention of 11 people.

2. Antique Blacksmith Anvil

Antique Blacksmith Anvil
Source: ebay

One of the heaviest antique tools we came across when doing our research, this Antique Blacksmith Anvil weighs 470 pounds. However, the seller notes that it is 39.75 inches long and is in good condition, considering it has been used for over 100 years.

The marks on the anvil indicate that it was manufactured by a brand known as Trenton. Although the antique anvil is listed on eBay for $6,880, it has already managed to catch the interest of 23 people.

3. Antique Master Ship Builder Slide Rule

Antique Master Ship Builder Slide Rule
Source: ebay

This rule features a fascinating history—it was reportedly owned by Dhunjeebhoy Rustomjee, a master shipbuilder based in India. Born in 1799, the shipbuilder reportedly used the rule to build a total of 3 ships.

While the rule may look like a simple tool, its provenance increases its overall value. This is why the rule is listed on eBay for $5,996.65 and has already attracted the interest of more than ten people.

4. Antique Angler’s Pliers

Antique Angler's Pliers
Source: ebay

These Antique Angler’s Pliers have been used for at least 100 years. However, they have also enjoyed proper care, maintaining their good shape. The pliers are multi-functional—to add to their essential functions, they come with a knife and a hook bender.

The pliers are reportedly working and can be used for fishing anytime. Showing minor signs of cosmetic wear, the seller has listed the angler’s pliers on eBay for $5,000. For this price, you also get the original leather pocket for the pliers.

5. Antique Ottoman Era Turkish Plumb Bob

Antique Ottoman Era Turkish Plumb Bob
Source: ebay

First used in the Ottoman era, there is a very high likelihood that this Turkish plumb bob was designed and manufactured before 1876. The antique tool carries all the signs of wear you would expect on a tool that has been used for over a century. However, the tool can still perform well on a construction site.

The antique plumb bob looks extremely simple. However, since not many such plumb bobs are available today, the tool has a high value—the seller has listed this plumb bob on eBay for $4,249.99. 

6. Hand Forged Iron Air Blower

Hand Forged Iron Air Blower
Source: ebay

This piece dates back to the early 1800s—this suggests that it has been in use for more than 200 years, making it one of the oldest tools we have on our list. In addition, the tool was hand forged, indicating its position as a genuine antique.

The goal of making this tool was to use it for air blowing. Surprisingly, after two centuries of use, the air blower is still in good condition.

Currently listed on eBay, the air blower is worth $3,000. Interestingly, this antique tool has already attracted the interest of more than ten buyers.

7. Antique Dragon Fish Clamp

Antique Dragon Fish Clamp
Source: ebay

This antique tool dates back to the 1870s, meaning it has been around for more than 150 years. The clamp is artistically designed to resemble a dragon fish, with the clamping part opening and closing like a mouth.

The seller notes that this clamp is manufactured using brass. We found this antique tool on eBay with a price tag of $2,999.99. However, even with this price that looks a little bit high, it has attracted the interest of 18 people.

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8. Antique Blacksmith Swage Block

Antique Blacksmith Swage BlockAntique Blacksmith Swage Block
Source: ebay

What looks like a handy tool for blacksmiths of the old days, this antique tool is also bulky. It has a length and width of 18.25 inches and a thickness of 3.75 inches. It, however, weighs 204 pounds, just as you would expect with blacksmith gear from the old days.

The swage block is in used condition and shows some signs of cosmetic wear. However, it is listed on eBay for $2,699.99 and already has 16 people interested in buying it.

9. Antique Inclinometer

Antique Inclinometer
Source: ebay

This inclinometer is from the 19th century, produced in 1866. The signs on the inclinometer indicate that the United States navy originally owned it.

The brass piece boasts a lovely patina reminiscent of the years it has been used. The piece is listed on eBay, and the seller is selling it for $1,999.

10. Antique Wooden Plow Plane

Antique Wooden Plow Plane
Source: ebay

The King & Peach Hull company produced this Antique Wooden Plow Plane between 1840 and the 1850s. The plow plane is primarily built using wood, although it features metal parts.

The wood and metal parts boast a lovely patina that indicates years of use. Still, in perfect working order, this antique woodworking tool sells for $1,962.54 on eBay.

11. Antique One-Man Cross Cut Saw

Antique One-Man Cross Cut Saw
Source: ebay

This fascinating antique tool is thought to have been manufactured by the T.L. Smith Company, dating back to the beginning of the 20th century (1900). The tool, therefore, has been used for over 100 years.

The rare antique hand tool is nicknamed “One Man Cross Cut Saw.” The saw boasts an exciting series of teeth that make it stand out during woodwork in terms of the refined surface it produces after cutting. Currently listed on eBay for $1,750, this woodwork tool has interestingly already caught the attention of 17 collectors.

12. Antique Dragon Printed Chisels

Antique Dragon Printed Chisels
Source: ebay

This antique tool originates in Japan—the seller notes that Tsuki Nomi could have produced it. The tool is not just functional—it is also artistic. Both chisels boast dragon imprints that make them stand out to the eyes.

The seller notes that these chisels have been used for at least 100 years. For this reason, they do feature signs of cosmetic wear.

However, they are in good shape and can perform exceptionally well with some sharpening. Currently listed on eBay, you can get these tools for $1,599.

13. Antique Miter Woodworking Plane

Antique Miter Woodworking Plane
Source: ebay

This woodworking plane dates back to the 1800s. The plane is part of the renowned miter series that has been used since 1791. The plane can smoothen different wood parts and is often used in woodworking projects that require outstanding finishes.

This antique tool is listed on eBay, and the seller notes that the successful buyer will spend at least $1,500. Interestingly, 49 people were willing to pay this amount to get the plane when we checked the listing.

14. Antique Single Bit Black Raven Axe

Antique Single Bit Black Raven Axe
Source: ebay

While it is hard to tell when this antique tool was manufactured, all indicators show that the axe has been around for 100+ years. Additionally, the axe boasts an American hickory handle—the seller notes that this was not the original handle on the antique axe.

However, apart from adding the new handle, the seller indicates that nothing has changed. This antique axe is thought to have been manufactured by Black Raven and is in excellent condition.

To add the antique tool to your collection, you will need $1,095 to purchase it. When we last checked the tool’s listing, 14 people were interested in paying this amount for the axe.

15. Antique Chariot Hand Plane

Antique Chariot Hand Plane
Source: ebay

The seller notes that this Antique Chariot Hand Plane came from a chest full of tools dating back to the 1870s. This is reportedly a rare find whose only improvement has been a thorough cleaning.

The razor on the hand plane is reportedly already sharp, meaning that the hand plane is ready to go to work. However, to put the hand plane to work, you will need to compensate the seller requesting $1,015.79 as the tool’s sale price.

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16. Antique Wood Rough Saw

Antique Wood Rough Saw
Source: ebay

According to the seller, this saw was manufactured by McParlin Panther, a brand producing wood cutting tools since the 1800s. The patina on the saw has all indicators that it has been used for at least 100 years.

The saw is 26 inches long and has a specially designed handle that makes it easy to use when cutting wood. However, to get this saw and put it to use in your home, you will spend $1000.

17. Antique African Blacksmith Bellow

Antique African Blacksmith Bellow
Source: ebay

A Blacksmith from Belgian Congo used these bellows in the 1900s. The bellows are reportedly still in good condition, although they do feature signs of cosmetic wear. They have some minor cracks in one section.

The antique tool from the Songye tribe is just perfect for anyone looking to add African collectibles to their collection of antique tools. However, to make this tool yours, you will spend $899.

18. Antique Fenton & Marsden Drill Brace Bits

Antique Fenton & Marsden Drill Brace Bits
Source: ebay

If you are wondering how people in the earliest days drilled, then these antique tools should give you an answer. The antique collection features drill bits from the 1800s—some feature marks from Marsdens and Fenton.

These drill bits are packed in a walnut case. To get the case and the drill bits, you will spend $699.95. Interestingly, this price does not seem to bother buyers, as five people had already expressed interest in the antique drill bits by the time we checked the listing.

19. Antique Push Planter

Antique Push Planter
Source: ebay

Before the tractors and other farming machinery came to our aid, we had companies like Planet Junior producing manual tools that eased farming processes. One such tool is this antique push planter.

This push planter still works. The seller notes that the only problem with this antique planting tool is the signs of cosmetic wear. Currently listed on eBay, you should be able to get this antique tool for your collection if you have $599.99 to spend on it.

20. Antique G.M.K. Brace

Antique G.M.K. Brace
Source: ebay

This antique brace is signed G.M.K. and has the manufacture date indicated as May 1, 1903. This means that the antique tool has existed for more than 119 years.

The tool boasts a combination of raw materials, including inlaid brass, wood, and bone. The seller notes that while the antique tool does have signs of cosmetic wear, it looks good for a tool that dates back to 1903. Moreover, the seller indicates that the tool is working perfectly.

The tool boasts a nice feel and patina. However, if you want this antique tool in your home, you will spend $595 on it.


While you may not necessarily need antique tools to solve your problems at home—especially now that we have advanced machinery—antique tools provide a glimpse at the history of different professionals. For this reason, they may be a good investment for any collector.

However, before you can get an antique tool, you must ensure you are not getting a fake antique. This detailed guide goes deeper into antique tools identification. What’s more, we have looked at the most valuable and rarest antique tools.

We hope this detailed guide on antique tools worth money has given you the information you need to become a successful collector. If you require more information, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments section.

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