Collectible Angel Figurines: Identification and Value Guide

Many people collect Angel figurines for several purposes. Some see them as “divine beings,” while others collect them just for decoration or to resell due to their gorgeous looks. 

Whatever your reason for collecting Angel figurines, you need to have only the authentic ones in your collection. 

But as you explore several Angel figurine collections, some questions remain unanswered.

Some of such questions may be, how do you know which one is a collectible Angel figurine? What is the best price to pay for an Angel figurine? And where can you find them? 

However, as you read this blog post carefully, you will find answers to these pending questions. So, keep reading.

Angel figurine
My Loving Angel lladro Figurine Image Credits: eBay

Popular Collectible Angel Figurine Collections

Collectible Angel figurines abound in different styles and designs. Different brands used various materials to create these figurines according to demands. 

As a result, you can find Angel figurines made of wood, porcelain, crystal, glass, or even resin. So, if you find settling on just one collection challenging, you might need to increase your display size. 

In addition, find out which antique figurines are valuable if you’re also interested in other kinds of figurines. For example, there could be an Angel worth so much in your “silent corner” or a hidden treasure on your shelf.

Christmas tree decorations with collectible Angel figurines are also something you can try. So, choose a style that you prefer, then start collecting!

Seraphim Classic Collection

Seraphim Classic Collection
Seraphim Classic Collection Image Credits: eBay

These Angelic collectibles were limited edition figurines. However, they also produce for retail, selling at a lesser price.

These masterpieces are only created for a brief period before being discontinued. Each has a certificate of authenticity and a numbered bottom stamp. 

One of the first Angel figurines from the limited edition was the “Nature’s Angel.” Nature’s Angel is one of the most tremendously sought-after Angel figurines today. 

The Seraphim Classic Angel figurines were first introduced in 1993 but entered the market in 1995. This incredible seraphim collection includes hundreds of these stunning, exquisite angels. Although many Angels have retired, many of these items are available. But they are very rare to find in marketplaces.

Since their original selling price during their early years, their market value has continued to climb higher and can now fetch a price of at least $650. Count yourself extremely lucky if you have any Angel figurine from the Seraphim collection!

Willow Tree Angel Figurines

Willow Tree Figurines - Lot of 26
Willow Tree Figurines – Lot of 26 (Sold $107.77)

 Artist Susan Lordi produced these Angelic sculptures “to bring peace and healing to the soul.” Her original carvings are used to create the pieces, which are then hand-painted one at a time. 

Each of the hand-painted resin angels has distinguishing wire wings. Children’s angels and guardian angels holding children are also a part of the Willow Tree Angel collection.

These figurines have some unique features that can convey emotions. These features include a head tilt, a placement of the hands, and a body turn. 

Also, the lack of facial characteristics and the form’s simplicity are other fundamental characteristics of the Willow Tree Angel figurine. 

According to Willow Tree, Susan Lordi wants these figurines to have value for anyone who owns them, and indeed it does have that value.

A handful of these lovely sculptures are also available as holiday decorations. The angels in this collection captivate the mind despite not having any facial features.

Foundation Angel Collection 

September Birthday Angel Enesco Foundations 7.5” High Karen Hahn Gift Sapphire
September Birthday Angel Enesco Foundations 7.5” High Karen Hahn Gift Sapphire (Sold $15.00)

The Foundations collection by Karen Hahn is exquisitely crafted to deliver motivating themes in various lovely items infused with natural materials.

Each Angel has lovely adornment and sensitive facial characteristics. In their luxurious flowing gowns, these adorable Angels are also available in both limited edition and retail figurines.

Some angels’ gowns have scrolled, writing down the bottom.

These figurines frequently have additional decorations. One of such decorations included crystal styling and other designs and is constructed of stone resin with a smooth finish. 

Thomas Kinkade Collection

Thomas Kinkade Collection
Image Credits: eBay

Thomas Kinkade’s brilliant artwork appears to depict the light of heaven with absolute perfection. As a result, the Thomas Kinkade Angels of Splendor Figurine Collection now honors the Painter of Light.

Other Angel collections from Thomas Kinkade include Angel of peace and fantastic grace Angel figurines. 

It offers the Angel figurines in a way that has never been done before, drawing inspiration from his light-filled works.

Working in artist’s resin, Master Artisans could evoke a brilliant array of light and crystal shimmers at the heart of each Angel, sparkling with stylistic colors reflecting their particular emotional qualities. 

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They did this by using a variety of hand-crafted patterns, metallic golden rubs, and subtle, hand-painted colors.

African American Angel Figurine Collection

African American Angel Figurine Collection
Image Credits: eBay

African American angel figurines are a popular choice for many who want to add a touch of beauty and spirituality to their homes. 

African American angel figurines are a beautiful way to add diversity to your holiday decor. These figurines come in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary.

These figurines come in various styles, from traditional to modern, and can be made from different materials, including glass, metal, and wood.

Each African American Angel figurine is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and features stunning hand-painted features.

No matter your style, whether you’re looking for a figurine to display on your mantle or give as a gift, an African American angel figurine is perfect for you. 

These figurines make an excellent gift for a friend or loved one or a beautiful addition to your home décor and hold great value.

Black Art Depot Collection

black obsidian angel figurines
black obsidian angel figurines (Sold $4.61)

These figurines are made of black obsidian and are said to represent guardian angels. The black art depot angel figurines bring good luck and protection to those who own them.

These figurines are made from high-quality materials designed to last a lifetime. 

Some of the designs in this collection are the Sash Angels that you can find in many 

colored sashes, Thank you Lord Angel figurines, Praise Angel, God Bless these House Angel figurines

The black art depot angel figurines are a must-have for any serious collector of African Americana. These beautiful figurines depict angels in various poses and are made from high-quality porcelain. Each figurine is hand-painted and is truly a work of art.

The black art depot angel figurines are a perfect choice. 

Lladro Hand-Painted Angel Figurines

Lladro Angel of Peace
Lladro Angel of Peace (Sold $199.99)

Lladró, founded by three brothers in 1953, is a world-renowned company known for its beautiful porcelain figurines. One of their most popular lines is their angel figurines. Lladro figurines are known for their delicate features and beautiful designs.

One of the most popular types of Lladro figurines is the angel figurine. These figurines depict angels in different positions and with different expressions. 

They are often given as gifts for special occasions such as baptisms, first communions, confirmations, and weddings.

These figurines are indeed works of art and will surely bring a smile to anyone who receives one.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Lladro Angel figurine, you should keep a few things in mind. First, these figurines are made of porcelain, so they’re fragile and should be handled with care.

Secondly, Lladro figurines are not cheap – they can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. 

Also, Lladro produces a wide range of Angel figurines, so you’ll need to choose the one that best suits your taste.

Messein Angel Figurines

Messein Angel Figurines
Image Credits: eBay

Messein angel figurines are a type of religious figurine that originated in Germany in the early 1800s. Messein angel figurines are typically made of porcelain or ceramic and are often decorated with gold or silver paint. 

They are typically small in size. Today, Messein angel figurines are still popular, and they are often used as decorations or gifts.

How to Identify Collectible Angel Figurines

When identifying angel figurines, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, check the base of the figurine for a manufacturer’s mark. This can help you identify the piece and understand its age and value. 

Take a look at the overall design of the piece. Is it intricate or straightforward? Does it have any religious symbols? All these factors can help you determine the value and meaning of an angel figurine.

The following is a guide to identifying different types of angel figurines.

Historical angel figurines can be valuable and even rare, so it is crucial to identify them. 

One way to identify an angel figurine is by its material. Figurines can be made from porcelain, glass, crystal, and metal. 

Winged angel figurines are perhaps the most popular type of angel figurine. They are typically made of porcelain or ceramic and feature an angel with broad wings. 

To identify an Angel figurine by its wings, remember that some angel figurines have wings that are spread out, while others have wings that are folded. There are also those with wired wings. 

All these wing features are enough to tell which collection they belong to.

If you are trying to identify an angel figurine, these are some characteristics you should take a closer look at to identify a valuable piece.

Furthermore, there are many different angel figurines, each with its unique style and design. 

Since the Angel figurines were also made with religious beliefs, they are available in different postures. So one popular type of angel figurine is the praying Angel. These figurines feature an angel with a bowed head and hands clasped in prayer.

Guardian angel figurines are also popular. These figurines feature an angel with wide arms as if they are protecting those around them. Guardian angel figurines are often made of metals such as brass or bronze.

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You can also identify a figurine by its posture. For example, some angel figurines stand upright, while others kneel or pray. 

Types of Angel Figurines by Materials

Angel figurines are available in different materials according to the skillfulness of their makers. Of course, porcelain Angel figurines are widely available. But you can also find Angel figurines made of wood, crystal, or even glass.

In this section, we shall discuss more of the materials mentioned above.

Porcelain Angel Figurines

Porcelain angel figurines are popular collectibles that come in various styles and designs. These angel figurines come in many designs, from traditional angels with wings to more modern angels with arms outstretched. 

While most porcelain angels are made ornamental, some are also designed to be functional. For example, some porcelain Angel figurines are made to look like children, while others are made to look like adults.

There are also wide porcelain angel figurines made from a white clay called kaolin, mixed with feldspar and quartz. The mixture is then shaped into the desired form and fired in a kiln at a high temperature. After the figurine is cooled, it is glazed and fired again.

They are often hand-painted, which makes each one a work of art. If you are looking for a unique gift for someone special, or if you are a collector yourself, porcelain angel figurines are a great option.

Wood Angel Figurines

Wood angel figurines are a popular holiday decoration, often used to top Christmas trees. But where do they come from? How are they made?

 Wood angel figurines originated in the 19th century. These figurines are often made of carved wood, such as pine, oak, or maple, and depict angels with wings. 

The wood is then painted by hand, giving each one a unique finishing. They are usually small in size and are often used as decorative items or as gifts.

Wood angel figurines are a great option if you’re looking for a unique and beautiful gift or want to add a touch of beauty to your top shelf.

Crystal Angel Figurines

Crystal angel figurines have been popular collectibles for centuries that bring good luck and protection, according to some people. 

There are many different types of crystal angel figurines, each with its unique meaning and purpose. The intricate designs and Pure white color of the figurines make them a beautiful addition to any collection. 

In addition to their “healing properties,” crystal angel figurines are also believed to be powerful protection symbols and stunning.

Collectible Angel Figurine Value

Collectible Angel figurines have been popular for many years, but their popularity does not seem to wane. As a result, many people enjoy collecting these figurines, which can often be quite valuable.

For someone who wants to start a collection of angel figurines, you may wonder how much they are worth. Collectible angel figurines can range in value from a few dollars to hundreds or even thousands.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when determining the value of a collectible Angel figurine. 

First, the age of the figurine is often a factor. Older figurines are often worth more than newer ones. Second, the condition of the figurine is also essential. 

A figurine in good condition will often be worth more than one in poor condition. Finally, the rarity of the figurine is also a factor. A rare figurine will often be worth more than one that is not.

If you’re just getting started, you may want to focus on collecting more affordable angel figurines. But as your collection grows, you may be able to add some more valuable pieces. 

Either way, it’s essential to do your research before you purchase any angel figurines, so you know what you’re getting.

So, how much are collectible angel figurines worth? Of course, it depends on the piece in the end. But if you’re looking to start a collection, you can find some beautiful angel figurines for different prices.

If you are thinking about selling your angel figurine, be sure to do your research to find out what it is worth. You can check online auction sites and antique stores or even consult with a professional appraiser.

Collectible Angel Figurines Worth Money

Some people collect angel figurines because they enjoy the beauty and serenity that these objects represent. Others collect them for religious or spiritual reasons. 

And then there are those who collect angel figurines because they believe these objects have monetary and sentimental value.

A few angel figurines are worth considering whether you’re looking to start or add to a collection. Here are a few of the valuable angel figurines on the market:

Lladro Porcelain Angel of Light Figurine

Lladro Porcelain Angel of Light Figurine
Image Credits: Etsy

This magnificent Lladro Angel figurine is depicted as the Angel of light. There are various places where you can place this prestigious piece of art. For example, you can use it as a Christmas tree topper or as a display on the shelf.

The famous Fransisco Polope designed it, and Lladro released it in 1997 but retired it in 1998. As a result, the short duration shows how rare it can be.  

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The sleeves have typical age-related wear. But without any scratches, scuffs, or repairs. According to the seller, the figurine is in excellent condition and available in its original box. 

From the peak of her magnificent star to the hem of her gown, The star measures 8 inches across. 

Some Lladro Angel figurines have sold between $19 to $90 on eBay, but this piece lists for $149 on Etsy at the time of writing this article.

Antique Meissen Angel Figurine of Flying Cherub

Antique Meissen Angel Figurine of Flying Cherub
Image Credits: Etsy

Next is this adorable 5″ tall Meissen porcelain Cherub Angel figurine, which originated from the 19th century and appeared to have a fantastic sense of movement.

This model, however, seems to have many variants. For example, there are models with a fletched tip of an arrow sticking out through the heart.

This model of Angel figurines is a part of Messein’s Cherub series and holds a high value among collectors.

Some other models of the Messein Cherub were recently sold for between $200 and $600 on eBay. However, the one in the image above is listed for $495 on Etsy. So if you own any of these models, you are already in luck!

Thomas Blackshear Peace on Earth Angel Figurine

Thomas Blackshear Peace on Earth Angel Figurine
Thomas Blackshear Peace on Earth Ornament Image Credits: Etsy

This Angel sculpture dates back to the 90s, and this Peace on Earth is among the first series of Christmas Angels from Mr. Thomas Blackshear’s ebony visions collection. In their early days, they also came with a certificate of authenticity, but the piece was retired in 1999. 

According to the seller, this piece is in mint condition and comes with the certificate of authenticity, which all appears to be contributing to its value.

The peace on earth angel figurines are ideal for gifts and have a lasting value. Depending on specific factors, you can find them in mint condition for $100.

Recently in 2022, a Thomas Blackshear Angel figurine, the guardian, sold for $500 while Sentinel sold for $340 on eBay, all from the ebony visions collection. The piece in the image above is listed for $300 on Etsy.

Swarovski Crystal Angel Figurine

Swarovski Crystal Angel Figurine
Image Credits: Etsy

Daniel Swarovski founded the company in Wattens, Austria, in 1895 after experimenting with glass cutting and inventing the machine that could mechanically cut and polish glass.

This polished retired beautiful Swarovski Crystal Angel is one of such crystal Angels 

from the 1990s. The 3″ tall figurine also has frosted crystal hands and face.

Swarovski angel figurines are made of crystal, and the process of creating them is closely guarded.

The pieces are tested for clarity after the final cooling, and only the perfect pieces are used to make the figurines.

There are quite a few Swarovski crystal Angel figurines that cost lower than $100 on the market. But some are available at a few hundred dollars depending on size, rarity, and condition.

The one in the picture above at the time of writing this article is available for $100.

Where to Buy Collectible Angel Figurines

There are many places to buy collectible figurines. Some stores specialize in selling figurines, while others sell various items, including other dolls and toys. Here are some tips on where to buy collectible figurines:

  • Online retailers: Many online retailers sell figurines. Try searching for “collectible Angel figurines” or ” Angel figurines” to find retailers that sell Angel figurines. You can usually find a wide selection of figurines, and it is often easy to compare prices between different retailers.

Another option for buying collectible Angel figurines online is to check auction websites. You can often find good deals on Angel figurines but do your research. eBay, Etsy, and Amazon are examples of such auction sites.

  • Toy stores:Some toy stores sell figurines. Check the store’s website to see if they sell figurines before you visit.
  • Antique stores:Some stores specialize in selling collectibles, including figurines. These stores may be located online or offline.

Final Words

Collectible Angel figurines come in different shapes, depictions, and sizes. While many makers are available, some stand out from the crowd, like the ones mentioned earlier.

Depending on personal beliefs, Angel figurines mean different things to collectors. While “it brings peace and serendipity” to some, it is just a mere decoration for others.

However, irrespective of your reason for collecting Angel figurines, the information in the blog post must have given you light in valuing your Angelic sculpture.

However, keep in mind your piece’s criteria to fetch a reasonable price as you explore the market.

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