17 Rare And Most Valuable Dollar Bills Worth Money

Did you know that a $1 bill can be worth up to 2,000 times its face value? Probably not, and I’m guessing you didn’t know a $1 could be worth more than $500, but believe me… it can.

However, this article isn’t based on a random $1 bill you get as a change when you purchase an item. Sincerely, when talking about rare and most valuable dollar bills worth money, you need to go further and deeper. This list presents you with a world-class list of dollar bills almost impossible to come by, a list that would be respected by any coin collector.

Some might call it boring, but the U.S. dollar bill is more than just something you show a waitress when you’re at lunch. The U.S. dollar has a pretty interesting history and there are a number of rare and most valuable dollar bills worth money, indeed!

17 Rare And Most Valuable Dollar Bills: List

Dollar Bill
Price Sold
Concord Massachusetts $1 Original
Very Fine 20
1935E $1 Silver Certificate
Choice Uncirculated 63
1875 $1 Legal Tender Note
About Uncirculated 50
1869 $1 Legal Tender Note
New 67
$1 Original; The Peoples NB
Very Fine 25
1890 $1 Treasury Note
Gem Uncirculated 68
1928 $1 Legal Tender Star Note
Gem Uncirculated 65
1849 One Dollar on Demand: The Miner’s Bank
Choice Fine
1917 $1 Legal Tender Note
About New 58
1899 $1 Silver Certificate
New 65
1833 $1 The First National Bank of Pueblo
1862 $1 Legal Tender Note
New 67
1886 $1 Silver Certificate
New 67
1928 $1 Legal Tender Note
About Uncirculated 55
Tutt & Donnell, Virginia City, One Dollar in Gold Dust 1863-1864
Very Fine
1995 $1 Federal Reserve Note
Very Fine 25
1875 $1 The Continental NB
New 66

1. Concord Massachusetts $1 Original

Price: $15,275

Grade: Very Fine 20

Concord Massachusetts $1 Original

Middlesex County, where Concord is situated, is about 30 minutes northwest of Boston. The Battle of Lexington and Concord, the first battle of the American Revolutionary War, is famous for taking place near Concord.

This incredible find is one of four nationals from Concord, Massachusetts, all of which are up for sale this evening. Only eight serial number one 1865/1875 $1 notes are known for the entire state as of the addition of this note. Two of those come from banks in Boston, two from banks in Northampton, two from banks in South Danvers, one from a bank in Worcester, and this one from a town that is arguably one of the best collected in Massachusetts.

Despite being circulated, the note still has great colors and a pleasing appearance. The signatures are strong and quite distinct. The PMG Comments “Splits, Retouched” have little to no impact on the overall aesthetics of this significant bank note.

2. 1935E $1 Silver Certificate

Price: $6,462.50

Grade: Choice Uncirculated 63

1935E $1 Silver Certificate

This note, the first to be printed for the “ZG,” block, is a significant tiny size offering. The core designs and overprints’ intricate inks may be seen alongside the original paper. Right near the top, there is a small spot stain that probably prevented PMG from applying the “EPQ” marking. A note from the same series as the notes with the numbers “2” and “3,” which we are also supplying. A constant standout in any collection.

This rare $1 bill was sold at auction for $6,462.50, a rare figure to realize for a currency whose face value is $1. The bill also features a fancy serial number “Z00000001G”  Featuring Former president Washington on the front.

3. 1875 $1 Legal Tender Note

Price: $72,000

Grade: About Uncirculated 50

1875 $1 Legal Tender Note

The lower left and upper right serial number panels on this Series of 1875 $1 Legal Tender Note boldly feature the bold red serial number A1. The engraved signatures of Treasury officials Allison and New can be seen on these “Series A” notes.

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The note features the George Washington picture in the center and the vignette Columbus in Sight of Land, which was engraved by Joseph P. Ourdan, to the left.

A spiked Treasury Seal, an elaborate oval frame covering the denomination counter, “SERIES 1875” below the image, and “1875” vertically at the right side of the design are all visible on the eye-catching red overprint. The Columbian Bank Note is imprinted twice along the bottom border of the green printed back design.

4. 1869 $1 Legal Tender Note

Price: $49,937.50 

Grade: New 67

1869 $1 Legal Tender Note

One of the most sought-after series of legal tender notes produced by the federal government is the 1869 series. The nickname “Rainbows” originated with the One to Ten Dollar bills, which all had a green underprint, blue-tinted paper, and a sizable red treasury seal. With any denomination taken into account, gem samples of these amazing banknotes are rare, and Superb Gem material is almost nonexistent.

According to PCGS, the One Dollar bills are the fewest in number at this Superb Gem New Level. The current offering is the only note from more than 420 that PCGS Currency graded to get the 67 PPQ grade and the catalog number. For this catalog number, PMG has graded more than 500 pieces, and just one example received the distinction of Superb Gem Uncirculated.

Because there are so few Gem notes available, these One Dollar notes are noted for having thin and distorted margins. This B3682134 numbered offering fully bucks that tendency. The face and back both have wide, even borders, and the color combination of the underprints, tinted blue paper, and red overprints is striking.

5. $1 Original; The Peoples NB

Price: $49,350

Grade: Very Fine 25

$1 Original; The Peoples NB

Although PMG notes a small restoration of what looks to be a corner tear at the bottom left, this peach is seen to have an extremely robust body throughout. Amazingly precise banking signatures still exist, and nice margins are appreciated.

They issued a total of $27,000 in $1, $2, and $5 denomination Original Series notes only. The other known example is listed in the National Bank Note Census as a Good to Very Good and has never been offered in public sale according to records.

6. 1890 $1 Treasury Note

Price: $45,600

Grade: Gem Uncirculated 68

1890 $1 Treasury Note

There are more than 500 of these “Ornate Back” $1 Treasury Notes signed by Rosecrans-Huston that are known to exist, but none are as good as or more exquisite as this one. It is as close to perfection as can be imagined in a large size type note, wonderfully produced, and astonishingly well maintained.

The paper is perfect, creamy white in color, and devoid of any distractors in any way. The second-best PMG-graded samples are also at the Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ level, whereas PCGS Currency has not rated an example of this variation above Gem New 66 PPQ. The best-recognized example by two grade levels is this one. Look no further if you’re a collector looking for the best notes on the market.

7. 1928 $1 Legal Tender Star Note

Price: $38,400

Grade: Gem Uncirculated 65

1928 $1 Legal Tender Star Note

The currently offered note is one of the two best examples graded and serves as a key to the small size Star Note series. In the Track & Price census, only 44 of these 1928 $1 Legal Tender Stars were counted.

Wide margins, Gem centering, and vivid red overprint inks are all included in this sample. From the verso, a strong overprint embossing is plainly visible. The only other known Gem example sold for $37,600 at an auction in June 2018. When this example crosses the auction block, there should be a lot of interest from bidders.

This rare dollar bill was sold at auction for $38,400, a premium price to realize for an old coin whose face value is $1.

8. 1849 One Dollar on Demand: The Miner’s Bank

Price: $37,375

Grade: Choice Fine

1849 One Dollar on Demand

This is one of the fabled issues of all the old paper money in the United States. The note is incorrectly completed (though very convincingly), as are a handful other known instances of the problem. This is one of four occurrences traced and is Rarity 7. One of them is preserved in a library collection.

This note, along with the two instances that come after it, may be the last opportunity to acquire this type of American currency for the foreseeable future. It wouldn’t be surprising if a number of serious buyers step forward in this established collector-driven market for the opportunity to acquire a note on this bank sometime in the future.

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The note is in good shape overall. There are no issues with this note; the only paper body flaws are a few repeated folds. Given that Fine is overly conservative for a note this bright, it would be simple to say the note is Very Fine. The note is superior to the plate note in Kagin, and the margins are complete.

9. 1917 $1 Legal Tender Note

Price: $31,200

Grade: About New 58

1917 $1 Legal Tender Note

The serial number M1A and cherry red scalloped Treasury Seal are prominently displayed on the face of this 1917 $1 Legal Tender note signed by Elliott-Burke. The vignette at left, which shows Christopher Columbus in 1492, is one of the clearly printed, bold graphic components that were engraved.

With Columbus and his group in a vignette to the left and Gilbert Stuart’s picture of Washington in the middle, this series maintains the same basic designs as the series from 1880. The Treasury Seal and the serial number in two copies are overprinted in crimson.

Joseph Prosper Ourdan was the one who engraved the work. This note’s serial number 1 is the only thing holding it back from earning a complete New grade rating. On the back of the holder, the grading service notes a “Small mended edge tear at top right,” which is otherwise unlikely to be spotted. The last time this particular note changed hands for $26,450 was in a March 2005 auction, when it was being sold as Gem Uncirculated.

10. 1899 $1 Silver Certificate

Price: $26,400

Grade: New 65

1899 $1 Silver Certificate

This outstanding serial number 1 example of this well-known American design style is stunning. Due to the striking depiction of our national bird in the center of the 1899 $1 Silver Certificate Series, these notes are sometimes referred to as “Black Eagle” notes.

The vivid inks on this incredibly well-printed ace are tastefully framed by broad, equal borders. The paper is exquisitely unique and completely merits the PPQ classification from PCGS Currency.

When it last traded in September 2006 for $51,750, it was contained in a PMG holder and graded Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ. The total number of Black Eagles with serial number 1 that are known is only around twelve. There aren’t many that look as good as this example.

11. 1833 $1 The First National Bank of Pueblo

Price: $25,300

Grade: AU58

1833 $1 The First National Bank of Pueblo

A fantastic note in every way, with vivid paper, rich ink colors, and remarkable freshness that give the note outstanding visual appeal. The Thatcher family bankers’ clean, well-executed signatures are clearly visible. Even remains of the beautiful printing, which have remained visible since the note was produced, may be seen in the embossing.

Colorado original series aces are incredibly uncommon. They were only issued by six different banks, and as of now, only 23 are recognized across the entire state, mostly from this bank. None of the $1 bills from 1875 are known to still exist.

This note is exceptional—so exceptional that it received the grade Gem in its most recent two occurrences! It may be difficult to contest the appearance of a minor amount of corner handling, but it seems a bit unfair to classify this document as circulated when it was plainly not.

12. 1862 $1 Legal Tender Note

Price: $24,000

Grade: New 67

1862 $1 Legal Tender Note

This well preserved 1862 $1 Legal Tender Note was printed on a 4-subject sheet and is located at the top. It still has a small amount of extra sheet selvage in the top margin. The paper is flawless, a beautiful creamy white tone, and entirely unique.

The printed design by the National Bank Note Company is finely detailed and inked with dark ink. The lush green security tints contrast beautifully with the cherry red overprints that can be observed. The intricately patterned back in green is also quite detailed. At PCGS, there is just one other note of this grade level that is finer than this one.

An outstanding Condition Census example of a common note, and one of the best examples of our first federal $1 type. One of this caliber may only be owned by a few people, and a nicer specimen may not even exist!

13. 1886 $1 Silver Certificate

Price:  $22,800

Grade: New 67

1886 $1 Silver Certificate

With fewer than 260 copies listed in the census, this is the Martha Washington series’ rarest variant. The current sample is the best note ever graded by PCGS and is tied for best note ever graded by PMG, making it a “trophy note” in every sense of the word.

The face printing is superb; it is cleanly inked and elegantly framed. The elaborately printed back in green features stunning detail and vivid colors. After last transacting in the open market for $24,150 in 2007, this note has been off the market for more than ten years.

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The first image of a First Lady of the United States on federal paper money was Martha Washington on the first $1 note. The engraver was Charles Burt. These are referred to by numismatists as “Martha notes.”

14. 1928 $1 Legal Tender Note

Price: $21,600

Grade: About Uncirculated 55

1928 $1 Legal Tender Note

Here’s yet another rare and valuable dollar bill, President Franklin D. Roosevelt allegedly received the first sheet of the 1928 $1 Legal Tender Note series (serial numbers 1–12). According to theory, the sheet was cut by hand and delivered to the cabinet members. Clear hand cut margins with outward and inward bows are visible throughout this note.

Serial numbers 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 10 are still missing. It is hardly surprising that it has maintained its superb condition considering how long it was likely hidden away before our consignor felt it was time for it to be treasured by a collector.

15. Tutt & Donnell, Virginia City, One Dollar in Gold Dust 1863-1864

Price: $20,125

Grade: Very Fine

Tutt & Donnell, Virginia City, One Dollar in Gold Dust 1863-1864

This outstanding script note has a flawless pedigree and realistic character. The issuer has only ever had this one example before. This is not only extremely rare, but also incredibly endearing in appearance. Native American motifs are woven beautifully into a vignette-style duty that is payable in “Gold Dust.”

It is undoubtedly a classic Western script note. This note was one of the few old script notes that, to a professional like Proskey, would have stood out and quickly left the junk box more than a century ago. It has long been prized by experts on Territorial Gold coins from the heyday of early American numismatic research.

16. 1995 $1 Federal Reserve Note

Price: $16,800

Grade: Very Fine 25

1995 $1 Federal Reserve Note

This one dollar bill has a mismatch between the serial numbers I73707330N and I06030650N. Two completely distinct serial numbers are displayed, which is a startling serial number mismatch. Most often, only the first two or last two numbers are incorrect.

It’s interesting to note that the lower serial number is located to the left of the wheel’s inked impression. In the book United States Paper Money Errors by Frederick J. Bart, this serial number is listed.

17. 1875 $1 The Continental NB

Price: $16,800

Grade: New 66

1875 $1 The Continental NB

The paper is exquisitely unique, with incredibly sharp corners and wholly unique surfaces. The machine-printed signatures are boldly presented in blue ink for a clean appearance. The “Concordia” vignette, which has two maidens shaking hands near the center, has amazing details.

One of only four $1 Nationals of all varieties that PCGS has graded at the 66 PPQ level, there is no finer example of the catalog number than this one. This is indeed a rare and valuable dollar bill.

What Is The Rarest Dollar Bill?

A lot of rare dollar bills exist, and ascertaining which dollar bill is the rarest is hard. However, based on our list, one of the rarest dollar bills is the 1995 $1 Federal Reserve Error Note. There is a discrepancy between the serial numbers I73707330N and I06030650N on this one dollar bill. There is a shocking serial number mismatch, with two completely different serial numbers displayed. The first two or last two numbers are typically the only ones that are off. The coin was sold at auction for $16,800.

The second rarest based on our list would be the 1928 $1 Legal Tender Star Note. Only 44 of these 1928 $1 Legal Tender Stars were counted in the Track & Price census. Making it very rare and valuable.

Final Words

A good way to start is to keep the list on you. If you ever come across any of these dollar bills, you’ll be able to turn a profit right away, as long as you get the bill appraised by a coin collector, who will advise you about its value.

In truth, only a handful of people can possess these dollar bills. Of course, not all the dollar bills are worth tens of thousands of dollars, but most of the ones included in this list can be worth a tremendous amount by now.

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