New Haven Clock

The History of New Haven Clock Company

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Mantel clock from 1880, manufactured by the Seth Thomas Clock Company

Seth Thomas Mantel Clock Identification and Value

Has Seth Thomas ever caught your attention? Grand Central Terminal’s clock might be familiar to you if you haven’t seen it yet. A twenty-million-dollar price tag has been assigned to this exquisite four-sided clock. Seth Thomas manufactured this … Read more

RARE Antique ANSONIA Cast Iron Wind Up Shelf Mantle Carriage Clock

What are Antique Mantel Clocks?

Antique mantel clocks make on a mantle or shelf. They may be complex or simple. However, if they reserve under proper care, their value will often increase over the years. Even though they may come from … Read more

24-hour clock as seen on the USS Midway

Antique Clock Identification and Price Guide

Antique clocks appear to consistently draw ardent collectors from around the world. Its artistic worth endures, competing with more recent, sophisticated, and technical clocks. But depending on your interest, the subject’s scope can range from somewhat … Read more